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Your Love Ignites An Ember Of Passion Within Me
Fu Mo
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Chapter 1 Who Is This Woman
1858    |    13/07/2020

"Room A405, Maple Hotel."

After reading that message again, Yoyo You clutched her phone until her fingers started to turn pale. She looked up at the building in front of her. Her gaze fixed on the gigantic name of the hotel that was ornamented with bright lights.

She was outside the most famous hotel in the city center, which was a gathering place of people from the upper class. An ordinary person would find it hard to check in here.

Her eyes darkened and fury surged up in her heart when she thought that Chappell Li was with another woman inside the hotel.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down before she entered the hotel and get into the elevator. After a while, she stopped in front of a room.

She thought that she was already in front of the door of Room A405 now.

A hint of rage flashed across her eyes. She didn't know what would transpire when the door opened. Her hand trembled when she raised it to knock.

Chappell Li had been her boyfriend for three years. And during all those times, she had always been submissive to him. She became so obedient that even she couldn't believe herself. She strongly believed that a couple should trust each other and give each other space. But she didn't expect that the space she had given to Chappell Li would lead to something inauspicious.

She took a deep breath and prepared herself to knock.

But as soon as her knuckles touched the wooden door, it slightly moved. She was stunned.

'They didn't even lock the door?'

she thought. The people inside seemed to be so excited that they didn't even care if they closed the door.

With face flushed in anger, she opened the camera of her phone and pushed the door open. She wanted to make sure that she was ready to take photos of Chappell Li and his other woman.


"Ahhh!" She screamed in pain when her whole back hit the door. Someone pushed her hard, and she didn't see it coming.


Chappell Li, how dare you!" she yelled through clenched teeth.

She heard a breath coming in gasps, and a tall, slender figure approached her. The next second, she felt that the collar of her dress was pulled and torn.

"What are you doing?" She broke out into a cold sweat, but she plucked up all her courage to scold the figure in front of her.

The man in front of her was not Chappell Li.

The man ignored her screams and even moved closer and closer to her. This time, she could smell peppermint mixed with alcohol. Much to her surprise, the man's thin lips claimed her lips aggressively.

Panic suddenly overwhelmed her. She didn't know what was going on.

Before she came here, she received some messages containing photos of Chappell Li entering the hotel with a woman. And the sender even gave her the room number. Was everything a lie? She couldn't believe that she was fooled. And one thing was for sure now. She put herself in danger.

She turned her head away to avoid the man's touch. She was about to speak when she felt that he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up.

"Let me go!" she shouted hoarsely. She kicked her legs hard in hopes that the man would put her down, but it didn't work.

The man frowned, and his steps wobbled for a moment. But then, he managed to throw her onto the bed. He pressed his body against hers, his big hands wandered around until they found the zipper of her dress.

Since she was sure that he was not Chappell Li, she tried to plead. "Sir, please calm down. This is just a misunderstanding," she said in a trembling voice. She tried scratching his body, but she only became more panicky when her hands touched his solid muscles.

'I am doomed, ' she thought to herself.

Her mind went blank as she stared at the man absentmindedly. From the faint light coming from the window, she was able to see his impeccable face and misty eyes.

Although it wasn't that bright, she could tell from his eyes that he was not in his right mind. "Hey, wake up!

Are you crazy?"

The man must be drunk. Or worse, he was high in drugs.

This time, the man became more audacious. He grabbed her waist and dragged her towards him.

"Help! Please help me!" she screamed desperately, hoping that someone heard her. But as time passed, she couldn't hear any sign that someone was outside.

She felt nothing but hopelessness now as she stared at the ceiling. She couldn't do anything to stop the man, who was pressing his body hard against hers. All of a sudden, her eyes opened wide, and her body trembled when she felt his warmth inside her.

The man had taken her effortlessly. She subconsciously grabbed his shoulder and bit it with all her might.

He must have felt the pain because he stopped what he was doing. She took the opportunity that he was in a trance. She pushed him away and staggered to the door, though her legs felt weak.

The man went after her and held her waist. But she scratched him again, kicked him hard, and reached for the doorknob.

She heard a muffled sound behind her as if something hit the edge of the bed.

Her heart sank, but she didn't dare to look back and ran out of the room.

She felt relieved when she saw the light outside. She sat on the corridor to calm down as she still felt that her whole body was trembling.

All of a sudden, she noticed that her fingers were a little sticky. She raised her hand to take a look.

There were traces of blood. She

must have scratched him really hard.

