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Chapter 5 Not Deserve To Enter This Mall
Words Count: 1339    |    Released on:06/04/2019

Before the words "Mrs. Hilton" came out of Emmett's mouth, he was interrupted by a loud voice. "Hi, there! It's you."

Debbie approached him and pulled him to the side before he could even react.

He stood still and looked at her in confusion. "Mrs. Hilton, what's the matter? Mr. Hilton hasn't seen you yet, so I want to introduce you to him."

Debbie wanted to laugh at the moment. She and Carlos had been married for three years, but they still needed someone else to introduce them to each other.

Debbie leaned over and whispered, "Thank you, Emmett, but there's no need for that. I've already asked Philip to give him the divorce agreement I've signed, so there's no need for us to know each other personally."

"What divorce agreement? Are you going to divorce Mr. Hilton?" Emmett was so shocked that he took a step back and stared at Debbie in astonishment.

He couldn't help but wonder if there was something wrong with her brain. Carlos was a rich man. Why would she take the initiative to ask for a divorce?

Debbie grasped the hem of her dress and said shyly, "Yes. But to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, please keep it a secret for us."

When Emmett came back, Carlos had just finished paying for the things that Olga had bought.

His cold eyes rested on Emmett's face for a moment. And when he remembered that he was kissed by Debbie yesterday, his expression became gloomy. He remarked indifferently, "Emmett, whatever is your relationship with her, I don't care. But I want you to throw her out of Shining International Plaza immediately. Someone like her doesn't deserve to enter this mall."

"But Mr. Hilton..." Emmett replied in a low voice.

"Emmett, Mr. Hilton has already given you an order. Why don't you go and do it now?" Olga complacently interrupted before Emmett could continue. She was obviously pleased to hear what Carlos had said just now.

She thought that Carlos wanted to drive Debbie out because of her.

"But Mr. Hilton, she is..."

Emmett was in a dilemma. The woman that Carlos wanted him to drive out was the wife of the owner of Shining International Plaza. How could he possibly do that? So he plucked up the courage to dissuade Carlos, hoping that Carlos would change his mind.

But when he noticed Carlos's cold gaze, he didn't dare to say anything more. He turned to the bodyguards behind him and ordered, "Ask them to get out of here now."

Emmett did his best to be still polite to Debbie. He felt so unlucky being caught between his boss and his boss' wife.

Debbie had been listening to their conversation, so she heard that they wanted to drive her and her friends out.

"You don't need to do anything. We're leaving now." After saying this, Debbie took the shopping bag from the saleswoman and left the store.

Carlos watched her receding back with a trace of confusion in his dark eyes.

Olga glared at Debbie's back and then adjusted her expression. She took Carlos's arm and said softly, "Mr. Hilton, I'm hungry now. Let's go to the fifth floor of Alioth, okay?"

Carlos turned to Emmett and ordered, "Lead the way."

Emmett cast aside all his doubts and hurriedly walked to the front to lead the way.

Meanwhile, Debbie and her friends were already at the entrance of Shining International Plaza.

All of a sudden, Debbie stopped, turned her head, and looked at Jared and Dixon. "Guys, thank you for carrying shopping bags for us. Let's have a meal in Alioth on the fifth floor first. My treat."

What she said shocked Jared. He exaggeratedly slumped in the arms of Dixon, who was standing behind him. "Dixon... Is she out of her mind?"

Actually, Dixon was also confused. Debbie was indeed behaving abnormally today.

The food in Alioth cost an arm and a leg. Only a few people in Alorith could afford to dine there.

Kasie calmly kicked Jared's foot and said, "Debbie's car is worth more than ten million dollars. Of course, she can afford to eat in Alioth. Are you underestimating her?"

Jared felt that Kasie's words made sense. So he stood up straight and tidied up his clothes. But... Debbie could possibly afford to treat them to a meal in Alioth, but it was not easy to get a table there. People had to make a reservation in advance. So he said, "It's lunchtime now, so maybe there's no table available for us."

He remembered that every time his father invited some important guests to a meal in Alioth, he had to make a reservation a week or half a month or even three months in advance.

However, Debbie didn't hear Jared at all. She was preoccupied at the moment. Carlos, her husband, openly took another woman out shopping and bought things for her. If she was not mistaken, each of the shopping bags in Emmett's hands cost more than ten thousand dollars. Or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Debbie's monthly allowance from Carlos was actually an enormous amount. But she thought that she was just a student and didn't need that much money, so she only took a small amount every time. And Philip seemed to have saved the rest for her. She didn't ask about it anymore.

Debbie had never bought such expensive things for herself because she didn't want to squander Carlos's money. But the woman who was with him just said a word, and he paid for everything she bought. Debbie was Carlos's wife, so why should she pinch and scrape? Why should she think so much for him? She was not supposed to live frugally, right?

Anyway, she was about to divorce him. So why not take this opportunity to enjoy a wealthy life?

Debbie turned to look at her friends, who were still discussing Alioth. She thought it was only worth inviting them to a feast.

So she took out her phone and called Philip.

The call lasted for a minute. After hanging up, she turned to them again. Her friends, who had just discussed intensely, looked at her in astonishment.

But she just said calmly, "Let's go."

"To where?" Kristina asked cautiously.

Debbie smiled and answered, "I'll treat you to a meal, right?"

She then walked ahead to lead the way.

A few minutes later, they arrived in Alioth.

Debbie was waiting for the waiter to confirm the private room reserved under her name when the elevator on the fifth floor opened again.

The man who came out first exuded such a powerful aura that no one could ignore him.

Debbie clutched her chest in surprise. When she didn't mention divorce, she felt like seeing Carlos was more difficult than going to heaven. But ever since she brought up the divorce, this was the third time they had met.

This time, she couldn't help wondering if Carlos was deliberately appearing in front of her to get her attention and save their marriage.

"Throw her out!"

These three simple words brought Debbie back to her senses.

The floor manager wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and explained nervously, "Mr. Hilton, these are the guests arranged by Philip."

Upon hearing Philip's name, Carlos glanced at the students, pointed at Debbie, and ordered, "Emmett, drive her out of here, and let the others stay."

Olga, who had been silent all the time, almost burst into laughter. She still thought that Carlos was doing this because of her.

Emmett, on the other hand, was so confused. Carlos didn't know Debbie at all. Why was he always against her? It seemed that he really hated her so much.

Half a minute had passed, but Emmett still didn't react. Carlos lost his patience. He gave Emmett a sharp look and asked, "Emmett, can't you handle a trivial matter like this one?"

Emmett was terrified. He immediately responded, "No, Mr. Hilton. It's not like that. It's just that she is... Actually, she is..."

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