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Fated to the Tangled Love

Fated to the Tangled Love

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Chapter 1 Divorce

Word Count: 1610    |    Released on: 18/11/2021


nightdress. I was showing a lot of skin, and the nightdre

a black striped bathrobe with the belt tied snugly around his waist. The

me, and his eyes

cessfully arouse

rles for three years, but

somebody else, so I flew to Fr

led me and told me that it was time for t

dn't hate the idea of having a child with

I was waiting for to fin

ng him for the l

owly walked up to Charles. I let him

in his eyes w

arles said in a

ched him, and then wrapped

d my waist and whispered in m

ar, making my skin bristle with

t wor

smiled. "Is this what you have learn

at him with expectation, an

eautiful," he said i

me. Did that mean he'd also been

es, le

want a

at the sa

and I swallowed my w

my tongue were, 'Charl

ivorce was the last

keeping a distance from me. "Rita's health is worse than

umors about him and Rita

thinking that the media

ars as compensation pursuant to our contract." His tone was light but firm. It se

y eyes. I quickly lowered my head. I didn'

's wr

nd replied, "Nothing, nothin

uspiciously, "W

be happy?" I said jokingly. Worried that he wouldn't bel

uckled mirthlessly, "Wow. I wasn't

"I think it's a

hrough the window, slightly l

was still wearing a ridiculousl

ted like ashe

aist. I closed the top part and folded my arms over my chest, hoping t

n marry Rita, and I can pursue m

d, "When did you fall in

in, took a breath, and willed my

tell Charles that he was t

me his

after he told me that he wanted to divorce me. For a moment, I panicked becaus

aving me from a totally

rles answered the phone a

g a pair of pants and a shirt. He grabbed his

needs me. We can tal

t, he left witho

o Rita, he was on call no mat

. I looked at my screen and

he other end of the line, but it made me feel uncomfortable. I

other for many years, I still co

ps and didn't

ssed despite the absence of my response. Her voice was soft, but it sound

?" I snapped, letting my

, I f

a chalkboard to me. "I'm so sorry that I've asked your

ne. Anyth

with you and ask if Charles h

voice in the background. "Ri

h a gentle voice. Hearing him talk like t

nything more to

turned in b

e me, but more than her smug, rotten attitude, it was Ch

n call me the

was with Rita now. I shouldn't e

the bitter ache in my heart. Soon

a knock on

les standing outside. He d

ita today," h

is eyes. Was he up all night ma

nt me to do?" I

ve with someone else and that she can rest assured," he


seemed that he didn't expect

dressed. I'll wait for you do

y phone rang. It was m



nk y

e or are you going to leave a

g for the t

professional, your voice is pleasant to hear, and you

'll cons

na asked tentatively, her voice s

, I

bout the bimbo he

, he

hame! He told you about her just

o asked me to

stly, I don't understand why that woman is still trying so hard. The Moore family rejected her for Charles three years

e, Tiana," I said

g about? You still l

I still loved Charles. I ha

orried tone snapped m

I'll talk to yo



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