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Chapter 1 Magnificent Paradise
12978    |    23/10/2021

Bellaroca Resort and Spa

You would not be expecting to find a modern architectural design and grandiose resort and spa on a secluded island in the province of Marinduque. As long as you do not search on google or internet for this resort, then you will be amazed and attracted to this paradise liked place surrounded by blue sea water. In the simple name of this resort, it is the opposite of what you will see in the different angles of this resort. It looks like you visited Greece in the form and in the class of resort structures

This area has become even more attractive with the green trees surrounding the island and its shape used Modern architectural design that has flattened some parts of the island and built modern buildings and equipment whose price is equal to a corporation or a company.

There is no other color in each building except White which accentuates its beauty in the reflection of the blue sea water. You can see the beautiful yachts around the resort that are used to pick up and transport VIP guests when they come from El Nido in Palawan, Boracay in Aklan or Puerto Galera in Mindoro.

"Hey" Kristel suddenly appeared in front of Aaliyah.

"What? You scared me!" Aaliyah startled for abrupt appearance of her bestfriend and colleagues assigned in the front desk while fixing her colored pencil cut skirt, because she is not used to wear a 1 inch above the knee skirt, in addition to being too close to her hips, especially, she has a bulging butt.

Kristel laughed out loud. "What are you looking?,, you didn't see and feel my beauty?" as she once close to Aaliyah's face to see what her friend was looking at. A group of two men and three women can be seen happily and enjoying the infinity pool on the side of the resort which is reflected in the glass wall of the resort. Based on the movements of the five teens and smiles on their lips, you can predict that those teens really enjoy playing in the vast infinity pool.

"What's with them beshy?" at the same time she looked at Aaliyah who had already taken her gaze away from the young people and arranged her area at the front desk, because at any moment there might be some resort guests coming.

"No, I'm just happy to look at them, real children of God" Aaliyah replied without any envy in her words while looking at the reflection in the small mirror, after looking at the image in the mirror she smiled to see clearly when she puts make up on her face, especially the color of her thin lips that she no longer needs to apply lipstick because it is naturally red.

"ahahaha why? aren't we children of God?" Kristel said while rolling her round eyes.

"Hey beshy your mouth is so load, the tiger might be hear us" While looking around, Aaliyah is referring to Ms Llorca, the front desk resort manager. "You knew her, She always suddenly appears and we will be scolded again"

"Let her be, she won't be called a tiger if she doesn't always nags and yell, even small things she got angry right away" Kristel replied with a frown. "Then don't change the subject, why did you say that they are truly children of God?" Kristel insisted to ask Aaliyah at the same time she looks to the youngsters who are enjoying at the pool in such an early hour.

"How much of staying here in Bellarocca for a day and a night?"Aaliyah asked her co -worker instead, she eventually felt comfortable because she was happy to be with her who had jolly personality.

"uhmmm", Kristel replied thoughtfully and at the same time pointed a finger at her head accompanied as she rolled here eyeball. "Three thousand dollars"

"See? Who is an ordinary person who can afford such an expensive Hotel Resort? And dollars, not in our currency the Philippine Peso, I've been here for two years but only five of our fellow Filipinos have been able to check-in here in this paradise liked resort "Aaliyah replied.

"You're right, The other one was the president of the Philippines, one was the son of a senator and three were well -known business tycoons and all foreigners from different countries who seem to be their hobbies of spending their millions"

"Morning, what are you gossiping about?"

"As usual, you're late Josh" Aaliyah said to her colleague at the front desk.

"What's new?, He is always late" added Kristel who was already preparing for the arrival of hotel guests.

"Aw!, You are both so mean" Joshua replied with a bit of playing sad, while adjusting the necktie of the hotel uniform.

"You're late again Joshua Sabater ,!" A loud shout from front desk manager Ms Llorca who suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Eh ..." Joshua stammered while scratching his head.Even though he is used to how the Front manager treat them, he still can't get used to it.

"Enough! I know you're going to say, because you had a good night's sleep so you didn't catch the shuttle bus, one more late Mr Sabater and take the consequence" Long litany of their front desk manager not removing both hands from the waist acting like queen.

"Yes ma'am!" Joshua said with a bow head, his face flushed with embarrassment, It's a good thing there were no VIP guests that morning around.

"Now, go back to your work, any moment from now there will be VIP guests who are Taiwanese, the VIP shuttle bus is on its way from the airport, oh you two" he pointed at Kristel and Aaliyah at the same time who are reading and reviewing the logbook of VIP guests.

"Yes ma'am?" Both simultaneously responded nervously, in the two years they had been at the Bellarocca hotel and spa, they knew that this front desk manager has an attitude in treating hotel staffs.

"Once the VIP shuttle arrives, both of you will join me at the main entrance of the hotel to greet the Taiwanese guests"

"Yes ma'am, Well noted!" Aaliyah and Kristel answered cautiously, Why do they have to come once with her at the Hotel's entrance once the VIP guest came? They thought, but they did not have a chance to retort because she is already turned around and walk towards the manager's room.

"What's up? And why we need to go with her to greet the VIP guests at the main entrance of this hotel" Kristel asked uncontrollably in a low tone for fear that she would suddenly appear again and like Joshua, she would be scolded.

"I hope you asked earlier" replied Joshua who was arranging the door cards of the hotel rooms.

"Wow, wow, you're vengeful, because you were scolded" Kristel replied with a smile.

"You two, stop your actuations, you knew she is always appears insta

ntly she might hear your words, and besides any moment from now the guests of the hotel will arrive" said Aaliyah in a stern voice.

