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img img Romance img Butterfly ; My dear wings [Original]
Butterfly ; My dear wings [Original]

Butterfly ; My dear wings [Original]

img Romance
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Author: JMstorys
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Lin Na-bi was a normal girl who joined high school after the half of the season had ended. All she focused was on studies and the house she lives in. It was until she was pulled down by a random pair of filthy hands and was rescued by one of the baddest. One and only not so innocent guy who was smoking hot she couldn't ignore the fact as.”Peace? Peace gives nothing, Butter….” his eyes are like the piercing ring that can hurt a bit but can do more than a lot of things to her body. A dirty open—mouthed smirk, she was weakened immediately by his eyes trailing down her thighs. “but workout could do alot….& that includes you under me” the taste of his words are beyond the feelings she dreamt. Getting into the cage of pleasure, she was wanted by his dark thoughts and his warm grips which held a lot of dirty thoughts with slight comfort which were still so pure to her. Will she be able to get out of that? I don't think so. [Maybe late updates]

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