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img img Young Adult img By Ruthlessness I Rule
By Ruthlessness I Rule

By Ruthlessness I Rule

img Young Adult
img 30 Chapters
img 1.7K View
Author: H.A AlKhatib
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My fate was sealed the moment I stepped inside that school. A simple sentence, seven measly words that put a target on my back, was all it took to turn three years of my life into a nightmare. Savaş Ewald became my tormentor and my nemesis without knowing a thing about me… or did he? How was I supposed to know, when I didn’t have a single memory of my past and no one willing to tell me anything? I need Savaş in order to find out about my past, but he doesn't play by the rules. He trades answers for kisses, clues for pieces of myself, but how much of myself am I willing to give him in order to find out the truth? The closer I get to finding out who I am, the more I realize Savaş Ewald will be my destruction.

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