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Masked Feelings

Masked Feelings

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"Why the mask?" he asked. I kept quiet as he moved his hand to my hair. He untied my hair and let the hair band fall on the ground. "Why are you touching me? I'm a whore, right?" I asked as I stared at him, right in the eyes. He stared back at me and didn't answer. Didn't he just call me a whore? He buried his face back in my neck and lightly blow on my face. That felt good. Damn good. When his lips made contact with my skin, i bit my lips to stop a moan. I could feel his hands letting my wrists free. My hands fell on his shoulders. My eyes were closed as I concentrated on the feelings that I was getting. What the hell was he doing to me? Two persons. Two different worlds. Domination or submission? Relationship? What happens when two persons get into a thrilling, confusing and intense relationship? Love or hatred? Author: Lechna Baram Publisher:EasyReading

Chapter 1 The Mysterious Vixen

Sweet Delice Club

I stared at the club's sign and rolled my eyes. I still can't believe that I have work here to earn some cash. I held my sports bag closer to me and sighed. I hated that job but I had no choice. I was helpless. Extremely helpless. I needed money right now. And this job could give me a lot of money in a night.

Yes. I am a stripper.

I walked in the club and saw a lot of men. A lot would be an understatement. As this club was really classy and posh, yes, I know. You're probably asking yourself how a strip club could be classy and posh. This one is. Not everyone had the right to enter the Sweet Delice Club. Only men with money could enter and this job really got me a lot of money.

I snuck in the backstage, trying to avoid people as I didn't have my mask on. Normally, the girls were not supposed to dance with masks but I begged the boss to let me wear a mask as I didn't want anyone to recognize me. He accepted without any problems because I was a pretty good element in the club.

"Athena Amington!" Rose scolded as I walked in the dressing room to see her already dressed in her skirt and bra. I gave her a sheepish smile and shrugged.

"I know! I know! I'm late!" I put my hands up in surrender, causing her to huff. I put my sports bag on the table and took a deep breath.

"Come on, get ready" She said as she opened my bag and took out my shorts and a black bra. "You're lucky that you don't have to show your boobs or your ass" she grumbled.

"Yeah, but I have to dance on horny men and trust me that with this short, I can feel each and every boner those men get" I shivered in disgust. All the other strippers were supposed to dance on the stage and obviously, they end up taking off their clothes. However, the boss told me to put on those really small shorts and a bra. I was supposed to dance on the stage as well but during my show, I was supposed to go to men and give them lap dances. I think that's why he told me to keep clothes on. I shuddered when I thought of those hands on me. I always wanted to puke but again, I had securities all around. Men didn't have the right to touch us and I was glad it was this way.

"I hate this job" Rose mumbled.

"Same" I whispered as I started getting out of my clothes and put on my short which showed half of my ass. Then I put on my silvery bra. I stared at myself in the mirror and sighed. I let loose of my long wavy black hair which was just tied into a ponytail.

"Here" Rose said as she pushed my make up kit and my mask in front of me. I did smokey eyes which would make my green eyes pop. I then stared at my mask. It was silvery and had some black designs on it. Yeah, it matched my 'clothes'. I put it on and tied it securely so that it wouldn't fall. I pulled my black sexy stilettos and put them on. I looked like a slut. A sexy slut. But I'm a stripper, right? It's part of this work.

"I don't wanna go out there" I told Rose as she applied her red blood lipstick before handing it to me. I turned my face back to the mirror and put on the lipstick. Once I was done, I returned it to her.

"Think of the money that you'll get" She tried to encourage. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

Think positive.

"I'll rock tonight" I tried to squeal positively but the fake smile could be noticed a mile away. Rose laughed at my horrible tentative to cheer up.

"You look sexy. Fucking sexy" I heard a voice say from behind. I turned to see, Jerry. He is the boss and he's pretty cool. His eyes raked my long tanned legs before setting on my face. I gave him a grin, to which he responded.

"Thank you" Rose and I said in sync as he approached with a tube of oil in his hand. He handed it to Rose and winked at her.

"This is for you. Make your body all shiny, honey" he said and Rose rolled her eyes. The other strippers have to put oil on their body to make then look more attractive and sexy. I didn't have to, because I danced on clients and we didn't want their clothes to be ruined. Rose waved at me and walked out of the room to be able to apply the oil on her body without Jerry ogling her.

