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Her Redemption: Traitor's Daughter

Her Redemption: Traitor's Daughter

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Olivia Wilson was living a perfect life till the age of 12. Her life was fulfilled with happiness and the people who used to increase her happiness more were The Alpha's Sons who are non-identical triplets. They promised to protect her and prayed to the Moon Goddess to make them her mates. Everything in her life seemed to go perfect until one day, her father Oliver Wilson was falsely accused by the Gamma, of killing the Luna and paralyzing the Alpha. Her life took an opposite turn, everyone who used to love her started hating her. The Triplets who promised to protect her turned into the ones she needs to be protected from. She started facing thousands of brutal torture and the Gamma who was involved in those dirty games made her life a living hell. All those hurtful words and torture couldn't tame her, she was determined to prove her father's innocent but one thing that broke her completely was when her acceptance of the prayer she made in childhood turned into her worst nightmare. And what made it worse was they have other plans than rejecting her. Join Olivia's journey to see how she removes the tags and where her fate takes her. Warning/trigger warning: This story contains mature scenes, scenes depicting violence that can be triggering to some readers. Read at your own risk.

Chapter 1 One.

Olivia’s P.O.V :

I woke up to sunlight falling on my eyes. I sat up removing the blanket off my body and looked at the watch, my eyes instantly widen when I saw that I was five minutes late.

“Oh no.” I sighed audibly in dismay and hurriedly started to get ready.

I brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and braided them quickly; More like in the speed of the wind.

I didn’t risk making a ponytail. Because last time I’d done that, the pack slut who thought I’m the ugliest person yet was still jealous of me cut some of my hair lengths; I loved my hair and when I saw her cutting my hair did feel bad but I had no right to argue or object, I was just like a slave in this pack; Not that I’d always been treated like this but life wasn’t the same anymore.

I wore a gray shirt, black leggings and hurried to reach the kitchen, I quickly went downstairs praying all the gods in my mind to save me from facing anyone’s wrath.

But As soon as I reached the kitchen my eyes met with those dark brown ones—My prayers definitely didn’t work.

There stood Lucas the eldest of the triplets with his fists clenched and staring at me in a death glare that immediately made a shiver run down my spine.

I understand in a blink that now I was going to be facing a lot of problems and unpleasant words.

I inhaled deeply and gathered all my courage and meanwhile holding my breath before I bowed in Infront of him

“Sorry Alpha, I became late because..” he didn’t let me finish.

“Because You were fucking some man till late night right? You’re such a worthless piece of shit.” He slammed his fist on the counter making me flinch; The loud sound echoed throughout the room for quite a while.

Moisture started to gather in my eyes immediately.

Though the triplets always used hurtful words toward but from the last two years, their words had passed all the limits. They kept questioning my character and keep throwing such insulting words toward me that made my heart torn into pieces; Everything they were doing was getting unbearable day by day.

I couldn’t stop the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes.

Lucas came taking dangerous steps toward me and gripped my face roughly in his hands.

“I didn’t want to see your crocodile tears you Traitor’s Daughter. Just stop these fake tears and get to work.” He spoke with a venom dripping tone and tossed the tear with his index finger as if it disgusted him.

He shoved me aside and without sparing another glance at me he left the kitchen leaving me all shattered with barely doing anything.

I pressed my back on the wall and broke down crying. I was sobbing but I was afraid to sob louder because if any mean pack member noticed it they would surely start to insult me.

I hugged my knees but couldn’t stop my sobs.

Lucas’s words rang inside my head repeatedly and I put my hands on my ears trying to stop hearing it over and over again.

Why did my life need to turn like this? Why?

I knew my father wasn’t the one who was the traitor. My father loved his pack. He loved Brian uncle (Alpha) and Lucy aunty(Luna).

Lucy aunty’s bruised lifeless body still haunts me. The woman whom I loved more than my mother.

When my mother died while saving her from the rouges she’d started treating me like her own daughter, I don’t think even a mom could love her daughter the way she had loved me. I missed her, I still wish if that night that terrible incident didn’t happen! Everything could have been the same.

Brian uncle was like a father figure to me. The Triplets didn’t allow me to visit him or see him even from far away. And it had been six years since I had last seen him.

I lost my father. I lost Lucy, aunty. And I lost the triplets who used to love me and care for me. Those eyes which used to held love and adoration for me now I could only see the burning hatred in them that broke a part of me every time.

It hurt to see the hatred in their eyes, the way they looked at me terrified me, they looked at me as if I was some monster.

I hated that I loved them so much but I knew they’ll always hate me, they will hate me for the fault my father never did.

