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Billionaire's Sweetie: Honey All The Time
Xu Shinian
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Chapter 1 Miss, Please Take The Medicine Before You Leave
1225    |    30/05/2020

The moon looked hazy as it hid behind thin wisps of clouds against the night sky.

In the Square Hotel located in the center of H city...

With a camera and a small recording pen in her hands, Lollo Shen sneaked into the thirteenth floor of the hotel.

She knew where all the surveillance cameras were placed. That way, she managed to stay within all the blind spots until she finally reached a door at the end of the hall.

As she took out the key card in her pocket, she beamed from ear to ear. 1314! Yes, this was it!

She carefully opened the door and went in to set up the camera. She did all of this in one breath. "Peacock to Eagle. Eagle, do you copy? The machine has already been placed. I repeat, the machine has already been placed. Over."

"Great. Get out of there, Peacock. Now." With a nod, she quickly but quietly ran back to the door.

Just when she was about to open the door, she heard a man's voice outside. There was no doubt that he was about to enter the room. Lollo Shen was shocked and she felt her heart skip a beat.

However, she immediately snapped out of it and hid herself in the closet nearby.

She often encountered unexpected situation like these. Being 'invisible' was one of the many skills she had to learn.

Through a crack in the closet door, she faintly saw the door swing open. A man walked in. Even though he was far from her sight, she could clearly see how handsome he was.

The brown wind coat highlighted his slender figure and the aristocratic temperament could be seen in his movements.

The man was none other than Harrison Jing!

Lollo Shen quickly took her phone out to take photos of him.

However, in the next second, she suddenly felt a wave of guilt.

Would it be right to do something like this to a person like him? What did he even do wrong?

Harrison Jing took of his coat and his watch before proceeding to remove his shoes and top.

Lollo Shen quickly closed her eyes. Only when she heard the sound of running water did she dare to open her eyes again. She did not expect to see the man taking a shower!

The bathroom door was completely transparent, and so she was able to see everything.

Harrison Jing was in her full view.

Her face was flushed all the way to her ears.

Ten minutes later...

With a bath towel around his waist, Harrison Jing walked out of the bathroom and opened a bottle of whiskey. Taking a few gulps, he nearly finished the glass of whiskey he had poured for himself. It was easy to feel that he was rather irritated over something. This woman was making him wait too long.

With a sigh, he stood up and walked towards the closet where Lollo Shen was hiding.

'Is he going to open the closet?' she asked herself as he reached out his hand.

Lollo Shen took a deep breath before closing her eyes, her heart fluttering wildly. 'Is this the end for me?' she thought helplessly.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

The sound came from outside the door. Lollo Shen also looked at the door and found out that Harrison Jing was already on his way to open it.

Peeping through the crack, Lollo saw a woman standing outside the doorway. The woman had an oval face and long, blonde hair.

Just seconds after, she threw Harrison onto the bed before he could even react.

After a long struggle, he finally got rid of her.

"Harrison..." the woman whispered in a charming voice.

She pressed herself against Harrison's body.

"Behave yourself! If you stay here tonight, I promise I will give you the money. But if you don't listen, then that's on you," Harrison warned in a low voice.

The woman immediately quieted down and c

losed the door behind her.

Meanwhile, Lollo was still hiding in the closet. She was confused about what was currently happening.

It turned out that the woman was the one sleeping on the bed, while Harrison was sleeping on the sofa for the whole night.

Early morning...

Harrison left a check worth one million on the bed just before he left.

It wasn't until Harrison left when the woman slowly opened her eyes.

She flashed a huge smile when she looked at the check on the bed.

After getting the check, she also made her leave.

With this, Lollo was finally able to crawl out of the closet. Her bones felt weird after being crammed inside a closet the whole night.

'Ugh! Who even designed this room?' she complained to herself. The closet was right beside the bed, and so she was not able to find an opportunity to leave the entire night.

Nevertheless, her stay there didn't go to waste.

Lollo picked up the video that was recorded last night. Although she didn't get any exciting videos, she had taken pictures of the woman kissing Harrison.

Although the camera didn't get a picture of the woman's face, but the man's face was easily recognizable.

"Harrison, Harrison... How much do you think I should sell this video for?" she asked with a meek smile.

She carefully put the camera away. It was big news. Her boss, Alice, would definitely pay her a lot of money for this.

The smell in the room was so pungent that she couldn't stay any longer. She immediately took out her mobile phone from the wardrobe and was about to leave. When she turned her mobile phone on, she saw that she had eleven missed calls. All of them were from Alice.

Before she could react, her phone rang again.

She had put her phone on silent in order to not expose herself, which was why she didn't hear any of Alice's calls.

"Lollo, where were you last night." Alice's voice came through as soon as the call was answered. "I asked you to take photos of Harrison last night. Why did you disappear with your camera?" she pressed.

With an evil and attractive smile, Lollo said, "Others were only able to take a few photos of him. But I have a video. This time, it will definitely be the front-page headline that can shock the whole business world."

"A video?!" Alice exclaimed in shock. "Where are you? Hurry and I'll pick you up," Alice said.

"Dont' bother. I'll be coming to you. But the price..."

Lollo deliberately paused for a while. Alice immediately answered, "Don't worry. I will give you a good price."

After packing up her things, Lollo turned around and looked at the wardrobe. It was dazzling.

But as soon as she opened the door, she was blocked.

"Miss, please take the medicine before you leave!"

Gerry was holding a bag of pills in his hand. Lollo glanced at the pills. "Contraceptives?!" she exclaimed.

'What? What's going on? Did he mistake me for that lady? I look nothing like her!' Lollo thought, feeling insulted.

She wanted to talk back to him, but she knew that she couldn't blow her cover now. If anyone here found out who she really was, the camera in her pocket would definitely be confiscated. On top of that, her life would also be in jeopardy.

Without thinking too much, she grabbed the pills and stuffed them into her mouth.

"All right, all right. Just go!"

Gerry stood there to make sure that she had swallowed the pills before he left.

After walking out of the hotel, Lollo quickly returned the camera to Alice and got her reward. With that, she immediately left. She didn't go home all night, and knew that her stepmother would surely scold her once she got there.

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