"You're ready?" Jerry asked while turning his attention to me. I shrugged and shuffled my hair to make it look messier.

"I feel cheap when I do that" I told him truthfully. Jerry was someone pretty amazing and he knew how to boost you up in a few seconds. He gave me a reassuring smile and patted my head like a dog, which earned him a glare from me. I hate when he did that.

"You shouldn't" he said as he jumped on the counter and stared at me. "You don't look vulgar" he pointed to my clothes. I scoffed and motioned to my ass, to which he rolled his eyes. "People wear less at the beach" he said with confidence.

"We're not at the beach" I deadpanned.

"Listen, you wear a mask" Jerry said as he stared at me. "No one knows who you are. You're popular because of that. I'm pretty sure that nearly all the men there, are here because they want to know who is The Mysterious Vixen" He said, pointing to my mask. "I don't see why you feel cheap when you see all the other girls naked and you are not" he ended with raise eyebrows.

"You're right" I concluded as I pulled him in a hug. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a smile.

"I'm always right, sweetheart" he said with a smirk.

"You wish"

I always considered Jerry as family. He always gave me good advises and he said that my place wasn't in this club and that I should be studying in a college because I was smart. Yeah. Infact, i am studying psychology in college. When I told him that, he had a smile on his face. Jerry was in his late thirties while I was just a nineteen years old girl who needed a job badly. He gave me the job because he knew I needed it.

"I'm done" Rose said while fixing her bra as she walked in the room. Jerry was definitely checking her out. A smile crept on my face when I saw Rose blushing when she noticed how he was staring at her.

"Ready?" Jerry asked as as he jumped off the counter. Rose nodded and sat on a chair.

"Shouldn't Athena go first?" She asked and Jerry nodded.

"Rose, don't use my real name. It's Vixen here" I mumbled while looking around. Only Jerry and Rose knew my real name. The other people only knew me by the name 'Vixen'

"Sorry!" She quickly apologized. I gave her a smile while fixing my short. It was so tight that I could feel that my blood was having problem circulating. Now, just imagine the torture I have to go through to dance in these.

"Rose, it will be you just after Athena" Jerry told her. I smacked his arm and glared at him.

"Stop. Using. My. Name" I said each word clearly. He rolled his eyes and nodded.

"There's no one around" he pointed out.

"Not willing to take the risk" I muttered.

"Let's go" He said.

"Good Luck" Rose called out.

"I'll really need it" I shouted back as I followed Jerry out of the room. A few strippers walked past me and gave me a nod. They never saw my face, just my mask. They didn't seem to want to know me either. As we walked to the stage, i noticed one of the girls giving me a death glare. That was Stacy. Let's just say that she is not a big fan of vixen. Apparently, I was stealing some of her clients.

"It will be your turn in a minute or two" Jerry said as he peeked on the stage to see whether the girl before me was nearly over. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. I had to work here three times per week and let me tell you that after three months working here, I'm still not used to this atmosphere. I was pretty sure that I was going to see the same faces in there. They always come on the day that I was going to perform.

"You should be happy that you're not completely naked" I muttered to myself, trying to calm my nerves. Jerry stared at me in amusement. He loved to watch me fidget like this.

"Calm down" Jerry said as he shook his head in disbelief. "You've done that a lot of times before and you're always nervous before stepping in front of these people" he stated.

"It's quite normal to be nervous to step nearly naked in front of horny men" I mentioned while glaring at my stilettos. Why was I doing that again?

Oh yeah, money.

"It's your turn, honey" Jerry told me. "There's a lot of new faces" he said as he stopped looking at the people.

"Way to make me more nervous, asshole" I snapped, making him chuckle.

"You're always nervous and you'll still rock your performance as always. So just calm down and go shake your ass over there and bring me cash" he said motioning to the stage.

"You're really an asshole" I told him before stepping on the first step of the stairs which lead to the stage.

"Good Luck" Jerry whispered as my song started playing. I chose The Hills by The Weekend as I felt really comfortable with it. I knew how to move my body with its beat.

"Next, We have The Mysterious Vixen!" I heard Jerry announced with pride. I put on a smirk on my face and step on the stage with my head down and my hair covering my face a bit.

Time to Unleash Vixen.

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