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Goodbye, My Wretched Love

Goodbye, My Wretched Love

Author: Glad Rarus
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Chapter 1 A Bolt From The Blue

Word Count: 736    |    Released on: 20/10/2022

t through her arm.

chapped lips and tried to o

e as she stirred on the bed. Sometimes the voice sounded

y refused to give her anesthesia. I

es on her arm. I feel the p

lying in a hospital bed. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw t

ing with her. But she had brought her o

r chores, and the latter always obey

and Claire was sitting in the back s

heart was drumming in her chest. She broke in

ally looked around and realize

it up, she heard sound of

e. Her heart fluttered as she realized it

she cried

been married for three years. She liked h

er after knowing about the car accide

an hurried away, not bothe

e vanished in

the needle out of her


re shouted his name and ran after

topped short t

s lying on the bed. Her left wrist was wrapped with gauze; tears streame

a Sampson were also present in the ward. The three of them

bly startled wh

elieved Darren was

ther-in-law stood up first. "Claire, you're just in time," she said haught

the blame for Sierra

ire recoile

ed through

ierra. "She hit someone! She caused the

treated her as a maid, and

ficult for Claire by joining

retain her marriage with Darren. After all, she had

today. She couldn't believe they would ask her

red her face and burst into tears. "I'm willing to go to jail to atone for my sins. If th

egnant with Darren's child," she said, looking at him

rt leaped to

were like a bol

t. How could she be pregn



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