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Triple Mission

Triple Mission

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They have to kill to survive. Black Ficarro is a powerful organization whose members have no other want , but to bring justice to the deaths of their families at the behest of the Azarcon group itself. But after the death of the leader of the Black Ficarro group, the members decided to go into hiding and hide the three children of their leader so that they could temporarily avoid the mess that they could kill. They trained the young new generation of the group in the use of various weapons to also be good at scouting around. So after two decades of silence and hiding, they will once again face the Azarcon group they have been looking for a long time. They have developed three missions where this will be the way to achieve the justice they have long wanted to achieve. Will they be able to pass the three missions? Can they kill the other group? Or will Black Ficarro disappear forever?

Chapter 1 Last Training


It was late at night but that wasn't the reason to Nikasha didn't pull the gun and feel it on her cheek like she was going crazy. Stare intently at the vast woods behind their mansion. Only cricket can be heard and one's own shadow can be seen. She had only one bullet but she had three more to find.

Right above where her uncles and aunts were watching they could see the maiden’s gesture on the monitor. Zenos just sat in the middle seat where it seemed like nothing to him that his nephew was in danger. He adjusted his seat when they saw Nikasha running towards the trunk of the tree and turned around then indiscriminately shot a man running towards him in the head. When Nikasha's foot fell to the ground again, the flesh and brain of a corpse spread again.

Se was the last to be shot in their training. She was the only one with little protection especially since her sight had already struck a man triple the size of her body, holding a large mentally lying on the ground and smilingly staring at the girl.

Zeren could hardly stand what was happening outside the mansion, she even turned her back so that she could see Veron's face which was also very scared. Who wouldn't be afraid when a young woman whose only weapon was two knives was full of criminals and people who were thirsty for murder. Dangerous.

In this training, seek help is cannot be sought. It is forbidden to be discouraged because if you cannot kill more than ten criminals and murderers as well, you will be their food. Fearlessly Nikasha met the man walking towards her, faster and faster until it was Nikasha’s run.

The man waved his mental grip so Nikasha rolled quickly causing her to land at the foot of the giant then stabbed her knee with a knife.


Nikasha complained of pain because of the mental impact on her foot, it rolled to go behind the man then quickly hooked a thigh around the neck and twisted it. Nikasha just closed her eyes when she heard the sound of a bone coming from his neck that she now knew was broken.

There was no time to understand the pain in her foot, she did not want to disappoint her uncle who was just watching her. She didn’t want to disappoint everyone. She grinned when she saw a woman running holding a knife with fresh blood. Nikasha was now sitting on the lifeless man's chest and quickly lay down flat and with full force took the big mental, a deep breath she let out before she decided to lift up sitting and hard hit the mental on the woman's waist itself .

The mental collapse and the two parts of the woman's body that had separated, scattered, the blood that she had almost spat out because it was already in her mouth.

Finished. He survived the game they had been playing before.

"I-Is she okay?" Zeren asked softly with trembling hands.

The people in the mansion wondered why Kelly and Zeren were still alive and that they were weak in the group. They often say that not only weapons should be brought into battle, but also strength and your knowledge about the things.

"She had a severe wound in her feet, I'll take care of it," Summer said quickly, still staring at the monitor.

This is just the normal situation, they are just in the same room while the kids watch how to escape to the criminals. Zenos stood up and looked at his two nephews staring somewhere, Zenos lowered his gaze to Zeren's hand which was too trembling.

"Why are you still here? It's late at night," he said to the two nephews who were already holding the other waist.

Zeren's drowsiness was obvious while Veron's seemed to be nothing. They left the others in that room then left.

"Nikasha, Uncle, she's poor," Veron said weakly.

"Don't worry about your sister, she's strong, she can handle herself. Look, she's alive," Zenos calmed them down.

This is always the scene whenever Nikasha is in fighting. Veron and Zeren are the focus of Zenos and the others because they are the most dangerous especially in today’s era. It is forbidden for a person to be discouraged.

"Aren't you afraid she might get hurt?" Zeren asked as they stopped in their room.

The old man stared at the children as if he had just hugged them, the three of them looked almost indistinguishable from each other. If they just don't know them, they will be quickly deceived by their appearance.

"No. If you don't want to feel scared, you have to trust. Trust is needed in order to fight your fears," Zenos said as he kissed the children's foreheads. "Good night babies."

Nikasha sighed, she almost closed her eyes to fight everything she saw, corpses, flesh, blood, sharp weapons and so on.

"Nikasha! Come here! Oh, drink, hurry!"

A young man quickly went to the maiden's habit, chaotically looked at it and met the young man's kneeling. The man helped Nikasha to drink, and while drinking, he wiped her face and arm, which were covered in blood.

"So yet? What? Round two? Fight!" Maru shouted as a reason for the girl to just shooked her head.

The smile disappeared from Maru's lips when he saw the situation of the woman in front of him, they knew why they were doing it and experiencing it, but there were limits to everything, even the smile rarely seen on Nikasha seemed to be gone. Who can smile at the situation from the age of seven is already being done.

"Come on, I'm carrying you. Aunt Summer will treat you, then help you review," she bowed and put her mouth to Nikasha's ear. "I don't want to clean up your mess, they'll take care of it, so let's go! It's a burden," he patted the back.

Nikasha didn't hesitate about Maru's offer, she passed it and then went inside. Only Maru had the courage to approach the girl to talk like that, because if you study her behavior it is very similar to her bereaved father two decades ago. Quiet and often alone.

"Maru," Nikasha called lifelessly as they crossed the long hallway into the living room.

"Why?" Maru asked walking even slower.

"You stink," Nikasha said seriously which stopped Maru from walking completely.

Just as Maru sniffed, so did Lana and Lucas who peeked at the far end of the hallway.

"Stinky... You too, you stink too but I didn't say.nI'm busy with the review because there's an exam tomorrow," he whispered then started walking again.

When they got to the living room he carefully lowered Nikasha who was quickly supported by the couple Asher and Summer, that living room was so wide that it was not surprising that five families could fit in that mansion that had served as their hiding place ... But they were there's a reason.

"I'm sorry," his uncle whispered.

How many times has he said that to his nephews? Children are innocent but they need to be affected, they need to be educated to protect themselves.

"Don't worry, this is your last training," Zenos whispered referring to the other as well.

That is what is written in the agreement of the parents with that organization, they do not want to repeat what happened before, they do not want to go through the hardships faced so when the children reach the age of eighteen, only then will they end their training.

Not to live as a child but to begin what they have been waiting for. They are just looking for an opportunity, not just now.

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