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Desperate For My CEO Baby Daddy

Desperate For My CEO Baby Daddy

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Paris, the city of love. Or is it? For the billionaire CEO of LeBlanc Multinational Companies, Adrien LeBlanc, love is out of the picture as his main goal is expanding his company. Poor and beautiful Camille Vincent is employed as a secretary in his company as a charity case and he treats her as arrogant as he treats everyone else in his company. Marie, his mother, who is not in support of the playboy lifestyle he leads, offers Camille a proposal to get intimate with Adrien and bear a child for him, in exchange for money to treat her sick mother. Camille agrees and begins her mission of getting closer to Adrien who gradually begins to enjoy her company. Her mission becomes obstructed when she gives into Adrien's sexual demands and he treats like a nobody and wants nothing to do with her. Just when she finally begins to fall in love with him. Even worse, she is already pregnant with his child. Can she win her billionaire CEO'S heart once and for all?

Chapter 1 MR. CEO

“Get out of my sight you incompetent thing! Mr. Clark screamed, holding the broken pieces of his most expensive vase in his trembling hands.

The maid, Camille, stood far apart, shaking visibly and most importantly, waiting. Waiting for the words that would determine her next line of action.

She had committed the most unforgivable act and she knew that Mr. Clark would never consider the fact that she had been the family maid for several months.

Then she remembered that Mr. Clark did not like to repeat himself, so she already knew her fate.

Taking one last glance at the fury in Mr. Clark's eyes, she scurried away holding back the tears in her eyes.

"I will consider the fact that you have served us for several months and that my kids love you. But never forget that these are the only reasons you are still here. One more strike and you are out! Do I make myself clear, Camille?!" Mr. Adrien warned, his bold voice resounding throughout the room.

Camille shivered a little, before answering.

"Ye…yes, sir Clark. Thank you so much" she nodded, tracing the lines on her hands.

Mr. Clark was ruthless and she was lucky that the very few people that mattered to him loved her.

Unless, she would be out of employment and unable to care for herself and her mother, especially with the peanuts she was being paid with in exchange for her undying loyalty to the family.

Then she turned, walking away from the scene. Just as she approached the hallway which was covered in several expensive art pieces, the family dog came running out of nowhere and the next thing she heard was a loud crash.

Camille looked up from the ground to see Mr. Clark standing directly in front of her with the most furious look she had ever seen.

A costly glass art piece lay shattered on the floor, Camille's life was over.

Adrien walked quickly towards the car park. His chauffeur, Marcel, approached him fully dressed in his uniform.

“Good Morning Mr. LeBlanc, what car are you using today?” Adrien quickly scanned through the row of cars and his eyes rested on his favorite, the Mercedes Benz S600 Maybach.

“The Maybach” he responded.

“Very well sir” Marcel said and pulled the keys to the car from his blazer pockets.

He opened a passenger door and Adrien entered majestically before he shut the door and entered through the driver’s door. Marcel adjusted the mirrors and started the car.

“Remind me to go over the paperwork of the new car after work hours today, Marcel” Adrien ordered.

“Yes Mr. LeBlanc” Marcel replied.

Twenty minutes later, Marcel approached the car park of the LeBlanc Multinational Companies building and parked in Adrien’s reserved parking spot, before getting down to open the door for Adrien to leave the car. Adrien adjusted his crisp black suit and walked into the building. Every staff member was already in their offices and booths for the interns.

He had already seen them scamper around when Marcel drove around to park the car.

“Bumbling fools ” he muttered.

He always expected a sense of class and expertise in coordination from them but they always disappointed him.

As usual, his Personal Assistant was late. “I’m so sorry Mr. LeBlanc” she said, almost out of breath.

She had obviously been running. She reached for his briefcase and he drew his hand back quickly.

“Why are you late Viola, AGAIN?!” he demanded.

“I…I…I had to sleep at a friend’s place which is really far from here because I was chased out for not paying my rent…and…and then there was a lot of traffic and I had to stop for breakfast because my pregnancy hormones were…”.

“Save it! Remind again why you’re pregnant and still working for me! Because I have been merciful enough! I demand good service from you, that’s why I pay you Viola. What do you do with all that money?” Adrien interrupted angrily.

“I…My daughter…she’s very sick. She needs a kidney transplant or she’ll die and all the money I save, it goes towards that, Mr. LeBlanc” Viola replied.

Adrien was silent. The atmosphere was thick. Every single person in the hall stared at Viola.

Viola swallowed a lump and continued;

“I was hoping you could make my daughter a beneficiary under your charity foundation Mr. LeBlanc. It would be of a great benefit to me and I will never come late ever again. No excuses again, I promise”

“No. First of all, I choose who becomes a beneficiary and it is certainly not the likes of lazy unaspiring people like you. Secondly, you won’t be coming to work late anymore because you’re fired. I’m tired of the string of inefficient P.As so you’ll be the last one Viola. Go and take care of your pregnancy” Adrien replied.

Viola dropped to her knees in tears.

“Please I beg you, Mr. LeBlanc, please this is the only thing I have. My husband is dead, my child is ill, please Mr. LeBlanc”.

“Someone get her off the floor and out of here! I have a proposal today! Where is my secretary?” Adrien ordered, walking towards his office.

“Here Sir! Good Morning Sir!” a small voice responded sharply.

“Why does your voice sound like a little girl’s own? Fix that. Get the files I requested for yesterday and bring them to my office. Study the materials that came in yesterday because you’ll be my assistant at the meeting with the St. Pierre investors” Adrien ordered.

“Yes sir” She nodded and moved towards the door.

“One last thing…” Adrien said.

“ Do not, under any circumstances, allow Viola back into this premises ever again. Lazy people like her should be taught a lesson”.

“Yes sir” she replied and left the office, shutting the door behind her.

Adrien sat behind his desk and heaved a sigh of relief. He touched the desk and it was dusty.

It had obviously not been cleaned this morning. Adrien was furious.

“How is everyone this incompetent for God’s sake?! What am I paying them for?!”

He picked up the telephone beside him and called the secretary.

“Send all the janitors to my office now!” he ordered and dropped the phone.

A large number of people in cleaning uniform trooped into Adrien’s office the next minute, murmuring their good mornings to him.

They knew there was only one reason Adrien would send for all of them at once: to teach one of them a lesson and make the others watch.

“Who was supposed to clean my office this morning?” Adrien inquired.

Everybody remained silent.

“I said, who was supposed to clean my office this morning?! Somebody answer me before I fire all of you!” Adrien threatened.

A small elderly man made his way through the small crowd to the front.

“Good Morning Sir, My name is…”.

“ You’re fired. The rest of you can return to whatever you were doing. One person should stay behind and clean my office while I grab breakfast from the cafeteria” Adrien interrupted.

Everybody trooped out, leaving the small man and another worker who volunteered to clean the office.

“Please sir, I honestly forgot. It was an honest mistake I promise. I don’t have anything else and I’m an elderly man. Please sir, it will never repeat itself again” the small man pleaded.

Adrien stood up from his desk and picked up his phone from his desk.

“Make sure he leaves before you start cleaning” he instructed the other worker and stepped out of the office.

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