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Once Upon a Night With My Stepdad

Once Upon a Night With My Stepdad

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Warnings: Mature mind only. Read with caution. “We can even make it a one-time thing.” She said, “We almost did this before...” But she quickly held herself and instead said, "My mom won’t even know a thing, I promise." She said, sounding really desperate. “There’s no way you won’t ask for more, Scarlett,” Adrian argued weakly. “Then I wouldn’t be in the wrong for doing that.” She maintained spiritedly. “I mean, why can’t you just leave my mom and date your age? Or do you think she’s dating only you? She’s got numerous men at her beck and call, and at the end of it all, she’s going to dump you. I am actually the one with the money.” “I don’t care about the money.” Adrian continued stubbornly. “I know this has nothing to do with true love. What exactly do you want from my mom? What do you have on her?” ~~~ Scarlet Davenport, a billionaire heiress and the only surviving daughter of a widow and men-loving cougar; Vivian Davenport, wakes up to find Adrian Hartfield, the man whom she had an instant crush on after meeting at the club being introduced to her as her potential stepdad. She realizes for the first time in her young life that she might have to go against all odds to fight for her prince charming even if it means employing the art of seduction to get Adrian to her bed. When hateful and numerous vile forces notice these weak spots in the family and decide to exploit them to their advantage, will Adrian and Scarlett realize their combined strength early enough? Would they overcome the odds?

Chapter 1 1

Scarlett and Lily were sitting on her broad canopy bed, putting on some make-up, and talking about the craziness of high school life. Lily had a hand over her mouth as she cackled at something funny Scarlett had said.

“Fuck off, you're such a nut job, I’m not even going to lie.” She said and deep cackled again. She had a light moisturizer on her face. And with a part of the same face, she took a quiet view of Scarlett's room. Silently marveling at the realms of space, the warm wood tones, the wall-to-wall burgundy, and the carpeting that was like a cushion to the feet, everything was spick-and-span.

"I just wish we both got entry into the same college."

"For real?" Scarlet asked as she began to rub her foundation on her face.

"Yeah, don't you?" Lily asked rhetorically.

"I mean, it would be an absolute pleasure to spend my college years in this exquisite apartment as opposed to some pitiful-looking condominium."

Scarlett's smile was controlled as she said, “Of course, I'm missing you already. Where else will I meet a crazy friend like you?"

Lily, too, had begun to apply her foundation, then paused like someone to whom something important had just occurred.

“So now tell me," Lily said, breaking the short silence, a naughty expression creeping into her face while Scarlett stared back with a knowing look.

“When are you finally giving that cookie to a boy? Is it going to be before college, or, let me guess, you’re saving the prize for the really big guys in graduate school? Maybe I should find you some big dick guy tonight at the club.”

Scarlet shrugged in response and then said, “Well, not really; I guess when I get to meet someone who deserves it.” She stopped, and then, resignedly, she added: “I don’t know, girl; I’m just trying to be careful so I don’t run into another Drew Martins.”

“Oh my God, Drew.” Lily’s face lit up, a half-mocking grin tapering her lips. “You have one hell of a memory. Well, I guess he was kind of young at the time.” She added to his defense.

“Oh yeah.” Scarlet made a mocking face.

“He literally almost got a panic attack just trying to feel the boobs. What a baby!"She added while the both of them burst out laughing.

“You know what? Looking at you now, on second thought, I think I would say you just like being with the older guys. Guys your age are mostly going to come off as inexperienced like you always say.” Lily said, rolling her eyes.

Scarlett sighed, rolling her eyes in mild frustration before she said, “Yeah, well, I guess so. No biggie."

It was hard to believe that Scarlett had only just turned 18 three months ago. She had the voluptuous, succulent look of a mature 22-year-old. Her breasts were so much rounder and fuller than those of girls her age; even Lily did not come close. Her curves were wild and distinct—the figure of a model. She had the countenance and composure of a good girl, but deep down she craved a wild, satisfying life, especially now that she had turned eighteen.

"But not all old guys have experience; look at Philip, for example.” She giggled, remembering her encounter with Philip, their art teacher, in his office.

"You cripple the man out, Scarlett. Always avoiding you at school till we graduate."

"He couldn't even stand my mouth around his dick for 2 minutes before he poured all of him into my mouth. You know, I was planning to give him my V."

Lily shook her head, looking at herself in the large mirror. "You are really crazy. I hope you find the experienced one who will fuck that pussy of yours like you want."

"Who knows, I might be lucky tonight."


Scarlett and Lily arrived at the Disco and Divas club in her black Cadillac.

As they got inside the bubbling atmosphere of the building and while taking in the fun-filled rowdiness of the atmosphere, Lily whispered naughtily to Scarlet:

“Sit back, college girl, and take a look around; this is home to some of the best dicks in San Francisco.” While Scarlett pinched her playfully, trying to suppress laughter before she added.

