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Masked Feelings

Masked Feelings

Author: Lechna Baram
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Chapter 1 The Mysterious Vixen

Word Count: 1781    |    Released on: 15/07/2021


e cash. I held my sports bag closer to me and sighed. I hated that job but I had no choice. I was helpl

am a st

yes, I know. You're probably asking yourself how a strip club could be classy and posh. This one is. Not everyone ha

re not supposed to dance with masks but I begged the boss to let me wear a mask as I didn't want any

dressing room to see her already dressed in her ski

in surrender, causing her to huff. I put my

ook out my shorts and a black bra. "You're lucky that yo

d up taking off their clothes. However, the boss told me to put on those really small shorts and a bra. I was supposed to dance on the stage as well but during my show, I was supposed to go to men and give them lap dances. I th

is job" Ro

howed half of my ass. Then I put on my silvery bra. I stared at myself in the mirror

at my mask. It was silvery and had some black designs on it. Yeah, it matched my 'clothes'. I put it on and tied it securely so that it wouldn

od lipstick before handing it to me. I turned my face back to the m

et" She tried to encourage. I too


but the fake smile could be noticed a mile away.

see, Jerry. He is the boss and he's pretty cool. His eyes raked my long tan

approached with a tube of oil in his han

ir body to make then look more attractive and sexy. I didn't have to, because I danced on clients and we didn't want their clot

ng his attention to me. I shrugged and

and he knew how to boost you up in a few seconds. He gave me a reassuring smile and

t look vulgar" he pointed to my clothes. I scoffed and motioned to my ass, to w

t the beach"

ty sure that nearly all the men there, are here because they want to know who is The Mysterious Vixen" He said, pointing to

lled him in a hug. He wrapped his

, sweetheart" he

u w

ng in a college because I was smart. Yeah. Infact, i am studying psychology in college. When I told him that, he had a smile on his face. Jer

. Jerry was definitely checking her out. A smile crept on my face w

e jumped off the counter. Ro

go first?" She ask

d while looking around. Only Jerry and Rose knew my real

It was so tight that I could feel that my blood was having problem circul

r Athena" Jerry told her. I sma

said each word clearly. He

ne around" he

o take the ris

go" H

k" Rose c

r saw my face, just my mask. They didn't seem to want to know me either. As we walked to the stage, i noticed one of the girls giving

eath, trying to calm my nerves. I had to work here three times per week and let me tell you that after three months working here, I'm still not us

uttered to myself, trying to calm my nerves. Jerry stared

"You've done that a lot of times before and you're always

aked in front of horny men" I mentioned while gla

ah, m

. "There's a lot of new faces" he sai

rvous, asshole" I snapp

nce as always. So just calm down and go shake your ass ove

m before stepping on the first step

I chose The Hills by The Weekend as I felt really comfor

ed with pride. I put on a smirk on my face and step on the




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