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img img Romance img The Alpha Is My Gym Instructor
The Alpha Is My Gym Instructor

The Alpha Is My Gym Instructor

img Romance
img 5 Chapters
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Author: Barrister_Tife
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"Roses are red, violets are blue, I have got five fingers, the middle is for you." "If being sarcastic burned calories, you would have been one hell of a skinny bitch." __ Catching her ex banging a work colleague on their bed was the last straw that broke Camille's back. She is an obstinate woman that knows what she wants and goes for it and she is sharp-mouthed with the tendency to slay people with her tongue, a weapon of massive destruction that makes her a walking time bomb. She has been jilted time and over again and now she's beginning to blame her ill-luck when it comes to love on her plus-sized body, making her withdraw into her shells while depression feasted on her generously __ Alpha Asher is a born werewolf who struggles to balance both the supernatural world and the human world. At night, he is an alpha to a dangerous pack and a billionaire mafia boss. During the day, he is a sweet cocky bastard, viciously good-looking, a renowned fuck boy with an acute skirt-chasing habit, and a gym instructor who happens to be a strong unbeliever of love. It is said that two captains can't rock a boat, but it does spark the curiosity of how they will learn to co-exist when Camille is pulled into the supernatural world. A story of two witty creatures that even the creator of the world watches with amusement and finds rather intriguing. Perhaps obesity doesn't hinder the magnetic spark of true love.

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