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Timeless Love

Timeless Love

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Hathaway is not a good girl, at least not the traditional gentle, tender and obedient girl. Literally, she is open, independent and bold. At her first sight at Leon Davis, the most powerful personage of Leon City, Hathaway made a decision to chase after him. After teasing the arrogant man, she was happily thrown away by Leon. Without giving up, she listed a range of plans to draw Leon’s attention and she was confident enough to make it. The first thing she did was ruining his blind date, which unexpectedly freed him from a joyless meeting by coincidence. Fortunately, she’s changed her bad first impression. It’s so good a start for her. The next time she met him was at the business dinner party, she wore a white dress with diamonds showing her elegance like a white swan. Leon was deeply attracted and he realized how beautiful she is. Later, when she becomes his business partner, he finally finds her talents and smartness in fields of business and design. The two are getting closer and closer, is it still far from in love?

Chapter 1 Mr. Davis, Do You Want to Marry Me

South City.

At Hyatt Hotel, a dinner where everyone toasted each other was going on.

Leon Davis accidentally bumped into someone at the corner when he finished his phone call. Out of politeness, he raised his hand and carefully helped her shaking body up and simply apologized.

"I'm sorry..."

However, when he touched her body, the silky skin tactility made him frown slightly.

When he lowered his eyes, he realized that he was holding a woman.

The woman was wearing a black halter dress. From his point of view, he could see this woman's smooth and fair back as well as her charming and slender waistline...

Even if he just held the woman carefully at this time, his body was in close contact with her waist.

When his eyes fell on the woman's face, he saw her bright and beautiful eyes. The woman smiled, took a step back, and stood firm, and her voice was very soft.

"It should be said that I am sorry. After I drink too much, my legs will not work."

Leon withdrew his hands slowly and he immediately put his hands into the pockets of his suit trousers, and he showed a cool face.

"Miss Taylor, I'm glad you're all right."

Leon knew the woman in front of him. In other words, almost everyone in the upper class at South City knew her.

She was Hathaway Taylor, the youngest daughter of the Taylor Family in South City. A month ago, after her brother was imprisoned and her elder sister got unconscious in a car accident, she became the current ruler of the Taylor Family.

It was said that this woman was sharp, scheming, and beautiful, but her private life was chaotic and dissolute.

"I'm fine..."

Her delicate voice sounded again,

"Mr. Davis, are you all right?"

With this, she stared at the trousers of Leon Davis with her beautiful eyes. Her blatant misbehavior made Leon's face clouded slightly.

"Miss Taylor, you are very beautiful today. If you are all right, I will go first."

What he said in this way meant that even if Hathaway Taylor was beautiful, I, Leon Davis, had no reaction to you.

However, she stopped him with a swaying posture, and the smile on her face was bright and ambiguous.

"Mr. Davis, do you think I am beautiful?"

He slightly narrowed his black eyes, but the woman was not afraid of the cold breath he gave off and continued,

"Or, Mr. Davis, do you want to marry me?"

At this point, Leon hardly maintained the most basic courtesy expression on his face. The woman raised her hand and pulled her long curly hair. Suddenly, she said seriously,

"If neither is the case, then I hope that Mr. Davis will not casually say that I am beautiful in the future. What should I do if I am tempted by you?"

With this, she gave him a polite and serious smile, and then she turned away in high heels.

Leon stood there with his hands in his suit pockets, feeling extremely angry and finally smiling instead.

Was he teasing her?

If she hadn't kept looking at him with impure eyes at first, would he say that she was beautiful?

Besides, he said that she was beautiful in order to satirize that she was an unattractive woman. But this woman took it as the truth and then criticized him instead?

For the first time, Leon Davis, who had always been calm and restrained, had a feeling of being blown out.

He raised his hand and tugged at his necktie. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down. After closing his eyes, his mind was full of her white and smooth back...

The end result was that Leon turned around and went outside. After feeling the cold wind, he smoked a cigarette and his state of mind was completely calmed down.

When he returned to the dining hall, Leon saw at a glance that she who had just provoked him was being surrounded by a bunch of men. The sightlines of those men always fell on her waist and hips. Leon coldly shifted his eyes and stepped away to look for his friend Nick Jackson.

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