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Chapter 4 First encounter.

Word Count: 1971    |    Released on: 30/09/2022

r face and just at that moment h

e asked quietly relea

er he had released her. She must had been

dded q

im and within seconds, a gent

. Roderigo

. She wasn't putti

rked e

ng fruits along. They dropped it and remained bowed until Roderigo nodded for them to leav

ook at what's mine”. R

your food here..e..e

ing to today“. R

clothes now”? Sh

ayed quiet

. She was beginning to go against the rules.

food slowly, Teila noticed he

oing to eat ?“.

u alone. I want you to put on more the right places. I

d within her. He was

ndered what he might had been doing at this moment.

there and then. He wondered why he felt a strange urge to be this patient to a s

she reacted to his touch earlier showed she might have a bit of experience. He couldn't wait

f his phone woke Roderigo up. He wondered who the

woman to your home without informing me?”. His fat

ened and he clench

my home. Who the hell gav

I have my eyes everywhere. Who i

ather had been in total control of his life. He had subjected him to harsh and ridicu

position to him instead. His elder brother had preferred wasting his life ov

ou to speak son!”. Hi

t a random

you have never brought any female to your h

o remai

ng on getting married to some slut

t, his patie

arried to her and goodnight“. he yelled and ended the call. S

looked really pale even as she was asleep. Her back was turned to him and he had to adjust h

closer to inhale her warm smell and after few minut

'am“. Two maids struggled to

onment, she grumbled

to wake you up”. One

Teila cried, angry with whoever

n a castle where a lot of handsome men were and she wa

ered in fear. They are almost sure they

One of the maids w

ed short. W

he wasn't at home.

sign of responding, they r

, she followed the

waited for them to hand her a cloth or tow

d us not to d

mean?”. Teila

circumstance could have brought her to c

t him at the dinning room this way

hispered, covering he

one else, and now she had to walk naked to me

owel to cover up my body. Plea

t my master rules. I am going to

of mumbling, she summoned up coura

“. Roderigo smirked on s

rom the cameras he installed on the

stammered quietly, c

me and sit here”. He sai


not putting o

y girl? Your father owes me a lot of money

d under his p

er“. She replied

rove it”

e replied c


ow to”. She mutt

then”. Roderigo replied

him. He could get angry and send her out of the house throwing her ba

d to be having an internal battle with herself. He w

wasn't supposed to be trying to convince her to d

ped her short hands around his neck and pull

h tasted like warm lavender rose. He was tempted to take over f

t his for domination. She must had forgotten she wa

ed lips were dr

ing from the awkward position she

ether out of stubbornness or

ding her hips against his legs.

slowly, tasting her lips, biting her at intervals and moved to a painfull

her bottom lip again. Roderigo could feel h

reasoned quietly. He was more than w

He traced his fingers down her lips to her chest. Her panting increased. She had n

d and nibbled on

ainst her. He wanted to have her right now and right here. He increased the pre

hirt hurriedly and carried her gently up to the room. He knew n

support his weight so as not to injure her. Her eyes were tightly shut and her cheeks were

licker one of her breast and desperately pushed his head to the other. Her breasts were moderate and perfect enou

sing her legs against his back. He stopp

you stop”?

This is just the beginni

lanting soft kisses, trailing lower and lowe

gue and slowly slid a finger into



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