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When Jonny chose to spend his holidays with his mother and not his father, he never knew that it was going to be one of the most intense phase of his life. Torn between his infatuation between the twins Tracy and Nora, Jonny finds out that the world of romance is full turbulence and unpredictability. Things take an expect turn when Linda, the twins' mother, comes into the equation. Contrary to his expectations, treading through the murky waters of seduction and infatuation is a hard job that needs expertise. Will he get caught juggling between the twins and their mother or will he switch between them with the smoothness of a pro? Dive into this steamy book filled with arousing experiences and catch the thrill of well narrated episodic saga.

Chapter 1 EPISODE 1

I had not seen my mom for a while so when she sent me bus fare to go and see her during the holidays, I was happy. Unknown to me, this would turn out to be the most exciting phase of my otherwise boring life. You see, my parents were separated and I lived with my dad. I had also joined college and while I was there, I had discovered hidden treasures of pleasure in the female gender. It was exciting. My dad was a strict and a no-nonsense type of guy. With him, I didn't get to play my mischief. On the other hand, my mom was soft and lax.

I could do anything I wanted when I was with her without getting into trouble. Therefore, when an opportunity arose for me to make a choice of with whom to spend my April holidays, I chose my mother without blinking.

After a harrowing journey, I arrived on a rainy Thursday evening soaked to the bone. I had gotten lost two times, changed cars three times and was harassed by rude Matatu touts more times than I could count. The rain on the other hand, had chosen that of all days, to punish the earth and everyone in it. To make matters worse, the road was not tarmacked so taxi cars could not ferry people in that weather. The only option was to use a motorcycle to get home. The hard part was to find a rider desperate and experienced enough to brave the weather. By the time I arrived, the rain had had its way with me. The only thing that wasn’t soaked was my phone. The only reason it had survived the battering of the rain was because I had wrapped it using a polythene paper. My step sister met me at the gate and after an awkward hug, she led me to my sleeping quarters. It was a one roomed rental house. My mother's two roomed house could not fit all of us. At my age it was a taboo as a grown African man to share a house with my own mother. As I carried my things to my room, I could see curious faces peeping at me from half open doors. I didn't give it a lot of thought. People were bound to be curious especially when a new person moved in.

After meeting my family and eating supper I retired to my room to rest. I was tired after the long journey. I had been traveling for almost the whole day and to make matters worse, the rain had seen to it that the remaining strength in me had been drained. However, the devil had other plans for my tired body. A few seconds later, there was a knock on my door. I groaned and silently cursed whomever was disturbing me at that ungodly hour. My body had just relaxed and grown used to the comfy mattress. I reluctantly dragged my limp body and I opened the door. My sister came in. She wasn't alone. She was with another girl with long, dark hair and a bewitching pair of dimples. She had tied her silky hair into a beautiful ponytail at the back of her head. At the sight of her, my body sobered up immediately and my gentlemanly manners came back. I invited them in and ushered them in to sit on the bed. There were no chairs in my new room, a godsend coincidence. My sister introduced the new girl as Tracy.

We talked until late into the night, telling stories and jokes. I enjoyed Tracy's company. She had bewitching eyes. You could easily get lost in her gaze. She was shy but I could see that she was into my stories. Somehow my sister went out to pick something but she never came back. She had literally set me up with her friend! For a moment there I was afraid that I would ruin things before they had even began. After all, I was just a beginner in these matters. I could tell that Tracy was into me. However, my beginner status in this game made it hard for me to initiate a conversation with her. I could see it in her eyes when disappointment set in. She must have expected me to posses tons of experience considering I was already in college. It was starting to get weird. Tracy expected me to make the first move. Finally, something came over me and I decided to go for it.

Nervously, I put my hand out and felt her long hair. She did not recoil. A good sign.

“You have very beautiful hair.” I said sheepishly.

“You like it?” she asked.

I nodded. My hormones had flared up and my body was on fire. I had never felt like this before. Maybe it was the hair. I had a fetish for long unbraided hair. Maybe it was her easy going nature. This was new territory and I was treading on the murky waters of seduction. I knew that I was on the right track because bit by bit, Tracy was surrendering more of herself to me. Pretty soon, her head rested on my lap and I kept on stroking her hair slowly letting wisps of long soft hair sift through my fingers.

“I feel like I've known you forever.” I told her.

“Really? You just met me.”

“Yeah. But I feel so peaceful and at ease around you.“

“So do I.“

We talked until late into the night. I was afraid of rushing things and ruining it all. If I made a move, Tracy might have thought that I only wanted to use her. Now, I wanted to make things last longer with her. Even if I did not like it, I had to bid my time. A time would come when I would have her all to myself and we could do anything we wanted without fear. After some time, Tracy informed me that she had to go home. She explained that she didn't want to scare her family. I understood. In my fascination with her, I had forgotten that she had to go home. My tiredness had mysteriously disappeared.

The next morning, I woke up late. My eyes felt heavy and my face felt like spiders had been crawling on it the whole night. Anyway, I filled a jug with some water and decided to go out and wash my face. I opened the door and stepped into the corridor. Just as I did that, my bare chest bumped into someone. I felt my rough hairy skin collide with a soft fluffy chest. The impact sent the jug flying into the air, dumping half of the water on the intruder as the rest splashed on my face. When I looked up, Tracy's bewildered face looked down at me with disbelief. Her nicely straightened hair was now wet and curly. Her blouse clung to her skin and I could see her nipples pointing at me from the meager silk concealment. I felt my groin grow warm and rise to life.

“Am so sorry, I didn't see you coming out.“ she said as she helped me to my feet.

“I am the one who should be sorry, I didn't check where I was going.” I replied to try and ease the tension. Instinctively, I crossed my legs in an attempt to hide my protruding boner. However, the devil had other plans. As she helped me up, her hand missed for a moment and landed on my hard shaft! She withdrew her hand so fast it was as if she had been burned. The fleeting touch sent shockwaves throughout my body and I had to support myself on the door post with my hand. Slowly her eyes lowered and fixated on the bulge. I cringed. The embarrassment cooled and deflated my bulge like a balloon. I hurriedly excused myself but not before I saw a lustful look in her eyes as she also fled the crime scene. I made sure to mark the door she entered. It was room number 17. I was in number 13. I smiled to myself as I went to my mom's for breakfast.

As I entered into my mother's living room, I heard my sister's voice and another familiar one. No way! I had seen Tracy run into her house a few seconds ago with my own eyes. I opened the door and confirmed that it was her alright.

“Is there a shortcut here that I don't know?I swear I just saw you enter your house a few seconds ago.” I asked her.

“I have been here since I woke up, that must have been Nora, my twin sister.”

“Oh shit!” I muttered inaudibly.

My sister looked up at me and smiled wickedly. She knew!


Hello there dear reader? What are your expectations? What do you think about this story so far? Leave some feedback and I'll get back to you. 😉

Thanks in advance 😊♥️

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