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img img Young Adult img A Beauty In Nerd Disguise
A Beauty In Nerd Disguise

A Beauty In Nerd Disguise

img Young Adult
img 33 Chapters
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Author: lakesierra
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"Don't make that face please; you look ugly." he said emotionless. " Di-di-did you ju-just TALKED?!!" I stuttered as I still couldn't believe that he just talked. "No-no I ju-just sang lalalala" he mocked me with sarcasm as he rolled his eyes. But seriously, he can really talk?. Oh my god. Then I *faint* due to the great shock. ---------------------------------------------------------- Violet Wilson is her name she's smart , kind and very Gorgeous. But she believed that her beauty would only bring destruction to her family, so she decided to disguise herself as a nerd to cover up her beauty . She has a terrible nightmare every night about her miserable past that's been haunting her; and since 'that day', she didn't laugh, smile or cry again. She lives her life pretty much emotionless as she didn't want to ever feel pain again . Will she be able to accept her past and move on? And what happens when she bumps with a top 1 on the list not to mess with guy; also known as a badboy in her school? Will she be able to feel emotions again?

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