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Chapter 1 Unlucky Day
1122    |    01/08/2022

At first, the atmosphere in the office was comfortable as usual. Although not all the time, peace lasts. Each day would not end if there was no drama going on in the company.

"What's this?" A voice so loud and loud began to play in the company. To some people, this may surprise them. To some extent, it makes some of the employees get goosebumps. His voice was terrifying, like the roar of the king of the jungle.

"What's this?" Rayyanka said.

"Look at this!" he said again.


"Aren't you observant at all?"

It turned out that at that time, one of the employees at SportLife was collecting the project results that were entrusted to him. However, who would have thought that the employee would destroy everything? even if it lacks a few punctuation marks.

But it already happened in that room. No one can take heart. even though the employees had worked overtime and made sure of it in great detail. It must have always been a small mistake that made the king of the jungle in the office furious.

"Anyway, I don't want to know!"

"Get out of here quickly!"

When he had taken the man out of his room. Suddenly, the phone beside him rang. He immediately picked it up and it turned out to be the secretary, Sahid.

Sahid is a very reliable secretary in many ways. He is also very skilled at conquering the boss's heart. Not only that, Sahid is also often used as the idol of the female employees in the company. How not? Sahid has a very impressive face and is not too far from the boss. However, it was the beauty of Sahid's heart that made him more dominant than his boss. Sahid is very kind, understanding, caring and also very friendly to everyone. Even Sahid got along well with other people.

Sahid is Rayyanka's childhood friend. Rayyanka is the icy CEO.Sahid's father worked together with Rayyanka as a driver at that time. However, due to a big accident, Sahid had to lose his father and stay as Rayyanka's secretary.

"Huh, you?"

"What's the matter, Ray?"

"I could get depressed if all these employees didn't work very carefully!" Rayyanka said

"Oh my gosh. Ray, try not to overdo it like that!" Replied Sahid.

After some conversations were established between Rayyanka and Sahid, Slowly, Rayyanka's mood began to change. although not completely. After feeling a little better, Rayyanka decided to get out of the car. He came out of the room as well.

However, when he went out to get some fresh air, Rayyanka actually did not get the things she wore during her trip. Rayyanka got out of an elevator, and suddenly a man spilled a cold drink on the arrangement of his suit. Until Rayyanka's body felt the coldness of the spill on her body. Rayyanka became annoyed. She wanted to vent her anger. However, Sahid's words suddenly crossed his mind. so that the anger he wants to express does not happen.

"You!" words out of Rayyanka's mouth.

Ray, you have to remember this. If you want to heal, you have to control your anger!"

"Aaargh!" Rayyanka growled.

The employees who had not seen Rayyanka's great anger that would befall him immediately left that place as well. Rayyanka, who saw the stain become congested, However, because some of his officers saw it. Rayyanka endured it al

l and walked briskly towards the parking lot. Arriving at the parking lot Rayyanka immediately got into the car and dressed in the new clothes that Sahid had provided earlier.

"Ah, dammit, why do I have to have a drink stain on me?" Rayyanka growled.

Rayyanka changed her clothes. Rayyanka immediately started the movement and went to the place that had been prepared by Sahid. During the trip, Rayyanka didn't leave anything in the car. because Rayyanka didn't want any dirt to get into her car.

A red light happened up ahead. Rayyanka stopped. Suddenly, a drunk man appeared in front of his car. The man looked like he wanted to spit out everything that was in his stomach. Rayyanka gets panicked.

Even that person's breath made Rayyanka furious.

"Hey, what's this?" Rayyanka growled.

Rayyanka sighed.

"Hey, move you out of my car!" while honking the car horn.

"Oh my gosh, this guy doesn't want to move anymore!"

As time went on, the man got more and more drunk, and something in the man's stomach was unbreakable. And just as Rayyanka thought, her network at that time became a reality. The man finally vomited right in front of where Rayyanka was driving.

"Oh, no, no!"

"Don't throw up here!"

Rayyanka gets frustrated. And Rayyanka immediately sighed. The anger that was felt at that time began to boil in his head. Plus, the green light occurred when the man had stained the expensive car. In addition, the people who were around the road finally helped the unconscious people out of the front of Rayyanka's car.

"Ah, it's useless for you to move it." My very expensive car is tarnished!"

After that person had been removed, Rayyanka immediately continued on her way very quickly. Not long after that, Rayyanka finally stopped at a car wash. Rayyanka started the car in the washroom. A few minutes later, Rayyanka's car finally came back clean as before. There were no stains left at the end by then. Rayyanka arrived at the payment stage.

However, seeing Rayyanka's behavior surprised the owners of the laundry. When Rayyanka finally wanted to pay the bill, Rayyanka actually gave some money through the window of the car beside her. Rayyanka did that because she didn't want any new dirt to get into her car again.

"Sir, the pay!" said the man while knocking on Rayyanka's car window.

"Uh, what is this?"

"You were disrespectful when he gave it through the gap above his car door!"

After giving the money to the owner of the launderette. Rayyanka finally continued on her way. On the way, suddenly the phone has contact with the call and the call turns out to be from the father. Rayyanka, who saw the incoming call, immediately rejected it.

Rayyanka finally arrived at a luxury hotel equipped with a bar. Throughout the day, Rayyanka spent time there discussing several new partnerships with one of the hotel's leading investors.

On the other hand, one of the men was approaching Ceren at that time. Every day, the man came to seek Ceren's attention. even though he actually had a girlfriend. After the man's arrival, Ceren had a hard time as a result of the man's creation. When the man came, the man's lover often came to the cafe where the man always came to seduce Ceren.

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