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Chapter 10 Confrontation

Word Count: 1091    |    Released on: 09/04/2019

alking about?! I didn't—

st ask Terence. He really called me," P

ing. Seeing this, Brandon cou

really do

dean can just give out demerits as he plea

conversation between Paul an

out their phones to pos

the side, watched this sce

crowd and turned deathly pa

scandal after all. Now Carlos has found out about it. If I can'

o Paul resolutely. "Get Terence he

ook out his phone in a hurr

is father was looking for him, it didn't cross his mind that something was wrong. Thinki

they arrived, Brandon yanked at his ear and sc

ied out in pain. Before he understood what was goin

o her right

rowning with disdain, he spat, "Did you rat me

ed, Debbie sneer

s Chr

e in the face. How shameless could his son be? How

bitch! She even made trouble in the bar. A woman like her deserves a demerit!" Terenc

ver take a fancy to you? You chased her for more than half a year, but in the end, she turned you down. The whole school knows about it. How dar

hit a sore spot for him. Terence was

say something like that? Yes, he liked Debbie before. But that's all in the past. He loves me now. Besides, it is true tha

ed out a tear or two, loo

most beautiful girls in the school. Seeing how pitiful she looked

ot of fights. Have you forgot

low in Debbie's footsteps? The sc

er, became arrogant again. "See? Debbie deser

e rolled her eyes. Fishing her phone out of he

ene voice sounded fr

t feel to get a dem

gasp was hear


e fell

the recordi

ght? But I have an offer to you. If you are willing to

ords "sleep with me", they al

dare he say such a t

e campus belle to sleep with him just beca

hat he did it for Gail! M

ided with

their conversation. Before the recording finished playing,


to Terence and kicked him on the shin. Terence immediately sc

e. I'm the one who was wronged. Gail can

he was just desp

er's help, he could make his mistake sound less seriou

ted on her and tried to hook up with Debbie, but since he

innocent!" Gail said hurriedly, clas

them as they desperate

ay something when Carlos, who had been

n't we check



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