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Trapped with the Doctor

Trapped with the Doctor

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Trapped series - Episode V: Trapped with the Doctor. He is the director of the largest hospital in Shine Empire. She is the daughter of the director of Zoria Hospital. When the cool, heartless and high-handed Arvin Gomez meets the mischievous, cute and impulsive Angela Sanderson, what will happen?



Chapter 1 Angela Bennet

In the Biologic Clinical Laboratory of

Bio-engineering Preparation Major of Pharmacy Department of Onimore Medical University, Shine Empire.

Using his horn-rimmed glasses, the old professor peered over his students doing experiments. Today, the students must improve their formulas.

He walked through each student's work area to check their progress. Suddenly, something caught his attention. He looked very displeased. "Angela! Look at your laboratory rat!"

Angela looked at the dying rat and felt embarrassed with herself. "My new formula was correct. I wonder what went wrong?"

The old professor grabbed her formula and glowered at her, "Angela! You did it on purpose, right?" He suspected that it was her plan all along.

Angela gave a puzzled look, "What went wrong, Mr. Angela?" She tried to understand what the professor had said to her. She looked closely and saw the dose, where his thumb circled around.

That meant she put an extra dose of 10 mg. The rat was clearly overdosed.

"You put an extra dose of 10 mg of chemical A, Angela!" It would be a miracle if the rat was still alive. "Whoever employs you as a medicine developer will surely have his medicine factory closed!" The professor blurted out. Someone laughed. There was no need for Angela to guess who she was. Well, of course, that was Susie!

Angela snatched the improved formula and held up her hand before Susie, whose face had just been injected with hyaluronic acid, could say a word. "Shut your mouth! Just say one more word and I will make this formula paper into pills and watch you swallow it every day!"

After Susie heard that, the color drained out of her face. She quickly took her gloves and checked her face. She felt an instant relief after making sure it was just fine.

Susie may have a tough shell, but she could be easily frightened. To get even, she complained, "Mr. Finch, Angela wants to fight with others in your class. She doesn't even respect you!"

Mr. Finch's expression hardened. He glared at Angela, "Stay after class and clean the classroom, Angela."

Angela remained unconvinced. She protested, "She started this! Haven't you heard what she said first, Mr. Finch? She provoked me."

"I said clean the classroom! I don't want to hear any words from you!" Mr. Finch couldn't be swayed. Angela's refute had completely outraged him.

Nancy Hammond moved closer to Angela and consoled her, "You knew that Mr. Finch was Susie's uncle, right? You shouldn't even say a word. Don't worry, I will stay with you."

Right! How could Angela even forget? Of course, Mr. Finch was Susie's uncle! She immediately went to the laboratory door and blocked the way. "So, you wanted me to clean the classroom? Fine. But Susie is going to stay and clean with me! Otherwise, no one leaves the laboratory!"

Mr. Finch was named Berg Finch but Angela liked to call him Bug behind his back.

Despite Berg's irritation, Brant, the tutor, had always treated Angela nicely. Because of this, he felt compelled to show her a little bit of mercy. He ordered his niece, "Stay and help Angela clean the classroom!"

Susie knew this was going to happen! She felt bad. She didn't know what Angela had to do with their tutor. Why did she always get this kind of treatment? She didn't get any punishment for her misbehavior.

The drama was over. Angela told Nancy, who insisted to stay with her, to go out of the laboratory, "I'll be fine. I'll clean this quick. Just wait for me outside."

Nancy didn't object. "Okay. You don't have to rush. I'll wait."

Angela returned to the laboratory and saw Susie holding a disinfectant liquid. She blocked her way and said, "Don't you like Randal Rogers, Susie?"

"How did you know that?" Susie's cheeks turned pink when her secret was revealed.

Angela felt so pleased with herself, "Of course, I know. I will get him to ask you out if you would stay and clean the laboratory. What do you think?"

"Well, I don't believe you! You actually think that I don't know but I am fully aware that you like him too!" She couldn't take any of the lies that she just heard from that woman.

Much to Angela's surprise, she stuttered, "How did you know that I like... Randal?"

Susie answered, "Every time you see him, your eyes would always light up! It's not hard to notice that!"

Angela attempted to open her mouth but no words came out of it. 'Is it really obvious?' she thought to herself. "How about I tell you a secret?"

"Why should I believe in what you're about to say?" Susie said with an obvious skeptic tone. She could no longer be deceived by her lies! Because.. being with Angela in the same classes in the University for three years, Angela had fooled her so many times.

"This news has cost me an arm and a leg! Tonight, Randal will..." Angela whispered into Susie's ear. Whatever Susie had heard, it made her eyes widened.

Angela's eyes were full of deceit, "At 8 o'clock tonight, Randal will..."

"What? Say it, Angela!" Susie was very anxious. She was like an ant on a hot pan.

But Angela didn't want to say it on purpose. Susie felt like she had no choice but to agree on her request earlier, "Fine. I will clean the classroom."

"You promised. At 8 o'clock tonight, Randal will..."

After a minute, Angela walked out of the laboratory. When Nancy finally saw her, she looked at her with her confused eyes, "What's going on?"

"I don't have to clean up. So, here I am!" With her hands inside the pockets of her white coat, Angela looked up to the beautiful sky with a smile on her face.

Nancy realized what happened right away. She looked at her, "So, you fooled her, again?"

"Well, I told her that Randal would go to the girls' dorm at 8 o'clock tonight."

"How did you know that?"

"Of course, it's a lie. Hahahaha!" Angela tapped Nancy's shoulder, "Let's go." Together, they left the lab.

Clearly, what she did was just a response to Susie's everyday dose of sarcasm. If she forgot being tricked every day, Angela was in no way to blame.

Actually, Angela didn't know Randal's schedule at all. Despite the fact that she liked him, she would not bother knowing those things. She was not like the other girls.

At 7:40 p.m.

Angela and Nancy left school and went to their dorm. When they crossed the playground, Angela saw a man and her heart tripled its beat. She clutched Nancy's hand, "Look, Nancy, that's Randal!"

Under the tree, a tall and thin man was talking to the three men across him.

No one knew what these four men were talking about. However, the other three slowly approached Randal, one of them even pushed him.

"Well. It looks like they are gonna fight.." To see more clearly, Nancy pushed her eyeglasses back on the bridge of her nose and squinted her eyes.

"Yes, it looks like they are fighting!" Angela's face darkened. Why would they hurt Randall? She released Nancy's hand and rushed towards them.

She stretched out her arms against the three men to protect Randal. She looked like a hen that was trying to protecting a chick, "What are you going to do with Randal?"

It looked like the three men were freshmen from the clinical anesthesiology college nearby. They didn't know who Angela was.

"Who are you? Mind your own business! Get out of the way now! Otherwise, you will get punched too!"

"What's the rush, Keith? How could you punch such a pretty girl?"

"What's your name, pretty girl? Do you want to be my girlfriend?"

This made Angela furious. She clutched her fists and said, "Say that again? Go away! You don't want to get punched by my fists!"

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