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Stressed Spelled Backward,Svetlana Ivanova

Stressed Spelled Backward



Azra Kononovich's got a lot to handle when she arrives in New York City with her two bickerings best friends. She thinks she is about to have the ultimate experience in her life. With a big city comes a big dream. The three girls are going to spread their wings and live like the wild girls they always dream to be. Now all they have to do is just say "yes" to everything. Yes to adventures, dream jobs, and probably romance.

Mr. Shark And Miss Butterfly,Papina

Mr. Shark And Miss Butterfly



Aqua Chrysalis houses the most bizarre tenants who call each other by their animal code names. In this jungle of a building. I hate humans. One moment they say they like something. Then, the next moment they say they hate it. One moment they get along. The next moment they fight. They're hopeless, hypocritical beings who are proud and weak. They continue to hurt people. To destroy what they have in their hands. In an endless cycle. That's why I decided not to make any friends. My name is Butterfly. Well actually, my name is really Cho. My name means 'Butterfly', so people started calling me that. Since when? I don't remember. I think the name suits me. Butterflies silently flutter about from flower to flower, watching the world unfold as time moves forward. And keeping a distance from interfering in the business of others. That is the kind of person I am.

Average Jane,Svetlana Ivanova

Average Jane



Jane Waleski and her best friend, Emily Zuckerman, are average achievers on a good day and losers on a bad day, but they're quite proud of it! Or so they convince themselves. They read only the shortest books for book reports and always have the worst project for science class. On top of that they are hopeless romantics. So Jane and Emily form Loser Club: an exclusive club of two. But when a new science teacher shows up at their school, Jane tries to impress her and suddenly finds herself trying to be not so average. Will she have to resign as vice president of Loser Club?

Dear Prischelle,itsmaidenblack

Dear Prischelle



How long will your feelings stay inside your heart? Will you still carry it even though it’s slowly breaking you into pieces? It’s a story of a guy who keeps on loving blamelessly.

Romance And The Canal (A Gallop on the Embankment with Spring Breeze)  ,Flying-Lines

Romance And The Canal (A Gallop on the Embankment with Spring Breeze)



The head of Ma Family, person in charge of the second dam, died in an accident, and Ma Family was on the decline since then. The young master of Ma Family, a foppish "boy", reformed "himself" thoroughly and tried to take over the job of protecting and developing the second dam. "He" began to recruit boatmen, stand out in lion dance pageant and guard Ma Family and its fame. "He" fought against illegal salt vendors, and fought for the royal ticket, but became a prisoner due to dirty tricks of the enemies. Imperial censor Wu Zhong spare no effort in rescuing his sweetheart. Was Wu a gay? Did you know that the present head of Ma Family was a girl?

Remember Self-Control: Bossy Husband Loves Me Deep to Soul,Flying-Lines

Remember Self-Control: Bossy Husband Loves Me Deep to Soul



Having been married for two years, he only takes her as an enemy. He never touches her, and even insult her in front of other women, "Si Wan, you are the most disgusting woman in the world." Facing his ruthlessness, she decides to leave, "Gong Siming, if you don't love, just let me go." But he replied dominantly, "Si Wan, of course I love you." Si Wan is caught in a trance. And he goes on, "I want to love you tenderly every night."

A Beauty In Nerd Disguise,lakesierra

A Beauty In Nerd Disguise

Young Adult


"Don't make that face please; you look ugly." he said emotionless. " Di-di-did you ju-just TALKED?!!" I stuttered as I still couldn't believe that he just talked. "No-no I ju-just sang lalalala" he mocked me with sarcasm as he rolled his eyes. But seriously, he can really talk?. Oh my god. Then I *faint* due to the great shock. ---------------------------------------------------------- Violet Wilson is her name she's smart , kind and very Gorgeous. But she believed that her beauty would only bring destruction to her family, so she decided to disguise herself as a nerd to cover up her beauty . She has a terrible nightmare every night about her miserable past that's been haunting her; and since 'that day', she didn't laugh, smile or cry again. She lives her life pretty much emotionless as she didn't want to ever feel pain again . Will she be able to accept her past and move on? And what happens when she bumps with a top 1 on the list not to mess with guy; also known as a badboy in her school? Will she be able to feel emotions again?

