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Chapter 5 Knight
Words Count: 1264    |    Released on:30/06/2022

"I apologize for keeping you waiting," Ares apologized.

"Did you wait so long? I didn't notice you..." Kia wondered.

"It's windy outside, and I don't want you to get sick. Come on, let's go inside." Ares remarked to Kia,

Kia was speechless and simply stared at Ares.

Why didn't I think he was this cute this morning... I didn't expect him to be this handsome... Wait a minute... Why am I blushing?! Kia remained in her thoughts.

Ares approached him slowly. When he got close enough, he grabbed Kia's waist and pulled her closer to him. "Honey, don't ever leave my sight. Mhm?... Let's... get married!" he said softly, causing Kia's hair to lift at the back of her neck.

So, this is the marriage certificate. I can't believe I was married like this... I feel like I'm dreaming... Kia thought to herself as she held the paper certifying her and Ares' marriage.

Ares' car came to a complete stop in front of a basic house. Ares instantly went down and assisted Kia.

"I'm sorry and it took us a while… The traffic was horrible earlier. Let's head home," Ares says.

Kia was unable to respond quickly and appeared to be absorbed by her mind once more. He'll be my husband from now on... Seriously, he's that attractive... Kianna Myst Saavedra, maybe you forgot you got married by agreement!

"What's up?... Mhm... I bought this car on loan, and I hope you like it." Ares said uncomfortably,

What makes her hesitate? Shit! Isn't this car inexpensive enough... Doesn't she think I'm a secretary or an office worker? Ares stated.

"Well, I'd like to officially introduce myself to you. I work for an imperial group, and as I mentioned before, I am an assistant to the customer manager. Our company's welfare is very good, and we can get an interest-free loan, which is why I bought this car and this house on loan... I hope you don't mind that I am just an ordinary office worker... "Ares whispered shyly.

"Hey, that's not cool... It's actually too much... I wasted too much of your time today, so come in later after lunch, otherwise, your employer might scold you..." Kia is worried.

When Ares saw that he had persuaded Kia, he smiled. "Don't worry... I requested a day off today; let's go grab your luggage."

Kia agreed with Ares and nodded. They got in the car and drove to Kia's house, the Saavedras' residence.

He saw Kia's sadness as they got to her place. Ares was concerned when she suddenly changed her facial expression. Ares inquired, "Is this your home?"

"It was... But now I can't call that house my home... I-I'm going to get the luggage," Kia said as she exited the vehicle.

Is she on bad terms with her family? No, I don't think so. It seems complicated. Ares murmured. "Do you need my help? Let's go together." He asked Kia.

"Don't… Just wait for me here, I can do it. I'll be right back." Kia smiled and got out of the car to enter their house.

As she entered the Saavedras' house, Ares simply stood there watching her. This woman is a fool. Do you think I'm clueless? You cry but you still pretend to be calm. Huh- I really don't understand what she's trying to do.



I went around the back of the house so I wouldn't run into anyone I knew. Thankfully, my room is nearby. I had my luggage ready when I entered the room and immediately stuffed it with my belongings and clothes.

Finally, I can bid farewell to the place where I've lived for the past two decades. I wiped the sweat from my forehead as soon as I finished packing.

Finally, it's done. In the future, I need to be able to live on my own and be self-sufficient. I know it won't be easy, but hasn't life always been like that? Before you can enjoy success, you must first work hard. And I swear to myself that I will not give up until I have completed all of my responsibilities myself. The cowardly me of the past has passed away!

"Hey, Kianna Myst," said a voice from behind me as I was about to leave the house.

My stepmother's voice, my most despised person in the world. "Where are you going with your luggage? You are way out of line; You are not only pissing your dad off, but you also want to run away from home," she added, smiling.

To irritate me, my step-sister Asteria replied, "Tsk, tsk, tsk... Mom, where can she go now? Find a man to rely on?" She is Asteria Dayle Saavedra, the woman who flirted with my boyfriend, Vincent Rivera.

"Is there really nothing you can do but meddle with my life? What else can the two of you do besides take other people's boyfriends?! It's awful to see those expressions on your faces!" I grumbled.

What I stated upset Asteria right away. She appears to have been shaken awake by reality. "Don't be so arrogant, Kianna! You're getting on my nerves! You're no longer a member of this house; you're a beggar!" Asteria screamed.

"Tss. Boring! Talking with you is a waste of time," I remarked as I turned away from them.

I was about to leave when Asteria suddenly grabbed my arm. "You're not going anywhere!"

"Let go!" I exclaimed angrily. "I'll smash you in the face with the luggage I'm carrying if you don't let me go," I threatened her.

She swallowed her spit and returned to her mother's side as swiftly as she could. She's also easily frightened. That was a complete waste of time. I heard her say something even before I could leave the house.

"I'm telling you right now, Kianna, I'm not afraid of you no matter what. You'd better remember that it's my home, not yours. Is that clear? I won't repeat myself!" Her voice was so loud that it nearly destroyed my eardrums.

I continued to go out the door, ignoring her. I take out my phone and check the time... shit! It's been half an hour...



I had almost grown a monument by the time I stood here outside. This is the first time I've ever waited as a president. Tsk, Kianna, you'll have to make it up to me later...

When I heard her suitcase's squeaky wheel, I looked in front of me. She finally comes out! She looks under the weather.

"I'm ready. Let's go," she said coldly.

Did something bother her? Why does she appear to be in a bad mood?

"It's freezing outside; get in the car; I'll handle the luggage."

"All right," she responded as she got into the car.

She remained silent about what occurred inside their home. Well, I am a patient person. You'll open up to me one day... but first, I have to figure out what she's been through all these years...

When I get in the car, "By the way, Kianna, since it's late, why don't we eat dinner first before we drive home?" I said,

She is sound asleep when I look at her. She must be exhausted... Okay, just get some rest.

I approached her and placed my hand on her cheek. I was taken aback when she started crying out of nowhere...

"Don't worry, honey, we're married now. I promise I'll protect you forever, and no one can hurt you or bully you from now on... Trust me," I whispered before kissing her lips.

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