“Go away? You’re so pathetic."

But she indeed heeded Lily's words, and together they ordered some booze, sipping slowly as they sat at a corner of the club, observing and feeding their eyes on the guys, silently rating the looks of the various male customers going in and out of the club. Many times, Scarlett will make a comment whenever a guy gets in or out of the club.

“Gosh, that one is too fat."

“Shit, this one looks like he walks on eggshells."

“Oh my God, he is such a dwarf."

"That, I bet he can't last 10 minutes."

This went on and on until she saw a man emerge from the restroom, proceeding to the bar area of the club, and immediately went speechless. She had not immediately commented on him, and this made Lily turn to her with a knowing smile before she asked.

“What happened to your sharp tongue so soon, darling?”

The guy Scarlett was looking at could perhaps be described as one of the most attractive men she had ever seen. She licked her lips and continued staring at him unabashedly. After some time, he left the bar area with a glass of wine in his hand and started approaching her side of the club. Something in her stirred, and it was a good thing the club had fluctuating lights; that way, he wouldn’t clearly see the blush that rose to her cheeks. One could think he was older than her by about six or seven years, but that only made it even better. He was way above 6 feet, which was perfectly complemented by his fiery-looking eyes, his strong jaws, and his wild, broad shoulders—the sight of him almost made her wet instantly.

“Oh my God! Is he even human?" She exclaimed.

Lily, on noticing the attraction, whispered again, more quickly, and said, “I think you should give him a shot; I’ll be right over there.” She said as she excused herself, moving over to the other side of the club. Scarlett seemed too carried away to even notice Lily’s departure.

She had no idea what she was doing, but for the first time, every other thought was banished from her mind, and all that mattered was being close to this stranger she had barely known for five minutes.

"I've never seen anyone looking this detached at a club," his sexy, husky voice interrupted her thoughts. His breath came with the harsh smell of strong gin.

Those eyes from the stool next to her swept her away as she whipped her head in the direction of the voice. He dropped the remaining contents of the glass in his hand, setting it aside. It was then that she noticed he was a bit drunk. However, for a drunk man, he had a great deal of composure.

It was hard to tell the exact color of his eyes, but she knew the gaze from them made her feel slightly breathless.

“Why would you say that?” She turned, smiling back at his flushed face, flattered that she was actually the one he was referring to.

"Family issues?" he proceeded to ask again casually, throwing her off balance.

"No, it’s not, just a girl’s thing. I love peace and quiet.” She added.

He didn't respond for some time; instead, his eyes trailed down the length of her dress carefully, with a naughty smile playing on his lips. Her glittery pink gown stopped way above her knees, so when she saw him lusting over her smooth lap, her legs flaunted it even more by slightly raising her dress, crossing them over.

"You are so sexy yet so calm. It makes me curious," he whispered calmly, his movement staggered and unsteady.

"Maybe you should try unveiling this mystery then.” She whispered, surprised at how bold she had become. Aside from the last experience on the plane two months ago, this was one of the most reckless things she has ever done in a while.

He reached for her hand and led her towards the exit, her heart drumming wildly out of excitement. The man of her dreams was about to take her virginity just as she had planned and in the most random scenario ever possible.

It felt so surreal; it felt like a dream. They got to a silent corner. He pinned her to the wall, raised her dress, and grabbed her breast, pressing her nipple hard and swallowing her moan with a kiss. His hands felt so firm and strong that her yearning for him multiplied.

He expertly flicked his tongue on her left nipple, his right hand pressing and caressing the other, she couldn't help but moan into his mouth as their tongues devoured each other.

Scarlett was ready, more than ever to welcome his cock inside her dripping wet cunt. She could already feel his hard rod rubbing against her groin and it got her all the more excited.

He craved for her as much as she did him and they could both feel the atmosphere heat up, their horniness undeniable.

With her nipple still in his mouth, he tore her pants, his finger deftly stroking her clitoris, causing her to moan in pure ecstasy. He was about to push inside her when they began to hear the gunshots.

“What’s going on?" She asked.

He had already withdrawn his hand and her dress fell, covering her up.

"Run! It's the police!” he shouted at her, helping her leave through the backdoor before he watched her leap into a dark corner.

“Wait!” She shouted, but it was too late; he was gone.

"Shit. I don't even get his name or number."

Scarlett looked through the passage again, hoping for a miracle. She wished he would come back for her.

After waiting for another 10 minutes without seeing his traces, she left reluctantly.

Scarlett knew she would never forget that night. That night, when she lost someone she had only known for a few minutes, it felt like losing all she had ever owned and known since birth.

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