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Triple Alphas' Adorable Baby

Triple Alphas' Adorable Baby

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Maxi is a human girl who accidentally meets three Alphas at the club. They are werewolves, and Maxi is human, but Maxi still knows about wolves and their life. So when one of them calls her ‘Mate’ she knows what that means. Maxi was happy to find werewolves to be her life partner. But after spending an exotic night in three men's arms. She faced rejection by them. And the reason is she is a weak human and charming Alpha didn't want a weak human woman as a mate. So they just rejected her and left her disappointed. Maxi is a strong hearted woman. She didn't cry or feel broken. She continued living her busy life with her two years old daughter. Yes! After a one-night stand with hot Alphas', she got pregnant and had a beautiful little girl named April. But it looks like her life is shorter than she thought it could be. She finds out she has cancer. Soon she will die. But before she dies she wants her daughter to stay with her father. So Maxi can rest in peace. Maxi comes into Triple Alphas’ pack to return her daughter. But can they accept April? Or Triple Alphas' refusal to take April? Can Maxi be able to hide the pain of losing her daughter? And her condition? Maxi even knew that an unknown danger was coming after her daughter. Will April be able to meet her three fathers? *****

Chapter 1 Her Last Wish

'The hours are sold!'

She looks up at the house for the last time. She will never come to this house again because she has already sold the house. This was the last memory left with her of her family. Her father had bought this house with great love. After the death of her father, Maxi got that house.

Maxi's mother died of cancer in her childhood. She left Maxi with her father before she died. When Maxi's mother finds out about her illness, she wants to give it to her father. No one can take care of little Maxi.

Maxi's mother and father never marry each other. They just meet one day and feel love at first sight. After spending some nights in each other's arms, Maxi's father refuses to marry Maxi's mother.

Maxi's mother is a strong-hearted woman. She didn't fight or create any drama. She just left. She didn't get a chance to tell Maxi's father that she was pregnant.

When Maxi turned five years old, her mother discovered that her cancer was in the last stage.

So Maxi's mother left her with her father. But before her mother died, she said one thing to Maxi, which is very helpful to Maxi until today's date.

"Maxi, my dear daughter! Always remember one thing of mine, no matter how many difficulties come in life, never give up. Always keep fighting the difficulties. And live the last day of your life happier too. Mom is going to meet god. Don't cry or feel sad that mom is not with you. Mom will be here, always." Her mother said, putting her palm on Maxi's heart.

Remembering her mother's last words, tears slide down Maxi's cheek. She was in the same place where her mother was standing twenty years before.

Maxi's doctor already told her that she had only one month. That's why Maxi wants to leave her daughter to her biological fathers before she dies. Maxi loved her daughter so much that she didn't want to leave her. But before death makes them apart, she wants to go to her daughter in a safe place. So she dies peacefully.

She wiped her tears in a hurry before her two-year-old daughter saw them and got upset. Maxi didn't want to show her daughter that her mother was weak.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Her best friend's Voice makes her turn back.

"Ravi, I already plan everything. Did you get the address?" Maxi smiled softly and asked.

"Well, it was not easy to find their address. You know they are always hidden in the forest. But here it is." Ravi holds a paper piece in front of Maxi.

"Thank you, Ravi! Thank you for being so helpful." Maxi said as she tried to take a paper from him.

"Not so fast, dear. I'm coming with you." Ravi said, putting paper in his jeans pocket.

"No, you are not coming with me! You have many other things to do except roam with me. Your dad will be angry at you." Maxi said in a serious tone.

"I already told him that I'm going out with you. So he allowed me. And about leaving you with your own? Girl, it would be best if you had a charming, hot guy like me with you. So you won't die alone in the middle of the road. I won't leave you. I'm coming with you." Ravi said and walked to the car. He put his bag in the car dicky.

"I don't need help, Ravi! I don't want you to be involved in my messy life." Maxi said.

