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A FATED LOVE:win the challenges, earn a husband,Scorpio.ace

A FATED LOVE:win the challenges, earn a husband



This novel talks about a lady who had it hard with the challenges thrown to her, what will the universe give her in return for this life chess game, will she be able to overcome this challenges or not. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sylviana hotel, a five star grade. In the large hall located at the third floor from the large tall hotel owned by God knows who. There is an award winning program going on in the large hall. -- Standing on the stage is a lady and a man, who are also recognised as the host of the ongoing program. " We are celebrating the 7th anniversary of the best World Wide Medical line Award this year. " the female host said as she addresses the audience who are arranged in columns and rows, sitting round a center table well decorated matching the theme of the hall with a milk and golden brown colour. " we are grateful to you all for attending this program again, this year and for the new people joining us on this lovely day, we welcome you to WWMA 2027." the female host addressed them again. " today we will be taking these various activities, and these activities are, professional medical seminars from professors, best hospital of the year in five countries, best medical practitioners according to profession and rank award winning and entertainment. So please relax and enjoy the program with professor Steven from the United States. " the female host said as she claps her hand initiating the audience to clap as the Man being called out walk to the stage, shook hands with the Male host and a few greetings to the female host as he dominates the stage with a projection displayed behind him with the topic. " The Central Nervous System. " -- Back at the audience. There was a lady sitting on a chair with her colleagues, she was wearing blue a full arm length with Silver Empire waist gown with a Silver ankle strap heel and a blue turban made beautifully on her head covering her hair with a silver pin attached to a side. She took a sip of wine from the cup of wine placed in front of her as she listened attentively to the seminar. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - After two hours of the program. It is finally the best medical practitioners award giving time and the announcement have been going on with the best doctors first, followed by the best medical laboratory practitioners and finally the best nurses is going on and the highest ranks such as the best director of nursing which was won by the United States of America, the best chief nursing officer won by China and so on. " now I will announce the best junior nursing officer of the year ." the male host said as he looks round the hall at the audience who look at him with expectancy. After a short while of silence. " the best junior nursing officer goes to Nurse Oluwatoyin Hajarat from Nigeria. " the male host said as the audience gave a round of applause while expecting the winner to walk up the stage while those who know the winner and are happy with the announcement smile as they clap their hands in appreciation and look at lady on call while those who weren't happy sneer but hid it behind fake smiles. The lady in the blue and silver Empire waist gown stood up from her seat and approach the stage as she maintain a good facial expression and not showing off much emotions. -- Reaching the stage. " congratulations. " the male host said as he collects the trophy from the female host and hands it over to her. " thank you" she said and walk to the microphone to give a little speech. -- Back at the table where she was sitting a while ago with her colleagues. " I can't believe, she won this award " one of the ladies who sat there said as she sneers. " I swear, I hate her. " another said " she always act like she know it all. " someone else said as they express their displeasure while looking at her smile a little while giving thanks and little speeches on the stage. " I feel like killing her, who feels the same. " another lady said as she smiles wickedly. " you need not to, " the last one of them said making the others look at her with the " seriously " look. " we can just destroy her simply. " the last one said making the others change their facial expression with a questioning look. " and how is that. " one of them said. The last one fetch something in her bag and brought out a bottle of drug. " what is that. " someone else asked. " aphrodisiac. " the last one said. " Ahhhh. " the others gasp. " you are such a genius. " one of them said. " let's waste her here and today. " another said "oh I have someone in mind. " someone said. " who ? " the last one ask as she empties the whole bottle of aphrodisiac in Hajarat cup of wine. " the old sage. " the person said as she dials a number with a evil smile. ---

Flower Boy Next Door,Sommy Pearl

Flower Boy Next Door



Rita Anderson is a 25 year old Nurse, who is allergic to Flowers. It causes her unbearable and uncontrollable sneezes. Because of this, She hates Flowers. Her allergy was as a result of a childhood trauma caused by her Father, who is a hardened criminal. He also traumatized his wife, Rita's Mother who became mentally ill as a result. Rita comes across and falls in love with her Hot, Handsome, Tall, Rich and New Neighbor Alfred Houser, A 27 year old man who is a FLORIST!!. Due to this, Rita becomes allergic to him and they keep a distance of 5 feet to alter Rita's allergies. As they draw magically closer, They find out they both have a thing in the past. There are also side stories to be focused on. How will they Romance Unfold? How will they get closer past 5 feet? What dark secrets concerning their past awaits? Watch out!

