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Unspoken Hearts: My Neglected Mute Wife's Escape

Unspoken Hearts: My Neglected Mute Wife's Escape

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Kallie, a mute who had been ignored by her husband for five years since their wedding, also suffered the loss of her pregnancy due to her cruel mother-in-law. After the divorce, she learned that her ex-husband had quickly gotten engaged to the woman he truly loved. Holding her slightly rounded belly, she realized that he had never really cared for her. Determined, she left him behind, treating him as a stranger. Yet, after she left, he scoured the globe in search of her. When their paths crossed once more, Kallie had already found new happiness. For the first time, he pleaded humbly, "Please don't leave me..."  But Kallie's response was firm and dismissive, cutting through any lingering ties. "Get lost!"


Kallie Cooper, Jake Reeves, Kallie and Jake novel, Kallie Cooper and Jake Reeves novel

Chapter 1 Tipsy In Rain

During a stormy night, relentless winds hurled rain against the floor-to-ceiling windows.

In the grand villa, light shone only from a single bedroom.

Kallie Cooper propped herself against the headboard, her eyes skimming through a book as drowsiness crept in.

Abruptly, the bedroom door swung open.

Startled, Kallie glanced up to find her husband, Jake Reeves, in the doorway.

Jake loomed there, impeccably dressed in a sharp suit, his attractive features marred by a scowl.

Before Kallie could utter a word, Jake pressed his lips to hers, the smell of alcohol mingling with the rain's freshness. His cold hand slid under her skirt, pressing firmly against her resisting leg.

In a thick, persuasive tone, Jake commanded, "Don't move."

Kallie ceased her struggles, the pain escalating. She emitted faint, distorted noises.

At her sounds, Jake frowned and placed his hand over her mouth.

Being silenced, Kallie clung to Jake's muscular arm, her grip desperate as if anchoring herself in a tumultuous sea. She was overwhelmed by the time Jake released her and headed for the shower.

Moments after Jake disappeared behind the bathroom door, his phone on the nightstand came to life.

Out of reflex, Kallie glanced at it and saw a new message flash on the screen. "Jake, I'm sorry, okay? Can you stop going back to your mute wife every time we fight? It's really hurting me."

The light faded from Kallie's eyes. She realized she would never master the art of playful scolding or tender grievances shared softly in the quiet of night.

Due to a childhood illness, Kallie's voice had been stolen from her, leaving her unable to speak. She could only produce fragmented sounds, which even her own husband found unbearable to hear.

Through the frosted glass of the bathroom window, Kallie could see Jake's tall silhouette. She averted her gaze quickly.

Jake was carelessly drying his damp hair, looking down at her with a dismissive stare. "Did you just look at my phone?" he asked.

Kallie tensed, shook her head swiftly, and instinctively denied it. She wanted to clarify that it was an accidental glimpse.

But Jake's patience had worn thin. He declared icily, "Don't touch my phone again."

Kallie forced a smile, biting her lip as she nodded. Jake's love was not hers to claim. Their marriage was arranged by his grandfather. Jake had bluntly stated he married her solely because she was the adopted daughter of the Reeves family, and he didn't want to defy his grandfather's wishes.

For five years, Kallie had never overstepped, fully aware of Jake's affairs, yet she remained silent, fearing he would find her bothersome.

Taking a deep breath, Kallie gestured to fetch a glass of milk for him. Without the courage to meet Jake's indifferent gaze, she hastily exited the room.

Behind her, Jake picked up his phone and dismissively deleted the message without even checking its content.

Kallie got up early.

Jake, notorious for his picky eating habits, had a delicate stomach.

For years, Kallie had meticulously prepared his breakfast every morning.

As Jake descended the stairs, the first thing that caught his eye was Kallie, bustling about the kitchen.

The strings of her apron accentuated Kallie's slender waist, while faint hickeys lingered on her neck from the night before. She was the epitome of gentleness, always serene and avoiding making a fuss, truly an exemplary wife.

A subtle softening touched Jake's usually impassive features. He broke the silence. "Let's have breakfast together."

Overjoyed, Kallie nodded vigorously and signed her gratitude. She removed her apron and seated herself carefully next to him, closer than they'd ever been.

Jake passed her a sandwich, which Kallie accepted with a cautious, grateful smile.

In a nonchalant manner, Jake mentioned, "Tomorrow's my brother's baby's hundred-day celebration. You should come with me."

Kallie nearly let the sandwich slip through her fingers in astonishment. He seldom invited her to public gatherings. Yet here he was, asking her to join him for such an occasion. Her eyes flickered with hesitation and conflict.

A trace of reluctance crossed Kallie's expression, unnoticed by Jake.

Nonchalantly, Jake added, "I'll have my assistant drop off some clothes tomorrow and pick you up at noon."

Kallie had no other option but to agree.

The Reeves family held immense influence in Arcpool, and Dean Reeves, the eldest son, was celebrating his firstborn's hundred-day milestone with a lavish affair.

Dean had reserved a premier hotel for the occasion, now buzzing with excitement.

Kallie, dressed in a beige gown complemented by subtle makeup, looked radiant. Her fine features and bright eyes made her the center of attention.

However, the gazes that swept over her were critical, not admiring.

"How fortunate she is! Born unable to speak, yet she married so well. Why can't I be that lucky? Is it because I can talk?"

"And what good does talking do you? Can you evoke sympathy the way she does?"

"What are you implying?"

"Remember, she seemed so forlorn that Roderick Reeves took her in as his foster daughter and married her off to Jake. Such a pity play!"

"People call it luck, but it's all calculated. You should learn from her!"

Kallie inwardly protested, wanting to argue that Roderick simply sympathized with her. Yet, she knew her silent rebuttal fell on deaf ears.

"Kallie, there you are! We've been waiting for you."

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