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Chapter 2 Newlyweds

Word Count: 819    |    Released on: 21/10/2023

nd Esteban ended up getting their marr

y gloomily. Obviously, he was un

ignantly and said, "You're lucky

n Katherine. She raised her head and try

nal. He had an angular face and fine facial features, and he was about six fe

staring at him that Esteban suddenly t

ne looked away in a panic, feeling li

tion, Lainey felt even more s

rly introduce the two to each

s her grandmother calling, her face fell. She didn't even take

so high and mighty now, do you? How dare you s

om the other end of the line. Then, without even giving Kather

er phone away, she trotted back towards Lainey with an apologetic look, saying, "

Let Esteban know if

or her, only asking the two to exchan

eatedly, Katherine ha

isdain as soon as th

just force me to marry some random woman? Ar

ge where I worked as a volunteer. She was always sensible and obedient, and I just know that she hasn't chan

s marriage a year. If we have no feelings

ously and was confident that she had made the right ca

ened, a hint of displeasu

regret, "I'm so old that I completely forgot to ask you to take Katherine home. She looked pretty sh

old woman. He had no choice but to obey, gleaning Katherine's home

d foot inside the living ro

anaged to duck her hea

, you ungra

fa in the living room, Myla gla

s. He was none other than Darrell, Katherine's ex-boyfriend whom s

ne immediately understoo

ho's being punished?" She strode into th

st've fooled around with another man. Now, she won't even listen to you!" Darrel

alled insolence, and since Darrell was addin

ed orphanage? You're unruly, just like your fat

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