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Triplets Novels

Trapped with the Lawyer,LARK COLE

Trapped with the Lawyer



Trapped series - Episode II: Trapped with the Lawyer. It all starts on that fateful night, when Ella, who is the dear sister of Samuel’s best buddy, sneaks into the hotel where the drunken Samuel resides and gets pregnant… “I don’t want a divorce! I don’t want a divorce! I did no such thing!” Ella jumped on the bed and cried out. “I don’t want a scheming woman as my wife. Just sign the paper and get the hell out!” commanded Samuel with a cold tone. Poor Ella. She now finds herself helplessly involved in a disconcerting relationship where she faces a distrustful husband, an unwelcoming mother-in-law and the constant threat of divorce. Will their battered marriage finally be able to bear fruit? Will Ella finally be able to find her happiness after all the traumatic events she has went through? Join us in reading this ever exciting and eventful story that is Trapped with the Lawyer!

Trapped with Daniel,LARK COLE

Trapped with Daniel



Trapped series - Episode III: Trapped with Daniel. “Let's go and register our marriage on your birthday!” Marrying Daniel should have been her best birthday gift, but everything was ruined the moment when she caught him sleeping with another woman on the day before her birthday. “He’s going to marry that woman! She... was my best friend!" When she heard the news, Janet returned from her self exile with her twin babies to stop their wedding ceremony. She was no longer the simple and naive girl that she was before. Instead, she had become the head of an important criminal faction. Time to exact revenge!

The Witness of Usehjiki ,idongludoh

The Witness of Usehjiki



Osa is nothing like the church-going, humble woman that Kuwin had thought she'd be. After he breaks his vow of celibacy for Osa, Kuwin gets his heart broken and his faith, shaken. Unfortunately for Kuwin, he soon finds out that he must put aside his feelings to work with her if he wants to survive the avalanche of supernatural destruction that is headed their way. Will Kuwin go crazy? Or will he learn that there are somethings that you just cannot control?

Magic and Miseries: Chosen Mates,Heartcode

Magic and Miseries: Chosen Mates



The most powerful supernatural ever, is given a second chance at life after being resurrected for selfishly sacrificing herself to save the love of her life. Being the only human, who doesn't have powers, she leaves one night to find herself among people like her. Now in New York City, she finds out that people aren't always what they seem. She comes across two guys Mysterious Ian and Dangerous Don. But there are some secrets in this town that shouldn't be dug up.

Trapped with the Doctor,LARK COLE

Trapped with the Doctor



Trapped series - Episode V: Trapped with the Doctor. He is the director of the largest hospital in Shine Empire. She is the daughter of the director of Zoria Hospital. When the cool, heartless and high-handed Arvin Gomez meets the mischievous, cute and impulsive Angela Sanderson, what will happen?

Trapped with Colin,LARK COLE

Trapped with Colin



Trapped series - Episode IV: Trapped with Colin. You would think that for a beautiful girl with a respected family, everything will go smoothly without a hitch. However, for Sophia, nothing is ever so easy. Her life starts to spin out of control when her ex-boyfriend, together with her sworn enemy, set her up and send her to jail. As if that’s not enough, after her marriage with Colin, fate has played yet another joke on her. She is now facing a very precarious situation where her husband is growing suspicious of her and a bunch of vicious villains are trying to pounce at her at every turn. How will the future unfold for Sophia? Let's find out!

Because l am a girl,dody ahmad

Because l am a girl



Why do parents want boys and hate girls, even though the girl is able to do what the boy does, and more ،like the heroine of the story, Celine, because her father abandoned her, her sister and her mother for the sake of the boy, and because her mother gave birth to a girl, he does not want girls but wants boy The boy is the one who will keep his name, from his point of view that the boy is the only bond and the only provider, and that the girl is just a heavy burden and shame Must rid of him, by marrying her off to anyone In addition to,several Problems that girls face in the..society

Her Redemption: Traitor's Daughter,HopelessNarrator

Her Redemption: Traitor's Daughter



Olivia Wilson was living a perfect life till the age of 12. Her life was fulfilled with happiness and the people who used to increase her happiness more were The Alpha's Sons who are non-identical triplets. They promised to protect her and prayed to the Moon Goddess to make them her mates. Everything in her life seemed to go perfect until one day, her father Oliver Wilson was falsely accused by the Gamma, of killing the Luna and paralyzing the Alpha. Her life took an opposite turn, everyone who used to love her started hating her. The Triplets who promised to protect her turned into the ones she needs to be protected from. She started facing thousands of brutal torture and the Gamma who was involved in those dirty games made her life a living hell. All those hurtful words and torture couldn't tame her, she was determined to prove her father's innocent but one thing that broke her completely was when her acceptance of the prayer she made in childhood turned into her worst nightmare. And what made it worse was they have other plans than rejecting her. Join Olivia's journey to see how she removes the tags and where her fate takes her. Warning/trigger warning: This story contains mature scenes, scenes depicting violence that can be triggering to some readers. Read at your own risk.

Trapped with the CEO,Ludmila

Trapped with the CEO



Trapped series - Episode I: Trapped with the CEO. Drugged one night by her ex-boyfriend, a mysterious man took advantage of her in an ecstatic night filled with sex. To take her revenge, she married the man, and used him. "As long as I'm alive, I'm still his legal wife, while all of you are just his mistresses.” She remained adamant even when he was involved in scandals with other women. Eventually she stormed off after she learned that he had betrayed her again. But life brought her back to him a few years later, to his astonishment. The man had already got what he wanted from her, but she couldn't understand why he still wanted to torture and haunt her. (We have incorporated the next four episodes into this one. Hope the longer list of chapters will not make you confused.)