"I'm your best friend. Only I know what's going on with you. So I'm coming with you." Ravi said in a serious tone.

"But ..." Maxi tried to say.

Ravi stops in the middle and turns her. He put both hands on her shoulders. He looks at Maxi with a serious face.

"You will need my help, Maxi. You are not alone. If I came with you, It would help you rest and take medicine. And the most important is you are taking April with you. Goddess, know what happens to her if you faint in the middle of the drive? Who will help you to take care of her? This is why I'm coming with you. You can try to stop me if you think I'm wrong here." Ravi said in a damn serious tone.

"You know I can't repay your kindness because I'm...." Maxi stops in the middle. Her face turned plain just for a moment, thinking about her life.

"You are dying. I know, cupcake. That's why I want to be with you until the last day of your life. I don't want you to suffer alone and die like thrash. I want to be with you so I can... I can bury you respectfully." Ravi's lips tremble as he says that. His heart filled with sadness, and his eyes filled with tears. He turned his back to hide his red eyes.

Ravi was her childhood friend. Ravi closely knew Maxi's life. He knew that she was a werewolf back then. Ravi's father, Alpha Johnson, is the strike Alpha of the North Moon Pack. He is a respectful Alpha who allows humans and werewolves. And Maxi's father works with him in his human office. Maxi faces many difficulties in her school and workplace. Because of her beautiful appearance, many male werewolves try to flirt with Maxi. So the many she-wolves hate her for that and keep bullying her.

But Ravi was always with Maxi when she beat some girls that tried to bully her in the wrong way. Because Ravi was Alpha's son and future Alpha, no one dared to complain about him and Maxi.

Ravi is a lazy, talkative and cheerful werewolf guy who is always roaming around Maxi so she won't get bullied by others or say he keeps with Maxi so he can clean up for Maxi's mess. Maxi was a fighting spirit girl. She hates to knee anyone who looks down on her just because she is human. So when someone tries to insult or bully Maxi. She didn't hold back and fight with them. Sometimes her fight gets bloody too. So It was Ravi's nature to keep protecting her from others.

"Oh! Damn it! Why is this so hard?" Ravi kicked the little stone in frustration. He hates the reality that his friend is dying, and he can't do anything to her.

"Okay, stop being a crybaby! Come on; we have to leave." Maxi pats his shoulders and walks to the passenger seat.

"Hey, I'm not a crybaby." Ravi drowned as he got into the driving seat.

"Dad! Are eyes red? Crying?" A sweet voice like a lovely honey ring from the backside.

The small beautiful girl picks them up from the car's back seat. She is just two years old. But she can understand emotions and say some words. Maxi was so surprised to hear April say words so easily. Ravi told her that April was Alpha's daughter, and that was why she was learning faster than a normal human baby. Her big green eyes look so beautiful and remind Maxi of April's father. She remembers the last time she saw them before they left her alone in the hotel. April's honey-coloured hair keeps waving in the air. She looks like an adorable doll.

"Nothing, cupcake! Something went into my eyes. So are you excited to meet your dad?" Ravi wipes the corner of his eyes and changes the subject.

"Excited! You come?" April asked in her toddler tone.

"Yes, I'm coming with you both. I'm your driver, after all." Ravi chuckled as he got inside the car, taking the driving seat.

"Yeah! Super happy!" April jumped on the back seat in excitement.

"Baby, don't jump like that; you will hurt yourself like that." Maxi opened the back door and put April on the baby seats, and put on her seat belt.

"Now, this is good. We are leaving to not try to open these belts." Maxi said.

"Okay, mom! I love you!" April said with a big smile and kiss on Maxi's cheek.

"I love you too, honey." Maxi placed a soft kiss on the cheeks as she said that.

"Time to go!" Ravi said.

"Okay!" Maxi closed the door and got into the passenger seat.

Ravi starts the car and drives into the toad.

Maxi smiles saintly and wipes blood coming from her nose before Ravi can Notice.


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