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Chapter 5 Knight

Word Count: 1224    |    Released on: 30/06/2022

the delay," A

I didn't even notice

want you to catch a cold. Come on

eechless, simpl

ng... I didn't expect him to be this handsome...

f her waist, pulling her closer. "Honey, promise me you won't leave my side. Mh

t married like this... It feels like a dream... Kia though

of a modest house. He quick

The traffic was terrible earli

s going to be my husband now... Seriously, he's so good-looking...

this car on a loan, I hope you l

rdable enough... Doesn't she think I'm just a secre

istant to the customer manager. Our company offers great benefits, and we can get interest-free loans, which is how I bough

k up a lot of your time today, so maybe come in after lunch; oth

iled. "Don't worry... I requested a day o

got in the car and drove to Kia's form

place. He became concerned when her facial expressi

place home anymore... I-I'll go get my t

m so. It's complicated. Ares muttered to himself. "Do y

it on my own. I'll be right back." Kia smiled

bserving her. This woman is quite complex. Is she trying to

into anyone I knew. Fortunately, my room was nearby, and I had already

lled home for the past two decades. I wiped the

asy, but hasn't life always been that way? You have to work hard before you can achieve success. I promise myself

alled out from behind me as I

g with your luggage? You're really pushing your father's buttons, aren't you? Not only

tsk... Mom, where does she think she can go now? Find a man to rely on?"

s your talent, aside from stealing other people's boyfriends

her. "Don't act so high and mighty, Kianna! You're getting on my nerves! You're

a waste of time," I remarke

eria suddenly grabbed my arm.

mack you in the face with this luggage

. She was easily intimidated. It was a complete waste of

st remember, this is my home, not yours. Got it? I won't say it ag

g her. I took out my phone to check the t

tside. This is the first time I've ever had to wait like

f her suitcase, I looked ahead. She's f

's go," she sai

her? She doesn't seem

e; get in the car; I'

replied and g

I'm a patient person. One day, she'll open up to me... but for n

e way, Kianna, since it's getting late, wh

sound asleep. She must be exhau

ed my hand on her cheek. I was surpri

otect you forever, and no one can harm or bully you from



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