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Author: Red Ink
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Chapter 1 PROLOGUE
Words Count: 1232    |    Released on:25/05/2022

Once, there was a time when a human became greedy for the powers of gods and gods above the smaller gods.

The gods didn't realize this intent was catastrophic because they believed humans were powerless compared to them.

Although humans had the power to summon the heavens for protection and favours, they did not have the powers to do it on their own. They had to pray to the gods endlessly untill their prayers became answered.

While every humans were living their lives, a desperate human travelled to Sinah and climbed the mountains where most humans steered clear from because it snowed there throughout the year irrespective of whether it was summer, spring or breezy in Sinah.

Rumours had it that anyone who climbed the mountain situated at North Sinah could be able to communicate with gods and become an immortal.

Even though it was just a rumour, the human held it close to his heart and climbed the mountains untill he got to the top. Yes, it took him three days to reach but he did not mind.

When he reached the top of the mountain, he started reciting Xenia prayers.

Xenia was a deity, one of the weakest deity worshipped by the southern Sinaites. She was said to bestole freedom to those who desperately needed it. Because of her, many Sinaites that were taken as slaves by top politicians were freed.

However, she was quickly forgotten because in the world, because taking slaves wasn't a big deal— In fact, it was a good cause.

The greedy human thought it would be best to deal with her first. He thought if he took her powers he would know the secret of the heavens and then take the more powerful gods powers.

So he stayed in Mount Sinah and prayed repeatedly for thirty days without food or water.

On the thirty first day, when the human prepared to pray, Xenia descended and appeared at Mount Sinah.

It was the happiest day of the human's life. Even as he was weak and cold, his eyes were as clear as crystal and he was able to see the deity.

She had taken upon a humanoid form with violet hair, glowing purple eyes and incredibly pale skin. Under her eyes was a total of six black dots, three on each, which made her unique eyes stand out. She was wearing a loose tunic and leggings with silver chains around her ankle. A staff was embedded in her right hand and a whip around her waist.

Her voice was deep even as she spoke quietly, “I've heard your prayers for thirty days. Hence, i had to come see by myself.”

The human shivered on the ground and opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. After all, he had stayed in the cold weather without food or water or heat. It was only normal he was weak.

The deity continued, “This is a holy land, Arise and speak.”

Surprisingly, the human was able to stand on his feet after trying.

After realizing what just happened, he knelt in front of the deity and bowed, “Thank you, my goddess.” He no longer felt like a weakling, even hunger and thirst for bread— He no longer felt any of them. This deity was much more powerful than he anticipated.

“No. I am no god,” The deity said seriously, “Although i grant humans freedom, i have long been forgotten in the heavens and on earth. Many gods have the power to grant freedom, i wonder why you specify my name in your prayers.”

The human smiled and bowed his head, “I never forgot you.”

The deity looked at the human closely for the first time, “For now, I'll believe what you say. After all, you've stayed here, praying in my name for thirty days. Tell me, what do you pray for?”

The human stood up from the ground and smiled, “You.” He crawled closer to the deity's feet, “I'd like to be able to dine with you.”

The deity was taken aback that she stared at the ground for a moment, “Y-you.. You suffered here for thirty days only to ask to dine with me?!” Her eyes went back up and she shared a stare with the human.

The human smiled, “Please, i wish to be able to dine with you. Just give me an opportunity to be able to see you, speak with you..”

The deity eyes widened and she lifted her staff and slammed it onto the ground, shaking the mountains that the human body could not take it and he fell onto the snow covered mountain.

“Insolence! How dare you request that of me?”

The human struggled to lift himself off of the ground and succeeded but he was cold so he shivered as he spoke, “I-i beg you. Grant my wish. D-do i have to work as your slave to dine with you? If so, i would gladly do it, Xenia.”

The deity hesitated, “You suffered for thirty days just for this wish?” Xenia was touched. The few people that came to the mountain and prayed in her name, prayed for the freedom of their sons and daughters that were taken hostage by big families and the town's chief. She didn't expect any human to pray just for her.

“P-please g-grant me this wish.” The human shivered before the chills touched his heart, then he passed out on the snow covered mountain.

When the human woke up, he discovered that he was warm and so was his heart. As he leaned forward and sat on his butt, he realized it had stopped snowing and the sun had rose to the sky to warm him.

He jumped up to his feet and stared at the sun clearly, not minding if it burnt his eyes. He had to make sure he wasn't dreaming— he had to make sure it was real.

Yes. It is real. He thought as the sun burned his eyes, making him avert his gaze.

Then he remembered her. Xenia. She had been right under his nose, he should've used the weapon on her— No he shouldn't have, she would've noticed what his motive was and all of his plans would've been futile.

Even right now, he felt like a failure. He hadn't manage to fulfill his task so he went down the mountain, disappointed.

Two years passed, the world hadn't changed. But the greedy human fate changed, he became the third chief of his clan.

The Chief of the Phantom Clan they say, was a wicked and irresponsible leader who cared for nothing but his power. Even his family could do nothing to change his thoughts.

But despite all of this, a certain woman defended him.

And the third chief of Phantom clan found her and made her his favorite concubine. Then he became less violent for a few years.

One day, he realized his favorite concubine real identity. Then his greed skyrocketed and he plotted against her.

No one knew what really happened, all they knew was, the Chief of Phantom clan suddenly became very powerful after his favourite concubine vanished.

He not only became powerful, he became knowledgeable than priests and witches and Pharisees and angels. He could even see things that were non-existent to humans. He was no longer human— he was god and his name was Baddley.