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Matriarchy Novels

Billionaire's wife,dip1

Billionaire's wife



Nishant Mehta is CEO of Mehta groups of company. He is very rich and famous business tycoon. He's natural is not calm he is aggressive rude business minded person. He is eligible bachelor. But still he find her school friend. Which is now disconnected with him because of time. And the other hand isha is innocent soul very calm nature she is happy go Lucky girl. But her financial condition is not as good as compare to Nishant. She is completed her graduation and find job. What happens if he will tie a knot with her he will make her life like hell. Bcoz he doesn't know that she is her school friend which he likes her most but now he is just unknown that he hurt that same girl bcoz he don't know that she is the same girl he crave for.

Love Beyond ,sunny john

Love Beyond



LOVE BEYOND WRITTEN BY SUNNY JOHN ::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::: PROLOGUE "London," Ida breathes, grinning wide. I take a seat across from her, leaning over excitedly. The old pink table my aunt has had for the past fifteen years creaks loudly as my elbows dig into the plastic. "London," I reply, awed myself. London . London is the key to everything. London is where all my studying, all the tireless hours educating myself have lead to. My brand new agent, Joe Howard, informed me just minutes ago that I will be performing a Soprano solo at the Royal Opera House in London, England and all I can do now is shake. Shake because everything is working out the way I'd

Lucifer's little girl,Presh Sunday

Lucifer's little girl



Damon the almighty Lucifer and the most fearfully creature on Earth. He is handsome,is mere presence made ladies to drill over him. Damon is dangerous and a heatless beast. Bella,a 19 years old girl whose dream is to become a model suddenly find favor in the eyes of the Lucifer. Her dream were destroy when Lucifer ask her to marry him,will Bella accept. Veronica,the ex girlfriend of Lucifer who cheated on him, making Lucifer to hate her with passion. When Veronica found out that the almighty Lucifer is in love with a little girl she was determined to separate them or kill Bella to have him back. Will she succeed

The Life of the mysterious Billionaire John McDonald,Biowarsgaming

The Life of the mysterious Billionaire John McDonald



the year is 2018, john McDonald was an abandoned son of the McLain family, where he was married into the chow family as a son-in-law. he is a special op solider where he became known as a war god of china, his wife family has no idea he is a rich second generation and they think he's a nobody and looked down about, his wife is named jasmine chow and has an identical twin sister melony. she struggles daily at her families company chow industries

Billionaire She-devil,Vivi

Billionaire She-devil



Chameleons are like two-edged swords, they constantly change each given minute. I am your typical chameleon, an angel, a devil, or whatever you choose to call me. Cruelty, oppression, and brutality are my logos! Not all she-devils are fated to end in disaster, I am your typical bad girl, a demon, a ruthless killer, and a symbol of intimidation. I was taught how to belittle others, to walk over people. To me, a ruler means being a tyrant, I was a ruthless and fierce CEO! A well-known and revered businesswoman. my name is Daniela Adams and my daughter's death led to my redemption. yes, my pain saved me, it took the death of a loved one to knock some senses into me. Did I found redemption and my freedom In a jail cell, yes I did, ironic right? but I will rather spend the rest of my life here in this prison than go back home to my family. Daniella Adams, you have a visitor. the prison warden called out. before I take you down memory lane. Let's hear what this visitor has to say.

The Princess and Her Famous Criminals,CC_Lee

The Princess and Her Famous Criminals

Young Adult


There was once a girl who was born in the capital. Her name is Luan. The princess of The Seventh Kingdom. Loved by the people in the palace, but she wasn't known by many since the King doesn't wants to expose her daughter until it turned 18. When everything is going according to plan, she was kidnapped. She sneaks into the palace as she wanted to see what's outside. The Capital was so beautiful that she doesn't wants to go home anymore. Then she realized, as soon as she looks on the dark places of the capital, it wasn't a fantasy world at all. It was all about hunger, poverty, happiness, and sadness. As soon as she woke-up, A new story begins to unfold. They said a princess needs a prince in all fairytale. But it turns out she only needs people who will treat her with simple love. Criminals. That's what they are called. What's wrong with gifts that came from a bad deed? It was all because of care. And because of the things she learned from them, she's no longer a princess. But also a criminal. The princess who celebrated her birthday on a garage where they live. A simple debut, yet addictive love that everyone could ever ask for. She couldn't wish for more. Until that day came. The search was finally over. The princess was caught. And everyone who took her away from the palace was slain by the King. As she couldn't believe what her father did, she goes after him and ready to stab her own father. But then, her head was sent. When she woke up, it was a deja vu that she came back on where it all started. Before her 18th Birthday.

The Adopted Alpha ,Independent_mhee

The Adopted Alpha



Clare Adam-Baros is an Omega adopted by the Alpha family. She leads a lonely life and is always bullied at school by pack members. Enter the hot and mysterious Hunter Pyrros who for some reason spends the whole day boring holes in her back. Added to her parent's birthday gift in the form of an ancient lunar filial binding and Clare's life is about to change in more ways than one. How would Clare manage her new Alpha powers and fight for her position in the pack? p.s Clare is actually destined for way more and Hunter is just the person to guide her all the way. Enjoy!

DAWN : A new beginning ,SADUWO BANYAWA

DAWN : A new beginning



A man is murdered. A girl is looking for clues. A cabal is after her. She falls for the enemy's son. Can she survive when all odds are against her? Find out.

An Italian's Virgin Escort,Lady Prim

An Italian's Virgin Escort

Short stories


"You, my dear, are just a tissue with my brand name on it. Only I can use you and throw as I want." He whispered harshly holding my neck tightly and biting my cheek with so much desire, like an animal he is. "P-ple-ase leav-e m-me. ple-" I cried and begged him to leave me but that only heightened his desire for me and crashed his lips on mine in to a rough kiss. Sienna Thomas is a 20 year old sweet and intelligent girl who is thriving for a change of life keeping a big secret from the world. But to outside world she is known as sienna Miller. Her life is a book of problems until she meets Leonardo Bianchi, the root cause for her problems unknowingly. Leonardo Bianchi is Multi-billionaire who is rude, snobby and arrogant. Life is the cost to pay if something or someone goes against him. But that's until a petite young girl flips his life upside down with her innocence. Why is Leonardo blamed for Sienna's problems? Does she know that he is the root cause for her pitiful life?

La Elora: Vengeance & Lenience,Khrystine D

La Elora: Vengeance & Lenience



The future of the two Great Empires lies in the line. Meredith, Ashriel's grandmother died in the hands of her adopted son. Blinded by her rage, Ashriel formed a Cadre that seeks vengeace and eradicates the Quislings. "All I want is to live a normal life, father." "Ashriel, I'm sorry. But you carry the pride of the family." "Pride... that's the thing that I never dreamed bear." Being the new foundation of the Great Empires, engaged with the person she does not love and a comrade with the person she cares about the most, how will she balance her duty and personal life? Being the youngest grandchild, some nobles of fair façade refused to support her rulership that became a mountain to her path. But a dead resurrected, and the hidden truth behind the Great Revolt and Meredith’s death was revealed. Knowing the weight of farewell, how can she live and love knowing that everything dear to her will come to an end? What happens when Ashriel chooses vengeance? What happens when she chooses Lenience? There is no salvation in rebellion.