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Entangled Hearts: Falling For My Ugly Wife

Entangled Hearts: Falling For My Ugly Wife

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After a passionate night, Verena left some money and wanted to leave, but was held by her companion. "Isn't it your turn to make me happy?" Verena, always disguising herself as ugly, slept with her fiance's uncle, Darren, in order to escape her engagement with her unfaithful fiance. Darren had respect and admiration. Word of his romantic escapades circulated, some saying they saw him kissing a lady against a wall and others calling it gossip. Who could ever tame Darren's heart? Then, shockingly, Darren was caught bending down to help Verena with her shoes, all to score a kiss from her!


Verena Fowler, Darren Briggs, Verena and Darren novel, Verena Fowler and Darren Briggs novel

Chapter 1 The Secret

The room was cloaked in darkness.

On the hotel bed, amidst fervent entanglement, the man indulged in the ardor the woman beneath him offered. He plunged into her with relentless abandon, heedless of her innocence.

Verena Fowler, overwhelmed by the intensity, eventually succumbed to unconsciousness.

She stirred awake, irritated by the incessant ringing of the phone. Hastily silencing it, Verena glimpsed at the time, realizing it was already ten in the morning!

She was going to get engaged today!

Her fiancé had been entangled in an affair with her best friend, betraying her trust countless times. He even had the audacity to call her last night, subjecting her to the live spectacle of their infidelity.

Furious, Verena sought solace in the company of a charming stranger at the club.

As she attempted to rise, a wave of pain washed over her. The previous night's exertions had left her feeling as though her bones could crumble.

She needed to hurry to the engagement venue, lest she face the wrath of the Fowler family!

Once she scrambled to dress, Verena was about to flee when her wrist was seized. Turning, she locked eyes with the man from the bed, now awake.

"Leaving so soon?" His voice, low and husky, echoed in the dimness.

His gaze, sharp as a hawk's, bore a striking resemblance to her fiancé!

Verena smirked, feigning ignorance as she retrieved her wallet. Extracting a handful of bills, she left them on the bedside table.

"Great service last night, handsome. But it's a shame I'm in a rush to get engaged. Don't worry, there's always next time!"

Offended, Darren Briggs smirked with icy disdain.

With a call, his secretary, Henry Holt, swiftly appeared with his clothes.

After a quick shower, Darren donned his suit, exuding an air of aloof dignity. His gaze remained devoid of warmth.

Before walking out, he took the bills, tucking them into his wallet.

"Boss, your nephew's engagement is about to commence. Shall we proceed?" inquired Henry.


"Mr. Hamilton expressed his displeasure at your absence last night."

Darren remained silent, lost in contemplation.

Having recently arrived in Fledo, Darren had been coerced into a night of revelry by old acquaintances. Along the way, he found himself ensnared by a drunken woman, their liaison extending through the night.

Despite his customary self-restraint, Darren found himself inexplicably drawn to her, a sensation he couldn't shake though she wasn't even that attractive.

There was an inexplicable allure about her, a scent that soothed his restless soul. Even now, her memory lingered.

For Darren, plagued by insomnia, it had been a rare reprieve.

Meanwhile, Verena hailed a passing car, providing the driver with the hotel's address.

When she arrived at the engagement venue just shy of eleven, the banquet hall buzzed with activity.

Entering the makeup room, Verena was accosted by her father, Richard Fowler, who moved to smack her.

Swiftly intercepting his hand, Verena met his gaze with steely resolve. "I'm on the brink of engagement. Is a swollen face conducive to makeup?"

Richard, thwarted in his attempt, erupted into a tirade. "Why didn't you answer my calls? You've got some nerve! If anything goes awry today, you'll rue the day!"

The most formidable force in Fledo was the Briggs family, especially with Darren being a figure of immense influence in Tacland.

Were it not for the amicable ties between the two families, Verena wouldn't have stood a chance of getting engaged to a Briggs!

Rumors swirled about Darren's attendance at the engagement banquet. Both families had made meticulous preparations, yet as the hour approached, neither betrothed had made an appearance.

Fixing Richard with a cold stare, Verena asked, "Has Eric arrived?"

Eric Briggs was her betrothed.

Richard hesitated momentarily. Eric was nowhere to be found, and the Briggs family was scouring the city in search of him. With his phone switched off, it seemed Eric was contemplating an escape from the impending engagement.

Verena's lip curled into a sneer. "Eric is absent. Am I expected to enter into this engagement alone?"

Richard's countenance darkened. "The Briggs family is on the hunt for him. Hurry, change into your attire and apply your makeup!"

The makeup artist attempted to approach Verena, eager to commence her work. However, Verena, cognizant of her secrets, waved her off. "I'll handle it myself."

Her mother had always cautioned her against the perils of excessive beauty. Thus, Verena had become adept at concealing her true allure beneath layers of makeup.

If the makeup artist touched her face, her secret would no longer be a secret.

A commotion erupted at the door out of nowhere. "Darren's here!"

Reacting to the name, Richard hurriedly ushered Verena outside. "Darren Briggs has arrived. Ensure you comport yourself appropriately!"

Verena was well acquainted with the name. Darren was the illegitimate son once shunned by the Briggs family.

But he had risen from the ashes to become a formidable presence, one that even the Briggs dynasty in Fledo couldn't afford to ignore!

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