She turned to look at the door again. At this moment, the wall lamps in the hallway were already on. So the golden plate on the door had become more visible.

And her eyes opened wide in shock when she saw "Room A403" carved on the golden plate.

A chill ran down her spine as she looked at the number again several times to make sure. It was really Room A403. She made a big mistake.

She hit her head remorsefully. She stood up and ran as fast as she could. Her head was in a mess. What if the man woke up and found out that he was injured? Would he be hunting for her? After all, she knew that anyone who stayed in this hotel was not a person to be trifled with. No one would want to offend someone who could afford to check in here.

She trotted to the hotel's entrance. When she was about to pass through the revolving door, she suddenly heard a coquettish voice beside her.

"You are so naughty. Stop it, okay? People are watching us."

She glanced sideways to take a look. And her body froze in an instant.

A woman in her early thirties was clinging to a tall man's arm. They were very close to each other and laughing. The man's hand had just held the woman's buttocks. An unsatisfied smile appeared on his face when the woman stopped him. They looked so obscene. It seemed that they didn't care about the other guests of this hotel that had been staring at them.

Yoyo felt the anger boil up inside her. The man was very familiar to her.

The fatigue and despair she felt just now were taken over by fury.

"Chappell Li!" she called out.

The two stopped flirting with each other and looked at her.

The smile on Chappell Li's face vanished at once and was replaced by embarrassment. He pushed the woman beside him slightly and opened his mouth to say something. But when he saw the expression on Yoyo's face, he shrank back.

"Yoyo, why are you here?" he asked nervously.

But Yoyo just ignored him. Instead, she looked at the woman beside him up and down.

The woman's hair was curled in big waves, she was wearing fake eyelashes and thick makeup, and her dress seemed to have come from a famous brand. She looked familiar to Yoyo too. Her name was Samantha Fang, the daughter of the CEO of the company where Chappell Li worked. Yoyo had seen some of Samantha Fang's messages on his WeChat, but after his explanation, she didn't mind them anymore.

Looking at the surprised expression on their faces, Yoyo sneered. Her whole body trembled with anger and disappointment.

Chappell Li couldn't hide his nervousness at all. He reached out to pull Yoyo closer to him and whispered in her ear, "Yoyo, it's not what you think it is. Let me explain, okay? Let's leave first. I'll take you somewhere we can talk, so I can tell you everything."

"Whatever it is, you can say it here now," she countered, her voice full of coldness.

She had always been gentle to Chappell Li. Every time she got angry, she restrained herself jut to avoid conflicts between them. Even if they had some fights, she never dared to speak ill of him, knowing that it might destroy their relationship. She took care of their love for three years, although it was not that easy.

No wonder Chappell Li almost couldn't believe his eyes. He had never seen her like this before.

"Yoyo, don't be like this. If others see us this way, they will think that I am bullying you." He reached out his hand again and pulled her.

But she shook off his hand violently.

"Shame on you!" She looked at his eyes. "Don't you think it's too late to hide it now? You were already caught in the act. Are you still going to deny that you're cheating on me? Chappell, I have never done anything wrong to you. But what is this? I've never thought that you will betray me."

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Chappell Li blurted out. This time, his face turned red in anger.

"I am not blind. I've seen how you touched this woman's buttocks," she replied. She then turned to Samantha Fang. "Lady, is my boyfriend harassing you?"

Hearing the question, Samantha Fang raised her eyebrows. The embarrassment and shock on her face just now had gradually disappeared. She bit her lips, glanced around the crowd who were already looking at them, and chuckled.

"Miss, I don't understand what you mean."

Yoyo flared up in an instant. She had thought that Samantha Fang would somehow feel guilty for coveting Chappell Li. She didn't expect that she was such a shameless woman.

"Take your time to understand what I said." Yoyo gritted her teeth and squinted at her. "You are old enough. You don't need someone from the younger generation to tell you."

The words "old" and "younger generation" rang out in Samantha Fang's ears. Her face turned pale in an instant.

She wanted to retort, but she couldn't think of a word to say.

Yoyo snorted and looked at her face with disdain.

She didn't expect Chappell Li to have such a bad taste. He was only capable of seducing an old and ugly woman. If she had known earlier, she shouldn't have stayed with him this long.

"Well, you don't really have to tell me. After all, I don't want to be lectured by a loser who can't even control her man. In this world, whoever is capable always wins. And I know that some women will always be envious of me," Samantha Fang said. It seemed that she was now ready to put up a fight.

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