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Two Stories With My Lecture

Two Stories With My Lecture

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"I don't know how it was possible to find my future. I just thought it was all a dream. I never imagined what it would be like to spend time with someone I didn't know?" Citra was a sophomore at the time. In the second year, Citra has started to focus on the field chosen by Citra. Who would have thought if her freedom made such a big mistake that hard times were at stake. During the start of the second year, all lecturers who teach are new lecturers. However, there is one figure that makes Citra get a different impression. One night Citra has a time of fun that ends up making herself accidentally made a night out with a man who is none other than one on campus. So how, Citra can face the Lecturer and will their relationship continue or will the future be threatened? Read the next story in the next chapter. Hope you enjoy the story.

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