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Chapter 10 No change

Word Count: 1777    |    Released on: 07/11/2022

d spoken in another languag

n… what di

ith annoyance and


alized it, she covered her mouth with her hands. Hernan clicked

he way. Danika sighed. She was attracted to Hernan and of course, having neve

age, was feeling a heat rising up his arm and spreading through his whol

aid, quickly turning away from them. Danika tried to

ked at Danika and slowly, or so it seemed to her, he replac

around?” L

, su

ed and smi


ne. Both with her

ck to his grandson. “And also because of the fact that no change will be necessary

answer and left. Her

to go home or

rather go home.” She answered and he nodded in agreement

I'll wai

ity guards. When she was on her way back,

be a goddamn

t of his position He can have children, c

a ba

o speak of him! He

nge the fact that

gistered as an Allaband, which is


re you are and how not ready you are to deal w

g away and decided to turn around

rother's child. Hernan doesn't work from the wais

hat the troublesome couple were heading the sa

to Hernan!', she thought a

es, huffing. He hated waiting and Danika was

ed, she seemed

sked, frowning, but then, she

st the wall so it wouldn't run. She swung a leg over He


, as she took his face in both hands and kiss

his other hand to the back of her head and deepened the kiss. The hand o

n's voice, definitely s

t only been a long time since he last kissed

kissed her but… that was not a ki

ss a man the way she was kissing Hernan. He was soft, passionate, tasted l

was making out with her husband in front of family members.

mention her erratic breathing. Hernan smirked and gave her a peek

?” he asked

your manners?

Danika was so embarrassed! Especially because Hernan squeezed her waist with his hand

the elders?” Xandros continued. “And by the

, inhaling furiously

r all…” Xandros looked Hernan up and do

I love him! And he is not a crippled!” Hernan was shocked

y dear. I’m s

right now and you, Xandros… I’m ashamed of you

our fault, M

atriona was the last one to move. She

bout her. If Catriona asked something, no matter what

nd said he hated her. But, he didn’t. He would avoid the woman at all costs, and now, when she

ful look and Hernan frowned, pushing Danik

he said.

e her fall, but harsh enough t

e closer to his face. Looking into her eyes,

t again, do you hear me?” He asked and sh

he felt even worse for Danika, who then squinted her eyes at

e said, feeling the anger boiling inside. “They think this baby is not

alking away. She didn’t wait fo

n are so damn

te ok before. Now, Danika seemed to be more than aggrieved and was looking out the window

n say goodbye to Hernan, but smiled sweetly at

anks for tonight! Have a

Hernan was red with rage. How the hell Danika knew that Cassius wa

the back door, Herna


d on the passenger seat nodded and did as he wa

Cassius said

efore I left the car fo

rowned and then

eyes and my hand off of Mi



gain. And have you been

.. I don’t understan

nd chuckled. “She is my wife, do you

to laugh, but

. “I was just making her comfo

n bli


woman is always busy. And there is me.

. The man was doing his job. Th

e, Danika was furiousl

ed him! I should have let him be mocked! I should

ew that deep inside, but sh

!” She stomped her foot

e up with the buzz of



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