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Healed By Love

Healed By Love

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"Why is it possible like this, huh? I'm so tired of imagining like this all the time!" speech while leaking the ceiling with empty eyes. "If only, there was one person who could help only me. However, it was a meaningless empty dream." Even if it's just a ridiculous wish. Life's problems lead us to uncertain situations. Especially when the problem is piled up with other problems. In fact, we can't solve one problem. Ceren hopes that someone can come into her life, help her break all the maze walls in her life. Like a prince on horseback who approaches the idol of the heart. However, it is different with Rayyanka. He even hoped that he would not be found by anyone in his entire life. Rayyanka wants to enjoy life and grow without any parasites attached. However, will their hopes come true? The story of Ceren and Rayyanka will be incarnated from stories that teach us many lessons from a very simple life that we are faced with in that situation. Reminder: For those of you who find this story very interesting, don't forget to support and share with people your closest and dearest, yes :) :) :)

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