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Thirty nights with the ruthless Ceo.

Thirty nights with the ruthless Ceo.

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CAUTION!!! MIGHT CONTAIN STRONG R18 SCENES. ALSO, BOOK STILL UNDERGOING RE-EDITING. “ Do you mean all those things we shared, the passionate moments, how you made my heart was all part of the contract?”. “You didn't feel the same way towards me?“ Teila choked, tears streaming down her face uncontrollably. His cold unaffected gaze said it all, she had just been a tool to clear up the debt, he had never been hers from the beginning. He was a Mafia boss, a CEO and had every woman at his beck and call, she was just an average looking orphan. She had been overthinking things... Teila Ashton was indebted to Roderigo, her father took a huge amount of loan and passed on before he could pay back and to clear up the debt, she had to live with him as a sex slave for thirty days. As the days go by, she finds herself falling for this cold monster, her heart going against the main rule of the contract which says ” LOVE IS PROHIBITED FROM BOTH PARTIES“. What happens when on the thirtieth day of the contract, she finds herself both pregnant for the monster and with the news he's about to get married to someone else? Would Roderigo go after the little woman he had begun to feel a tiny spark for as against his father's wish or just forget about her? Find out.

Chapter 1 Pay up or die.

“ Look for the money within 24 hours or watch your brother die in the cruelest way”.

“ Okay..y..y Sir”. Teila muttered, shivering.

After few seconds, she heard a heavy thud then a door slam around her but she dared not look up until she was sure they had left.

Cautiously, she moved to where her brother laid motionless on the floor. He was bleeding from this nose and lips.

Tears streamed down her eyes. These people were definitely not planning to let them alone.

Teila Ashton lived with her younger brother, Collins, alone after losing both parents years ago in a car crash. She had been struggling ever since then to cater for herself and her sibling. It had been a very tough time for eighteen year old Teila.

Today's visit was the worst. They had threatened to kill her brother with a gun pointed to his head. After pleading and begging, Teila had been given just twenty four hours to look for the money. Ten million dollars was a very huge amount of money to get. After the death of her parents, she had dropped out of school to start working as a receptionist in a bar down the street. It was barely enough to meet their needs but it was something. Her brother dropped In and out of school because of unpaid fees so much that the school advised him to stop.

Teila looked up at the clock, the time was ticking already. She had just eight hours left. Who could she call..? What could she do? All her parents' family members had abandoned them after losing their parents seeing they had nothing to gain from them anymore. They only stuck around because of their parents wealth.

Her salary for the month was still far away, today was just the third of the month.

“ How I wish dad and mom hadn't died. At least we wouldn't have been suffering this way”. She cried frustratingly.

After thinking and thinking of a possible solution for a long time and arriving at none, Teila resolved her mind to get herself ready for the worst.

She waited up excruciatingly throughout the night, counting the hours and seconds that ticked by as the time was getting closer. She knew they weren't joking this time.

At exactly ten a.m the next morning, she heard heavy footsteps followed by poundings on the door. Before she could get to the door, they had walked in.

Damien Roderigo stared angrily at the shaking girl before him. He had sure given them more than enough time to pay off the debt, but what did they do instead..? They fucking choosed to take his silence for granted.

“ Today is the fourth year since exactly when your stupid father took the loan from me”. Roderigo started in a cold harsh tone.

Teila shivered. This man had no respect for her late father. She remained quiet in response.

“ Bring her to me”. He yelled to one of the bodyguards present who immediately dragged Teila roughly to his presence.

“ Now look up at me bitch. Whenever I talk or ask you a question, you don't remain silent if you value your life. Okay?”.

“ Yes..s..s sir”. Teila nodded fearfully.

“ Today is the end of the date I gave you to pay up the debt. Is the money ready now?”. He asked harshly.

“ Hmm..m..m, sir, yes..s..s..s, I actually mean no..o..o”. She stuttered.

“ Speak up clearly bastard. Yes or no?”. He was now losing at his patience.

“ I have just two thousand dollars available now”. She finally said after much struggling.

Roderigo immediately bursted into a loud long cold laughter.

He yanked the collar of her blouse and dragged her roughly closer to him.

“ What do you take me for? Just two thousand dollars? Out of a whooping ten million dollars? Are you playing around with me?”. He yelled.

At this point, he was more than ready to ask his guards to pull the trigger.

“ Yes..s..s, that's all I could get please. I work as a poor receptionist and ...”

“ Spare me the details please! I am not here to listen to any pathetic tales”.

At this point, Teila's brother, Collins, walked into the room. He had just woken up from sleep. Teila felt her spirit collapse. She didn't want him to witness this, no.

“ Sister, what is going on?'' he asked innocently, seeing his sister sprawled out on the floor in front of a stranger.

“ Nothing baby. Can you now go back to bed and sleep? Remember you are just recovering”. Teila responded, trying to hide her pain.

“ No, I won't, until you tell me what is going on”. He insisted stubbornly.

“ Or are they those people we are owing“?

“ Yes, they are”. Teila muttered.

“ But I thought you said the money was completed already“? He asked again.

At this point, Teila could gladly do anything to shut him up. Why was he saying this In front of these people? She had told him this yesterday to calm him down.

Roderigo sat quietly watching the whole drama that unfolded before him. This people were really toying with him.

“ Yes, but no. I mean ....”

“ Now enough!!” Roderigo interrupted angrily.

“ Seize him”.

The guards roughly dragged Collins, not minding his age. Teila's heart broke as she heard him whimpering.

Why had her parents done this to them?

“ If I had known that things would turn out this way, I wouldn't have lent your pathetic father this loan. He begged and swore that he would pay back within six months, and here we are now after four years. Perhaps, he even planned his own death to avoid paying the loan”. He said, shoving the barrel of the gun in his hands close to Collins head.

Teila saw this and became immediately terrified.

“ Please sir. I would pay. Just give me a little more time, I promise“. She begged, tears streaming down her face unrestrained.

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