Joshua would have answered when he focused his eyes on the main entrance of the hotel, which was even thirty meters away from the front desk and his two eyes twinkled for what he saw.

"Oh who are you looking at?" Kristel asked once looking at the main entrance of the hotel where he is staring. "as usual you're always like that when you see a very beautiful woman coming into this hotel, you won't get used to it, your eyes are sticking out" Kristel shook her head and smiled at Joshua.

"Duh, so what?" he replied without taking his eyes off the woman who had just entered the hotel and was now approaching them at the front desk.

"Good morning ma'am! Welcome to Bellarocca, How can I help you? Aaliyah greeted the new guest with a smile, even though she was amazed by her beautiful appearance who is like a living doll in her cream -colored empire dress. paired with flat sandals, plus her flawless color of the skin, so she couldn't blame Joshua for almost rolling his eyes at staring at the woman.

"I need one presidential suite for four nights and five days," replied the woman, handling Aaliyah a gold card at the same time.

Aaliyah immediately handed over the gold card to swipe on the card machine. Ding! immediately registered in the machine the 2.7 million amount for four nights and five days to stay Of the this lady and her Companion if any.

"Your card ma'am", Aaliyah politely said and with a smile whiled handed over the female guest's card that Joshua was writing in the VIP guest's Logbook.

"You can enjoy all the amenities of the hotel ma'am, as well as our world class yacht for your island hopping during your stay. Kristel explained.

"Thank you", replied the woman who was smiling, By the way, my mom will come later please lead her way to my suite she is just a little bit late ",While looking at Aaliyah.

"It's my pleasure ma'am and please enjoy your stay" Aaliyah replied in a sincere smile.

"Here's your room card ma'am" replied Joshua who was shining looking at the woman,

A male hotel staff approached to guide the female guest to the presidential suite. "This way ma'am, at the same time, he helped the beautiful female guest to carry her luggage.


Marinduque State University

"Romeroso, Aaliyah Gale U., summa cum laude!" followed by a round of applause after calling Aaliyah's name Of the emcee.

Aaliyah felt she was in a cloud nine as she walked up the stage to get the diploma, her mother met her on the stairs to go up at the same time. She sees in her mother's eyes the tears of happiness because finally her beloved child has finally finished college.

The mother and daughter went up on stage holding hands to receive Aaliyah's college diploma in the Hotel and Restaurant in Hospitality Management course.

"Congratulations! Greeted by the president of the University, once he handed the certificate to Aaliyah.

"Thank you sir" Aaliyah replied.

"Congratulations Mrs Romeroso" He looked at Aaliyah’s mother while offering a shake hand

As soon as the mother and daughter came down the stairs of the stage, Aaliyah's classmates applauded again, they knew how hard Aaliyah worked for that diploma and being the summa cum laude of their batch.

Kristel greeted her best friend and couldn't help but hug Aaliyah tightly.

"Congrats beshy", she said with tears in her eyes as she hugged her best friend, she and Aaliyah have been in the same class from freshman until they graduated.

"Thank you beshy" Aaliyah replied teary eyed.

"You deserve it, we knew how hard you worked for it" Kristel said to her friend with a smile. "Congrats mom, she hugged also Aaliyah’s mother at the same time"

"That’s enough dear, after graduation you go with Aaliyah and have a little celebration at home” The she go back to her seat.

"Husssh let's sit down besh, enough for the drama" Aaliyah once pulled Kristel's hand to sit down.

Kristels smiled loudly "Fine, let’s go back to our seat" the two friends sat down at the same time until the end of the program.

After more than three hours, the 26th Commencement exercises of the University has finally ended, everyone cheered, You can see the smile on every Lips Of the graduates that night in various fields, more smiles on the Lips Of parents because their children have finally graduated from college.

"Hey Pamela, Raquel, Joshua lets come go to our house, my mother prepared a small celebration" Aaliyah shouted, she had to shout because of the noise around.

"Fine, Fine", Joshua replied, he never missed an invitation as long as many foods had been prepared.

"Hey, let's go at starlight” Raquel suggested.

"Sure, let’s go to our house first, then to Raquel, to you beshy, then last we go to Pamela and then let's go straight to starlight" said Aaliyah.

"Where's mom?” Kristel asked to Aaliyah

"After we took picture on stage, she went home immediately to prepare our foods," Aaliyah replied,

"Oh, Pamela and Raquel are here," She pointed out to their two friends who were approaching from the stage after taking a picture with their family. "Where's Joshua" Aaliyah asked.

"Oh my beshy, there" Then Kristel pointed on the direction of Joshua who was laughing with a beautiful lady. The girl is also their batch mate who took up nursing course.

"Joshua is really fond of talking and laughing with beautiful women, He never missed that opportunity” Kristel said while smiling

The friends laughed at the same time.

Joshua caught the attention of the laughter of his female friends, he shook his head and bid farewell to the woman he was talking to, he knew they were talking about him.

"Nice to meet you Nicole! I have to go, my friends are waiting for me,"

"Nice to meet you too" the woman smiled and motioned for her family to get closer to where they were.

"Oh my gosh Josh, you're really Mr. Congeniality" Pamela teased Joshua when he arrived.

“What’s new?, he is always like that Racquel added

"Shall we go guys, it’s getting " Aaliyah said to her friends.

The group left the University auditorium towards the parking lot.

The group arrived after few minutes at Aaliyah's house using the passenger jeep owned by Raquel's family. Not far from the low cost subdivision of the University where Aaliyah's family lives, the friends are often here during vacant periods or when their professor was absent. So they have memorized the place

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