I had seen my dad burning in front of me alive, seeing him die in front of me and turning into mere ashes.

I had thought they would trust me but they didn’t. They believed the Gamma as everyone else did. The Gamma who made my life hell and the Gamma who was involved in everything that happened that night; The main monster hiding underneath the surface was the Gamma.

Flashback :

That night I had spent the whole night crying while holding my dad’s ashes in my hands.

When I saw the triplets arriving from their trip I rushed toward them with all strength left inside me.

They were smiling. I understood from the happiness that showed on their face effortlessly that no one had told them yet the news that would shake their insides.

I saw Alex (the middle triplet )at first and ran to him without any thought I hugged him tightly. The sobs started leaving my mouth vehemently.

“What happened Olivia? Why are you crying ?” Alex’s concerned voice reached my hearing rapidly.

“Why there’s so much blood on your dress and body! Did someone hurt you? “ Lucas asked in dismay while checking if I had any injuries or not.

“Aunty…Uncle….” I cried loudly.

“What happened to mom dad? Olivia?” Benjamin (the youngest of the triplets), his voice hid his fear; The incident he didn’t know about was going to unfold Infront of them very quickly but how could I say? How could I say that the people I loved more than my life were now gone and had no chance of returning.

“Let’s go to Oliver guys.” Lucas suggested hurriedly.

“Dad……” I showed them the ashes which had their traces in my hand; Traces of my dad. The last thing I had of him.

My sobs broke through, tears demolishing the last of my strength left inside me, my heart that felt numb beat loudly with anguish but what? Nothing would change. I’d lost everything just in one single night.

Three of their eyes widen, all the colors left their faces. They looked Pale—Completely pale.

I broke down and fell to my knees; Hugging myself to find some sort of warmth, my dad’s warmth whenever he used to be here for me but now, he wasn’t.

The triplets seemed to be at the loss of words and hesitating about what to say.

“Olivia tell us what happened?” Lucas asked kneeling and attempting to get me to stand up. His hands were shaking.

“I’ll tell you all what happened.” The evilest voice boomed from behind; Just the voice disgusted me to my core.

My head whipped around I saw those disgusting evil green eyes belonging to the Brute—The gamma. The eyes hid all the evil intentions beneath them while not letting anyone even realize it the slightest bit.

He came closer to us and I saw tears sliding down his cheeks; All of his fake act was looking extremely real—Enough to fool anyone but would the triplets believe him? Well, I didn’t know I was going to beep slapped with the reality very soon.

“Her father killed Our Luna brutally.” He shouted while pointing to me looking at me with anger-filled eyes.

Lucas, Benjamin, Alex, three of them were looking white as paper hearing the words leaving the Gamma’s mouth.

“Oliver can never do that.” Benjamin shook his head and released a deep breath.

“We found him with the same dagger with which your mother’s throat was cut and we found him beside your mother’s dead body. Do you still need more proof?” Gamma snarled in fury.

Alex lost his balance and supported himself with the car. I saw tears welling up in all of their eyes.

“And moreover we found the same poison in his pocket which was injected into your father’s body. And now he’s paralyzed, he might never even become normal.” The Gamma emphasized the last word.

“No! That’s all a trap. Believe me, dad can never do that. You all know dad very well.” I spluttered and stood up; My weak knees were ready to give up at any moment.

“Shut up you Traitor’s daughter. You are still taking that traitor’s side. No wonder you are just like your dad. “ Gamma spat

“Don’t you dare to say anything about my dad. My dad can never do anything like that.” I shouted back and suddenly the sharp pull at my hair made me scream; he had grabbed my hair roughly in his hand.

“Now you will pay for your father’s deeds you little brat. I’m gonna make your life bad as hell. “ He chuckled darkly grabbing more of my hair with more pain. I felt like my head will fall off.

I shouted in pain and struggled in his grip but he overpowered that twelve years old me very easily.

“Lucas, you know right dad can never do anything like that? Help me.” I looked at Lucas but he looked away.

My heart was broken into numerous pieces as the realization of what just happened hit me.

They trusted the Gamma as everyone else did.

“Throw her to the dungeons.” The gamma threw me Infront of the guards and my knees were bruised because of the rough floor and the blood came out of the wound effortlessly.

I cried in pain and looked at the triplets with teary eyes. None of them bothered to help me partially leaving me alone.

This was the first time I had ever felt that the triplets were away from me, they were miles away from me not physically but it felt like it.

The guard dragged me and threw me in the dark dangerous dungeons where only the lethal criminals were kept.

I wasn’t even allowed at the funeral of the Luna. I couldn’t get the luck to see her for once for the last time.