He Is Mine,Oria

He Is Mine



Jacob falls in love with his nurse, Darci but their bond gets threatened as Maya, Jacob's ex-girlfriend re-appears in his life.

Beat of Lies,Khay2626

Beat of Lies



Who is he? Why is he walking in my direction? I sighed as he pulled me towards him. My head hit his hard chest. My heart pounded even more as I inhaled and recognized his fragrant smell. Tears welled up in my eyes. My knees weakened that's why I clung to the t-shirt he was wearing. "T-tj?" I whispered between us. I stilled when he buried his face on my neck. He sniffed my neck up to my ear. I became even weaker and clung to his clothes tightly when he repeatedly doing that. His arms quickly wrapped around my waist and pulled me even closer to him. "Why? Why are you laughing with that boy? Why did you let yourself fantasizing him? What makes you fantasizing him? Why? Do you like him?" I stunned. _____________ What would you do, when you are suddenly trapped somewhere or We should say in a hospital? In a hospital that is not ordinary, but in a hospital where many secrets hidden. A BLOOD, In a family say's blood to blood, you are a family or by blood its say's, you are connected to each other. BUT in this story what is the connection of this 15 people who are trapped in the hospital? Are they connected to one another? How about the secret? In this 15 person, one of them know the secret, one of them is the pretender, one of them is the liar, one of them is the key, one of them are the dragger- dragger that brought them in that situation. AND WAIT!!!!! WHAT IF? What if the intruder is one of them?- In this 15 person, find out! But the BIG QUESTION is... Is he a boy? Or Is she a girl? Are you ready to face your fear? Meet this 15 people who are trapped in the hospital and try to find out who is the intruder.

Against The All Odds,background21

Against The All Odds



Odds! Wouldn’t it be odd to not have something to fight against like suppose just some odds that we have to face? We can’t just escape them for sure. I mean numbers can’t be complete with just even series, right? Just the same way, having odds has been a normal part of anyone’s life. Yeah, sometimes these can be weird too. Still, they can be overcome and many can be successful in doing that also. Alas! Some may not be able to do that. Anyway, why talk about such people who let the odds win now? First, let’s meet the ones who faced some of the difficulties thrown at them wobbling on their feet. But, were they able to go on against all odds?

The Unwanted,chelseeyie

The Unwanted

Young Adult


She made it because of love. She broke the trust of her friends and made horrible things to them. She feels unwanted. She feels no one loves her. But what if she meet a guy that will mend the broken soul inside her and fix her life-her unwanted life?

Up in Smoke,Janis Ross

Up in Smoke



Colton was young, sexy, and a firefighter. He is looking for love in all the wrong places until Joslyn catches his eye. She's a bbw and the new paramedic at the fire house. Can Colton win her heart and set her body aflame or will it all go up in smoke?





Rachel Dawn a girl who suffered all her life finds herself in a condition that the only chance of survival was being a cyborg.

Lonely Girl,MMNAY04

Lonely Girl

Young Adult


Dianne Grace Delgadoselva. is a hopeless young girl. When her mom died. No one of her family's, relative's cant accept her. But they have old couples adopt her. and gave love,care as a family they have her a proper education. And because of them Dianne have hoping a new life not like her the past. But her distiny is so miserable because his adopters parents died in a car accidents and she meet a kind guy and she love her boyfriend but also died in a car accident too but Dianne carrying her womb a baby from his boyfriend who's died. But Dianne is a daughter of a millionaire her father ia a millionaire business man who has having a one night stand to Dianne mother while Dianne fathers already an engage that time.

Ride Her Shoes,Ezeogu Ogochukwu

Ride Her Shoes

Young Adult


Nmachukwu, an 18 year old with numerous dreams and fantasies like every young girl her age, is put in a dilemma when she is asked to get married to a Chief and become one of his Wives. Being in love with Echezona who happens to be the eye candy of many girls because of strong and muscular he was but got seperated from him as a result of his pursuit for education. She falls pregnant and just like every other family would, hers gave her a treatment similar to that of one an outcast or one with a deadly communicable disease. She leaves home to search for the father of her child whom she knew so well but was given a pill so bitter that even if she swallowed it, the taste would never leave her mouth. She crosses path with Akudo, a nurse who is also facing criticism among her family members as she has been unable to get married and was nearing menopause. These two women facing different realities, teamed up with the aim of getting out a better tomorrow for themselves which was all too impossible than it looked possible and one could only imagine if there was ever going to be a better tomorrow for either of them. If they were able to make any change and How they were able to do so? What if they gave up along the line?

