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A Night With My Neighbor

A Night With My Neighbor

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You thought he was the one. He taught you how to love, believe that forever does really exist and Prince Charming is real. He made you fall for him hard. Hard in a way that you made you believe that he was your source of life, without him you're lifeless. Until you saw him, with another girl. Making out and almost having s.ex in the club, not only once. You were wrecking that all you want to do is get drunk and forget about everything. The next day, you messed up but ready to forgive him because you love him that much. Until you realized that you're not in your room! Fvck! Where the hell am I? You heard someone talk beside you and your soul almost left your body when you saw your neighbor lying beside your smiling widely and naked! "I had a great night with you Kylie, I want to play with you all over again." He said to me. No! No! No! Tell me I didn't just give my virginity just like that! And not with this guy! Not with my Neighbor! Not with my Boyfriend's younger brother!!

Chapter 1 Beginning


"Oh my goodness! This is exactly what I've been saying!" Mikan said, annoyed. "Why do you still refuse to break up with that Jiro? What does he have?"

"M, it's normal for lovers to have disagreements," I replied calmly.

"K, he's always the one causing issues. Aren't you tired of it?" Selena asked me. I shook my head. "I understand him, girls. Sometimes I'm moody too. Maybe his temper just flared up at the wrong time."

I've been defending Jiro to them since we started dating in my second year of high school, and now we're in our fourth year of college. We had another argument recently, and I've been apologizing to him since the other day, even though I didn't know what I did wrong. But he hasn't been answering any of my texts or calls.

So tonight, even though I didn't want to go with them to the Spade Club, I had no choice because they dragged me along. I just hope Jiro doesn't find out about this because he doesn't like it when I go clubbing without him. It might make him even angrier.

"I think there's nothing we can do about Kylie. She's head over heels for Jiro," Ariana said. Ariana isn't this quiet usually when she's drunk. They all laughed while I forced a smile. Go ahead, laugh at me, but when you fall in love, I'll be rolling on the floor laughing.

"Alright, cheers to Kylie's love madness," Mikan raised her shot glass, and A and S followed suit, while I watched them. I just sighed. "Hey! K, don't be a killjoy. Come on, raise your shot glass!" Selena shouted at me because the music was loud in the Spade Club. It was already ten in the evening.

I joined them for a cheer, and they kept ordering different drinks from the menu. "We're not going home until we've tasted all the drinks," Selena said, sounding intoxicated. The other two nodded and signaled the waiter again until...

The three of them stood in front of me while I was the only one sitting on the sofa, and they pulled me up. "Oh no! If having a boring boyfriend is like this, I don't want it anymore!" Selena exclaimed.

"Me too! Kylie is becoming a killjoy! She should run for President of the Killjoys! Haha!" Ariana replied.

"Stop being so prudish, Kylie! Come on, let's dance! It's a rare occasion!" Mikan said, and they all pulled me along. But because they were drunk, they all fell on me, and they found it hilarious, so I ended up laughing too.

"You're going to dance even if you're acting cute!" Selena shouted at me, and she laughed with joy while we were on the dance floor. Even though she couldn't see my annoyance, I still rolled my eyes. They called me cute.

The DJ played the popular song "Twerk It Like Miley," so I looked over at the DJ booth, and there was Mikan twerking! Damn, this girl has an even wilder side! Then I looked at Selena and Ariana, who were facing each other, with their tongues out, and jumping around like crazy.

We had been dancing for a while, and I had been drinking various alcoholic beverages, so when I stopped jumping like S and A, I suddenly felt dizzy. We were in the middle of the dance floor, and I had nothing to hold onto. I was about to fall when...

Someone's hands caught me. He turned me to face him, and I could smell his masculine cologne despite the mix of scents in the club—smoke from cigarettes, alcohol, perfumes, marijuana, and who knows what else.

"Are you okay?" His voice was sexy, and he smelled so good. I felt like he was kissing my ear, and I couldn't help but touch his broad chest. Does he have abs? Hihi!

I nodded because I felt like I would vomit if I spoke. "Wanna go somewhere?" he asked me again. Where are we going? I didn't know why, but it's like my mind had a will of its own, and I kept nodding along.

I felt his kiss on my ear, which sent shivers down my spine, but I quickly stopped him even though I enjoyed what he was doing. Until we reached a red Chevy, and he leaned me against it, bringing his face close to mine.

He kissed me! This isn't my first kiss, but it's the first time I've been kissed by a guy I don't even know or recognize, but I don't care. When he bit my lower lip, I gladly opened my mouth so he could enter with his tongue, and believe me when I say he's a really good kisser.

I kissed him back without thinking twice, without thinking about Jiro. Jiro? I suddenly stopped kissing him and gently pushed him away.

I saw the confusion on his face. I shook my head. "This is all wrong," I said to him before quickly entering the Spade Club to find Mikan and invite her to go home.

To be continued...

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