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Pact Of Destiny: My Secret Zillionaire Husband

Pact Of Destiny: My Secret Zillionaire Husband

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Chapter 1 The Morning After

Word Count: 840    |    Released on: 21/10/2023

startled when she opened her eyes to find

s to check under the quilt. To her relief,

sleeping next to her, feeling a mix of

uggled to recall what h

er boyfriend, Darrell Clark, about wedding preparations. Little di

m on the spot and fled to a bar, hell-bent on drowning her sorrows in liq

least she didn't make any irreparable mist

er in her bed, Katherine quietly lifted the quilt

get out of bed, the door to the hote

y strode in with a

t she could only duck her

nly exit. Standing by the door, she

dy's face clearly. Recognizing her, sh

took a closer look at Katherine, she felt enligh

ded up in an orphanage. Lainey had worked as a volunteer in that very orphanage, and

at was the last Lainey heard of her. She didn't expect that they would c

's cold expression softened. But then her voice took

urned to glare at t

over and found that

, like a beast staring at its

ly looked away and hastily tried to explain

you're taken care of!" Lainey had been worrying non-stop about the fact that her grandson, Esteban James, was still single.

mth vanished into thin air. "Esteban James, look at what you've done! You're shameless enough to make your grandmot

assumed a more business-like tone

take responsibility. You two should get married as

iage, both Katherine a

t before he could say anything m

and you should take responsibility for your actions. As

ng to refuse her. Moreover, he couldn't explain this situation clearly. At a

aze, Katherine felt caught bet

tranger was Lainey's gran

another look at the man in bed. Lainey's grandson wasn't bad-looking, and he looked more relia

ed her teeth and made up her mind.

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