Bittersweet (A book of love and friendship),Teefabulous

Bittersweet (A book of love and friendship)



What could come in-between two childhood best friends? Could it be money or could it be love? Elizabeth and Victoria have been friends from childhood, they attended the same kindergarten until university before moving out of their birth city, Texas to New York to work and stay together. They looked forward to the perfect beginning in New York City but fate has other plans for them as it brings Mathew Smith to their lives on two different occasions. Elizabeth and Victoria both fall in love with the same man unbeknownst to them. Mathew falls in love with one of them and when the other comes to know of the woman in the heart of the man she wants, she would go through any means to destroy her and have him for herself. From friendship to love to envy, jealousy and hatred.

Welcome Home, Baby,Aruakpo

Welcome Home, Baby



Kome became pregnant for her university sweetheart after their first sexual encounter. It happened just at the end of her four year program. Once her father heard news of pregnancy, he was disappointed and sent her away. She took the news to her boyfriend who decided against assuming responsibility for the baby. This left her in a limbo and she scrambled for survival until she gave birth to a baby girl. She tried bringing up the baby but once she thought of her poor state and her lack of progress, she decided to do something drastic. She abandoned the baby in front of an orphanage and went off to serve the nation for a year. She got lucky and got a good job which enabled her to start living a good life. She was swimming along in this beautiful tide when a reminder from her past appeared. One that would bring her to examine the wrong step she had taken. She is forced to confront her past misdeed.

The Wolf Took Me,Oseana

The Wolf Took Me



Isabella Fuentez has been struggling, with a full time job in the hospital and a drug addict sister. She's struggling to get through the day while keeping her nephew safe and happy. One night, an injured man came to through the hospital doors. He suddenly kidnaps her and all hell came loose Roma has been attacked by rogues. No provocation or warning. he's in danger for revealing his kind to humanity, so he swipes one of the nurses. He didn't expect the nurse to be his fated mate.

Chalice: The Book of Life,Aja Pearl

Chalice: The Book of Life



It is the 1980s in the city. Children learn a lesson from death and dying. A tortured local artist falls hard from being at the top. A confused young man must choose between love or tradition. A young woman is forced to grow up too soon with a broken heart. A married couple takes a big leap of faith in making their dreams come true in the "forbidden" part of the city. A lonely soul finds refuge in an unexpected place with unexpected people. A young couple deals with the tragedy of an unexpected birth but triumphs with an unexpected blessing. Then another troubled young man has a secret so dark, it drives him to a life of drugs. While maintaining their faith, people endure life's trail and tribulations. Will they learn these lessons or are they doomed to repeat them?

The Human,Anna

The Human



Luka was the best Alpha the Brightwater Pack ever had. That is, until he loses his mate and everything comes crashing down. Having lost everything he loved and his one real reason for living, he attempts suicide on a human territory, when Victoria intervenes and ruin his plans. She makes it her duty to help the man that 'couldn't be saved' after he constantly refuses her help. What happens when she uncovers his secrets one by one? Will Victoria give up on him, or will she surprise them both? Who would've thought that she could save him just in the nick of time? Or does she...

Loving You.,Jazel Morales

Loving You.



Emma is the Nurse of Don Agustin Rivera. He is the current CEO of the Rivera Group of Companies. The only thing that Don Agustin wants for his son Bram--is to get married and take over the company as CEO before he passed away. But Bram wants to be an F1 driver, it has been his dream ever since he was a little kid. Don Agustin ordered Bram to go back to the Philippines and marry Emma. The only problem is Bram has a girlfriend, Alicia. Emma only agreed to the marriage because she needs the money. Her brother used their house as collateral for two million pesos to a drug lord. For her brother to live and to pay off his debt, Emma needs to sacrifice her happiness and agree to the offer of Don Agustin Rivera. Will Bram and Emma fall in love? Or will they tear each other apart?