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img img Short stories img An Italian's Virgin Escort
An Italian's Virgin Escort

An Italian's Virgin Escort

img Short stories
img 52 Chapters
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Author: Lady Prim
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"You, my dear, are just a tissue with my brand name on it. Only I can use you and throw as I want." He whispered harshly holding my neck tightly and biting my cheek with so much desire, like an animal he is. "P-ple-ase leav-e m-me. ple-" I cried and begged him to leave me but that only heightened his desire for me and crashed his lips on mine in to a rough kiss. Sienna Thomas is a 20 year old sweet and intelligent girl who is thriving for a change of life keeping a big secret from the world. But to outside world she is known as sienna Miller. Her life is a book of problems until she meets Leonardo Bianchi, the root cause for her problems unknowingly. Leonardo Bianchi is Multi-billionaire who is rude, snobby and arrogant. Life is the cost to pay if something or someone goes against him. But that's until a petite young girl flips his life upside down with her innocence. Why is Leonardo blamed for Sienna's problems? Does she know that he is the root cause for her pitiful life?

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