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Two Stories With My Lecture

Two Stories With My Lecture

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"I don't know how it was possible to find my future. I just thought it was all a dream. I never imagined what it would be like to spend time with someone I didn't know?" Citra was a sophomore at the time. In the second year, Citra has started to focus on the field chosen by Citra. Who would have thought if her freedom made such a big mistake that hard times were at stake. During the start of the second year, all lecturers who teach are new lecturers. However, there is one figure that makes Citra get a different impression. One night Citra has a time of fun that ends up making herself accidentally made a night out with a man who is none other than one on campus. So how, Citra can face the Lecturer and will their relationship continue or will the future be threatened? Read the next story in the next chapter. Hope you enjoy the story.

Chapter 1 The Last Exam

"Hey, Cit. Soon we'll finish the second semester, you know!"

"Oh, yes, you're right, I forgot because I was too busy designing my thesis."

"What?. Have you started writing a thesis?. Do you know how to do it!"

"No, really. I'm just making a shadow first!"

"Oh my gosh, image!"

It was the final exam. It was the final exam for first year students. All students are very busy with studying as well as possible so that their GPA scores can continue to increase from the previous semester.

Throughout the day Citra and her friends were doing learning activities together. They study until late at night. Until they have to live with each other and sleep together.

The last day of the exam begins. All students began to prepare many plans after the examination took place. They even made some plans to be listed in the next few days.

"Oh, today is the last day. What are our plans!"

"Oh, yes, if I go with my girlfriend, I'm twins. Cit, what if you're under your boyfriend too, surely if we go together it's going to be fun?"

"Yes, you are absolutely right."

Hendra is Citra's boyfriend. Citra's boyfriend is a final year student who is currently preparing to write a thesis. Not only that, Hendra also studied at the same place as Citra. They have been proven approximately eight months after two months after the orientation period was held.

"Hhm. I can't make any promises. You know that Hendra is currently busy writing his thesis!" answer image

"Yeah, you're right. Shit!" Tasya said

The final exam begins. The whole room became very quiet at that moment. The whole room was filled with students and college students who were focusing on their respective problems.

The final exam is finally over. All students and students finally came out full of joy because it finally finished smoothly. Although not all students feel the same way.

"Wow, it's finally over, huh!" said Robi

"Yes, Rob. Loh, that's really true!" papyrus fran

"Oh, how's it going for tonight's event. Is it going to be?"

"Of course, yes!" Tasya said

"How about it, Chit!"

"I don't know, I'll see you later tonight. If for example Hendra is not busy I will come"

"But, you have to come, huh!"

Citra couldn't say much at the time. Plus, Citra's parents won't give her permission. After the exam process ends. Finally, Citra and her friends returned to their respective homes. Arriving at Citra's house. Citra began to lie down because she felt tired after facing various exams for about a week.

Time after time passed. Finally, the pain arrived. Citra's two busy parents finally arrived home. It was the day his parents were so quick to come home. When Citra's parents. Citra's obligation as well as a rule that must be done by Citra is to meet her parents when they arrive home. Image goes downstairs. And approached the two masters.

"Good afternoon father. Good afternoon mother!"

"Good luck, kid!" Citra's father said

When the obligations have been fulfilled. Citra's parents began to strain themselves to get ready for dinner.

Night came. Calls from Citra's friends started popping up. Citra can only answer it briefly. Because he was afraid that his mother would find out.

Dinner arrived. The whole family finally sat down at the dining table together. After they sat together. Citra starts asking her mother for permission to give her permission to join the party with her friends. However, his request was rejected by both Citra's parents.


"Yeah, what's up, kid. You want more, don't you?"

"No. That's not it!"

"What's the matter, son."

"Mom, I finished my exam today. Can I allow you to go refreshment with Citra's friends tonight?"

"What are you doing. You just finished and you want to go out late at night?"

"But my mother won't be long!"

"Citra, where do you want to relax with your friends?" Citra's father said

"Father's dibar. Because there is a new bar that has just opened. They say the wine there is very good!"

"What?" Citra's mother shouted

"Citra, you know there is still a long way to go and you want to have fun. Do you know what the risks are like?"

"Mother, only Citra's high school friends are going!"

"Anyway not!"

"But, ma'am!"

"Image. What your mother said is true, son!"

The image that hears. it immediately stopped for dinner. Full of annoyance Citra walked to her room and locked herself there.

Citra's father had stopped him. However, Citra's mother ended her husband. Because according to Citra's mother, what she did was right.

While in the room, Citra's stomach kept ringing. That's because Citra only takes some time at the dinner table with her father.

Citra is getting annoyed and from that feeling. Citra also feels a deep interest in not being able to go with her friends. The night was getting late, Citra was finally reached with her hunger.

The next day, the sun and its warmth began to shine throughout Citra's room. Citra woke up so early to go to campus. At that time, it was an inter-campus festival.

Citra early to avoid her parents. However, that morning. Citra can still feel comfortable to fill her stomach. The aunt got up early that time. And the aunt quickly prepared toast for Citra.

"Aunt I go first, yes!"

"No, wait a minute!"

"What's wrong auntie!"

"Non, didn't eat properly last night. So, auntie has prepared for non toast. Non, can eat it during the trip too."

"Wow, thank you, auntie. Auntie is the best!"

Citra left without saying goodbye to her two masters. By coincidence at that time, Citra's parents were busy getting ready to do their previous work.

Citra began to arrive in front of the campus gate. Citra is so extraordinary when looking around is filled with many extraordinary things beyond Citra's expectations. Because she was too busy because she was too amazed by the beauty of the festival she saw, Citra was surprised when Tasya came and called her suddenly.

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