CAGED ,Fèh lõ ñy




Like I never wished for this to happen. Other people have thier own life, very beautiful and sweet. I got a present for being a hero. Why me?!!!.

Rich Girl Poor Guy,Fèh lõ ñy

Rich Girl Poor Guy



This is about Walter and his college crush , yea atimes he gets stupid dating a person richer until his status changed

Beautiful Liar ,Starlady08

Beautiful Liar



" I will never marry that man!" Elizabeth Carter was enraged knowing that she's going to marry Matthew Jay Reid the most unwanted man, she don't want to cross paths again. The hatred for him all over those years was tattooed in her whole life. She thought that accident before was already forgotten and buried in the past but after hearing his name again, all the misfortunes back then was freshly recalled to her senses and it hunts her again. " My decision is final!" Her dad exclaims. What will she gonna do? Will she accept the arrangement of her marriage and forget what's all in the past? Or she will seek a revenge for the contentment of her own grievance?

Hades' Bride,Kakegurui

Hades' Bride



The prince who is killed and vows to live again and find the man who killed him and carry it with his heart and mind to the woman he married and promised at the same time to leave the search for his wife. Hades vows to love her until his death and give her a ring on their wedding day, without his knowledge the ring that he gave comes from the deities who had a plan what will go in his life. But as he again regain his life he will discover the untold story that he does not know form the moment of his wedding, a secret that his opponent interfere. Hades had the power that the deities had given him and he had to find the woman in the picture he was carrying. His situation was difficult at first because he could not remember where he had come from but he gradually remembered it when he saw her with the help of a ring she was wearing. Every whisper in Lissana's ring made Hades instantly hear and feel it. He entered the life of the Ysares who were already in debt and their company was slowly losing their way. He helped them get up by marrying Lissana's mother Elena. Hades knew all that was going to happen before it happened, so it was easy for him to marry Elena because he knew it would die sooner and Lissana would be left in his care according to his plans. Despite seeing the woman he was looking for, he also saw the man who killed her knowing that it was the man his wife was pregnant with. The man of his opponent and his wife got betrayed him without his knowledge and still, he doesn't know. But he also didn't know that the woman he had found Lissana was not his wife, it was his maid, his trusted maid that has a secret love in him. Even though he is living in immortal life, he had now a limit that he and the deities agreed. As time went on, his time was short and the reaper was following his name. Will he be able to follow what the deity left behind when he needs to get the ring in Lissana's hand before the man who killed him can take it?

The billionaire unknown child,Amyjill

The billionaire unknown child



She's a good girl struggling to find a way on how to pay for her University, with everything on Hershey decides to join her friends for a clabbing and get laid with this unknown man Will she ever meet him? did he look for her After seven years what will be there fate

Unconsummated Fire,Abigsavell

Unconsummated Fire



Life as a puzzle treats us the way it wants to. It seems we are just a chess piece in a game. Emily thought she had all in life but unknowingly to her, it was all an act of deceit. When all of what's hidden comes to light,she finds out she a different person altogether. What could she do to save herself?Love or hate that one person she had learnt to love so much?

Legend Of The Young Warlock (LOTHYWAR),Zuxian

Legend Of The Young Warlock (LOTHYWAR)



Kie is only a poor fellow who works at a stable, where he strives to make ends meet - to feed himself and his dying mother. He has no faith in the gods who had found no delight in healing his mother. He thinks to lead such life on (as a groom) till death takes his mother and he be gone from the land which had turned a blind eye on them. To live a solitary life in some cave and die with his celibacy. But little did he know fate was yet to begin its games. Soon did he discover what fate has in stock for him when he met an Alan in the woods; A prophecy which sets his life rolling was given. The implication of the prophecy were thus; ✓ He was a sworn heir of the gods to the throne of his land. But by Horus, he believes in no god, why have they chosen him? ✓ His wife, his to-be queen, was the personal maid of the obnoxious princess of the land. And unknown to the both of them, the maid has no faintest idea that she would be a great witch. ✓ And they both would conceive the greatest Warlock who had ever lived. "A warlock with the heart of the gods, mind of men." The words of the Alan. A warlock who would bring about a new era. An era where neither would the gods be greater than men nor men lesser than the gods. Yet, both unequal. But Kie has a BIG problem. He keeps misinterpreting the Alan's prophecy; His bane.

