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Her best friend's groom
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Chapter 1 Guess what Leila I'm engaged.”
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'Why does Gerald give me short notice when he wants documents for an important meeting like this?” Leila complained underneath her breath. She was busy putting together documents for her boss. She was very efficient in her work and in matters of emergency, Gerald her boss, preferred her to the other two colleagues.

Her boss was going to meet recently acquired clients. Leila though complaining, knew what needed to be done. She loved doing what she did in the small firm and everyone liked her.

When she was about to send the documents to her boss, Leila’s phone rang. She checked the ID and there was a broad smile on her face. It was none other than her best friend Amber calling.

"Hello stranger, where have you been hiding?” Leila asked when she answered the call.

Amber had not called for over a week. Leila had been busy too and had not called her dear friend as well. Leila now wanted to hear gossip from abroad as she called it. She got the gossip that she least expected.

“Guess what Leila, I’m engaged.” Amber told her friend.

Amber loved pulling pranks on her friend. Leila did not take her friend seriously all the time. This time was no different.

“Stop…, silly…, I am not in the mood for your pranks.” Leila calmly dismissed her best friend.

For Leila, there was no way Amber could get engaged without informing her best friend. This was such an important matter so to Leila this would be impossible.

Amber could tell that her friend was doubting so she switched the call to a video call.

“This time I am serious my friend.” Still giggling, Amber tried to convince her friend.

Leila thought that there was something different about her friend, but still felt that this was one of her friend’s pranks.

“Ok…. Amber, if you are truly engaged then show me the rock…, show me the rock now!” Leila demanded.

Amber waved her hand showing the big diamond ring on her finger. Leila’s eyes widen and she suddenly started jumping up and down like a little girl. Her colleagues in the small office just watched in astonishment.

“Wait! Wait... Amber!” Leila paused a while and getting back to her senses she questioned her friend.

“Why am I hearing about it now? …Hold on! Who… is this lucky guy that I don’t know about?” Leila was curious.

“Where did you meet him and when did this happen?” Leila continued firing questions. She was really confused and did not even realise that she was not giving her friend time to respond.

“Which question should I answer first Leila?” Amber giggled.

“OK…! OK…!” Leila took a deep breath. “Just give me details Amber, details……. “, Leila was now being very impatient and of course, this was big news.

Amber did not want to disturb her best friend since she was still at work. The story was too long, and the phone call would take forever to finish. Both friends respected each other’s workplace. They had both worked hard to be where they were now.

“Ok… babe! I will tell you everything tonight, I am leaving for the airport in a few minutes. I will arrive in a few hours’ time.” Amber informed her friend.

“Ok… then I’ll see you tonight.” Leila responded ending the video call.

The small office was now quiet, and Leila could feel four eyes staring at her. She thought about

how she had been jumping up and down earlier on and felt a bit embarrassed.

Leila could not concentrate on her work. ‘Amber engaged! This is interesting.’ She thought to herself.

"Leila where are documents for Lewes Corporation?” A voice came from behind. Leila kept staring at her computer. She was in deep thoughts.

"Leila, can… you hear me?” The voice said again. She realized that Gerald was calling her name.

"Oh... I'm sorry Gerald, they are right here.” Leila handed over the documents to her boss. She turned her head back and continued staring at the computer screen.

Gerald was surprised with Leila's behavior. She was one person who would stay focused all the time.

Are you ok Leila?” Gerald could tell that his employee was not her usual self.

Leila looked up. “Yes ... yes Gerald, I’m ok.” She lied. She was not ok at all.

All she was thinking about was the news she got from her best friend. Her head was spinning with questions. The two friends had shared everything about each other all these years. She was now wondering why her best friend made this very important decision about her life without telling her.

Amber and Leila had been friends since high school. Everyone wanted to be Amber’s friend because of her family background. Amber’s father was a famous artist with his own exclusive gallery.

Leila and her sister Becky were just two ordinary girls whose father owned a bakery. Leila spent most her free time helping her father run the bakery. The bakery could not afford to hire more staff so it made sense that Leila and Becky could help during their free time.

Amber on the other hand did not need to do anything since money was not an issue in her family. In senior school, everyone wanted to be Amber’s friend, but she chose Leila. She regarded the other girls as spoilt and immature. At first Leila did not understand why Amber wanted to be friends with her. People normally hang out with others from same social backgrounds. Leila had expected Amber to do the same.

Leila and Amber were both beautiful, but guys preferred dating Amber because of her family status. This never bothered Leila since she knew what she wanted in life.

Attending different universities, did not stop the two from remaining best friends. After graduation Amber spent most of her time travelling around the world. Leila did not have that luxury, the only thing on her mind was to help her father improve his small business.

Leila managed to secure a job in small accounting firm. She wanted to gain as much experience as possible before she could try her luck in the big accounting firms.

'Why did Amber get engaged without telling me?’ This is all what Leila kept on asking herself after receiving the call. Keeping a secret for three weeks was not something that Amber usually did. They had always shared everything even the tiniest details of their lives.

'Why now?’ Leila wondered. The day proved to be a long one for Leila. She tried to understand as she eagerly waited for her best friend to tell her story.

Although she had her own theories, she did not want to speculate. She appreciated that Amber decided to tell her a few hours before she arrived. Now she could think of questions to ask.

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