And the next day the Gamma dragged me and made me do all the works of the packhouse but that was just the start of this miserable life of mine.

Flashback ends.

From that day my life had turned hell. I did most of the work of the packhouse, served the triplet’s girlfriends, bore multiple slaps and kicks from gamma, and so on.

I couldn’t stop crying as the reality was hitting me hard every time I took a breath, I covered my mouth so that no one could hear me.

I was pathetic. The situation had made me pathetic.

Then I heard multiple footsteps, I quickly wiped my tears and stood up strengthening my posture.

I was helpless but in all these years I had learned one thing very good and that was keeping myself together, I had my own breakdowns but I wasn’t shattered yet, I still had pieces left and reasons to find the strength to mend myself again and again.

I didn’t waste any time and started working. I started preparing breakfast for everyone soon as possible; there could have been much more problems if I turned to be late to prepare them.

I saw the pack members had started arriving. Some smiled at me and some gave me a disgusted look and some showed no expression; It was a regular thing to experience.

Then I saw them arriving; The Triplets. Three of them had their girlfriends sticking to them.

Benjamin looked at me and I looked away instantly.

Honestly, it hurt when I saw them with other girls. But I had never let my feelings grow more for them because one day I would find my mate and he would save me from all this mess. I believed that he would help me reveal the true culprit. Moreover, the triplets would also find their mate and it was not wise for me to let my feelings grow for such people who ain’t destined to be with me.

I prepared their breakfast and started serving everyone. Some pack members thanked me with warm smiles and some ignored me as always.

“Give me a sandwich, trash.” Benjamin’s voice came in my ears along with his girlfriend’s giggle.

It was just the start and I knew it.

Without saying anything I gave him a sandwich and moved to other pack members.

“Where’s my orange juice?” Lucas’s girlfriend asked and my gaze shifted at her figure; Red dress, red heels, red lipstick, None of it looked good on her. Benjamin’s girlfriend looked much better than her.

“Sorry, mam. I didn’t know you need any Juice. Please tell me and I’ll make it for you real quick.” I spoke politely trying hard to keep my voice low and not to get insulted more.

“How dare you!” She slammed her fist on the table and stood up from her chair—No wonder staying with Lucas for one year had turned her anger just like Lucas or maybe she pretends.

I looked at her in bewilderment. I hadn’t said anything offending.

She walked toward me, her heels clicked all the way, and then she grabbed my face harshly digging her nails into my cheeks.

If I wanted I could throw her right outside of the window without even using my full strength but I didn’t want to bear the sliver chains again. Because last time when I had did it with Alex’s girlfriend, I had to stay without food for two days and they tied me with silver chains.

I saw some of the pack members were looking at me with pity while some looked at me as they savored the scene though the number of them was very less.

“You ugly bit*ch. You can’t even do work properly and now you are saying you didn’t know what I wanted” She dug her sharp nails more and It was getting way too painful, not that I had tolerance but her nails were too painful to handle on the sensitive skin of mine.

“She needs to learn a lesson, Alice.” Alex’s girlfriend laughed with an evil glint flowing deep in her orbs

“You’re right.” Lucas’s girlfriend smirked a grabbed a cup of hot coffee then threw it on me without any warning. I covered my face out of instinct but still, it hit my chin, neck, and some part of my face.

I heard gasps everywhere in the room.

As soon as the coffee touched my face, my skin started burning. The coffee was steaming hot and just when it contacted my skin, it felt like it would Pierce all the layers and dug holes in them.

I screamed as I felt the unbearable burn spreading throughout.

I couldn’t bear the pain so I tried to run to the kitchen so that I could splash some cold water on my face and find any vestige of relief but she grabbed my wrist.

“You’ve to bear the pain bi*ch.” She spat and that was it, I removed her hand in one swift Jerk making her stumble.

She definitely couldn’t fight with my strength.

Without sparing her one more glance I rushed to the kitchen. I quickly opened the tap and splashed cold water on my face.

It cooled down a little bit but still, it was hurting like hell.

I couldn’t bear the burning and tears started flowing uncontrollably. I moved to the refrigerator and searched for some eyes and thanked God when I found a few cubes of them.

But then I feel a sharp pain in my feet out of blue.

I looked in front of me only to find Lucas’s girlfriend standing with a smirk. Her high heels dug into my feet and there was blood oozing from the wound.

It was enough for me. I was already in pain and now her act had crossed all the limits. Anger rushed through my vain.

I couldn’t control my anger and slapped her hard, she fell on the ground with a loud thud just with one slap.

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