The Bet Made Her Mine,marygold

The Bet Made Her Mine



A love triangle between a group of friends and an outcast fearless lady, whereby one loves another while the another love another. As a result of a accidental bet made by one of the group (G4) members, Alexander was determined to make Tara fall in love with him so that he can have her then dispose her. But what happens when the fearless Tara made the mafia son Alexander, to fall in love with her instead. Unfortunately for them, few members of the group are not happy about their relationship so Alexander and Tara ends up facing trolls that tends to break their relationship.

Confused Destiny,author presh

Confused Destiny



This is a story of a south African girl, lost in her little world and wants to be happy, and leave joyfully like every girl out there, but unknowingly to her she was destined to be greater than she expects. ***Don't miss the adventure of rethabile as she tackles the challenge of life at a young age......

Dear Hammad ,Jiddarhtulkhair

Dear Hammad



Meet Yusrah Siddiquii Mai Dala,a daughter to a multi-millionaire,an introvert and a very well desired girl who barely believes in love. Who's in her late 20's beautiful and vibrant and intelligent girl from a respected and rich background but her status doesn't make her misbehave or brag around the world like other billionaires kids do. Who's loved and adored by everyone Meet the identical twin sisters with distinct attitudes. Yusrah was nice, friendly, intelligent and kind while Yasmin was dull, bold, and selfish. ************************ Hammad Buba Marwa, 30yrs old microbiologist,handsome, classic and unique and cold hearted. Who's loved by alot of girls that wished they could have him all to themselves for the rest of their lifes. Fears no one apart from his Creator and his mother that's why he does whatever he wish to do with a straight head. Always quite and punctual. No one dare to mess up with him because everyone knows that he doesn't take any sort of shit from anyone. He doesn't believe in love at all,but at a point in his life when he met Yusrah he begins to develop some feelings towards her due to her calmness and ways of interaction. So,stay tune to find out more about this two distinct people who barely believes in love. Will they every give love a trial in their lifes? ********************* Join me as we ride on this journey, and don't forget to follow my updates by adding this book to library. You can also follow my profile as well. Copyright ©️ 2020 Hauwa'u Ishaq Zarewa

Lucifer's little girl,Presh Sunday

Lucifer's little girl



Damon the almighty Lucifer and the most fearfully creature on Earth. He is handsome,is mere presence made ladies to drill over him. Damon is dangerous and a heatless beast. Bella,a 19 years old girl whose dream is to become a model suddenly find favor in the eyes of the Lucifer. Her dream were destroy when Lucifer ask her to marry him,will Bella accept. Veronica,the ex girlfriend of Lucifer who cheated on him, making Lucifer to hate her with passion. When Veronica found out that the almighty Lucifer is in love with a little girl she was determined to separate them or kill Bella to have him back. Will she succeed

Alpha lost half,Littlizzy

Alpha lost half



Sylvia is a 22 year old human girl or so she thought. Her world came crashing down when she realized that all she jas known all her life has not been true. She has to go to Oklahoma state Academy in search of Him. The one person she needs in unlocking her powers. Rick is the wolfless alpha of black moon pack.He was dejected until there came a solution for him to get back his wolf and that is to find HER. Will he find HER? Will everything go as planned? Find out in this intriguing novel.

The Girl With The Broken Family,Sashly Levis

The Girl With The Broken Family



Charlie then faces changes and challenges in her once little almost perfect life, but then her world comes crumbling down slowly. One day she accidentally crosses paths with her father, whom she had loved the most. The man she had believed died in a car crash and had left her completely. Why did Munchy wanted William her husband dead so badly? How on earth is William not dead after Munchy arranged his death? How does Charlie feel inside after hearing that her father was dead? what did munchy say or do to make Charlie move to her aunt house? Read to find out what happens to Charlie and to know the answers to the questions above.