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Trapped with the Doctor

Trapped with the Doctor

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Chapter 1 Angela Bennet

Word Count: 1323    |    Released on: 06/07/2018

gic Clinical

of Pharmacy Department of Onimore

r peered over his students doing experiments. T

progress. Suddenly, something caught his attention. He loo

embarrassed with herself. "My new formul

ed at her, "Angela! You did it on purpose, right

tried to understand what the professor had said to her. She l

tra dose of 10 mg. The r

hoever employs you as a medicine developer will surely have his medicine factory closed!" The professor blur

st been injected with hyaluronic acid, could say a word. "Shut your mouth! Just say one m

. She quickly took her gloves and checked her face. She f

ed. To get even, she complained, "Mr. Finch, Angela wants to f

glared at Angela, "Stay after clas

"She started this! Haven't you heard what

r any words from you!" Mr. Finch couldn't be swa

ou knew that Mr. Finch was Susie's uncle, right? You shou

went to the laboratory door and blocked the way. "So, you wanted me to clean the classroom?

nch but Angela liked to cal

nicely. Because of this, he felt compelled to show her a little bit of

hat Angela had to do with their tutor. Why did she always get this k

stay with her, to go out of the laboratory, "I'll be

"Okay. You don't have

olding a disinfectant liquid. She blocked her way

sie's cheeks turned pink wh

know. I will get him to ask you out if you would

know but I am fully aware that you like him too!" She couldn

she stuttered, "How did you

e him, your eyes would always ligh

came out of it. 'Is it really obvious?' she thou

tone. She could no longer be deceived by her lies! Because.. being with Angela in the

andal will..." Angela whispered into Susie's ear. W

of deceit, "At 8 o'clock

ie was very anxious. She wa

felt like she had no choice but to agree on her r

8 o'clock tonigh

tory. When Nancy finally saw her, she looked at

ands inside the pockets of her white coat, Angela loo

right away. She looked at her

dal would go to the girls'

you kno

ngela tapped Nancy's shoulder, "Let'

e's everyday dose of sarcasm. If she forgot being

espite the fact that she liked him, she would not bother


rossed the playground, Angela saw a man and her heart tripled it

d thin man was talking to

about. However, the other three slowly appr

ee more clearly, Nancy pushed her eyeglasses back

face darkened. Why would they hurt Randall? She

ect Randal. She looked like a hen that was trying to pro

n from the clinical anesthesiology colleg

ess! Get out of the way now! Othe

th? How could you pun

etty girl? Do you wan

fists and said, "Say that again? Go away!



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Chapter 99 Fabian Nixson
Chapter 100 You Help Me Restore My Sight
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