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One night stand with my boss

One night stand with my boss

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Ella has a job interview with Mr. Ambrose, only to discover after getting the job that her boss was the same man she had slept with a few days ago. Will she choose to continue working for Kane Ambrose or will she decide to leave?

Chapter 1 FIRED


"Here you go, Mr Jones" I say as I placed his cup on his desk.

This is my first year at Alexandra Corp. My boss, Kenny, a middle-aged man with graying hair and a growing bald patch, exudes an attitude that could easily dampen even the happiest of people's days. Managing it has become second nature to me at this point.

When I initially joined, he instructed me to wear makeup and stop looking terrible all the time. I wore pumps to the office because they were comfortable, but I was told I had to wear heels or risk getting fired. Now I'm stuck wearing them all day, even though my feet hurt. I'll do anything to keep this job.

The only issue I have with him is when he assigns me tasks like going to the store for his household items or walking his dog. I am not your partner, spouse, or servant. Do it yourself, damn it.

As I head towards my desk, I'm suddenly interrupted by a furious roar emanating from Kenny's office. I remain frozen in my seat until I heard "Miss Morrison, come in immediately."

As I get up from where I'm sitting, all I can think is, what have I done?

I have never heard Kenny swear until right this second, swearing up a storm as I walk inside his office.

His face is beetroot red when I look at him. If it were possible, steam would be pouring out of his ears.

"Is everything OK, boss? My nerves are causing me to fidget with the hem of my top.

"Care to explain this, miss Morrison? " He asks while turning his laptop, so I can see the screen.

To my surprise, I see a list of messages between me and my best friend Jessica on the screen, but I rarely message anyone on my phone, especially not her, since we see each other every day.

"Mr Jones, I'm sorry, but I do not know what that is”. I gestured toward the screen.

"Cut the bullshit Ella. It's right here in front of my eyes."

His angry expression is so intense that it makes me want to flee the room. I struggle around men, especially when they are angry.

Mr. Jones, I want to assure you that I did not send those messages. That's not at all what I would say. I'm not that kind of person, especially since you're my boss, they're fake.

"Why would someone send me this if it was fake?"

He doubts my words, but I sense his uncertainty.

"I can't answer that because I do not know" I would never do such a thing.

"You have a minute to tell me the truth. If you don't, I will fire you."

This man is incredibly infuriating. Why doesn't he trust what I'm saying? Since I started working here, I have always been honest. I believe telling the truth is the only way. If you lie, then you have to keep lying for that and it's a vicious circle your stuck inside.

"Mr Jones, if you're going to fire me, then go ahead because I will not lie about something I have not done."

It's hard to believe, but his face turns an even deeper shade of red than before.

"Fine, you're fired. I will give you a shitty reference and that no one will hire you in this city. You are unprofessional and don't do your work when told to leave before I call security."

Without another word, I leave his office, walk to my desk, grabbing everything I own head straight to the lift. At least I don't have to run around for him after. Work good riddance. Fuck you Mr Jones.

As soon as I step out, it's raining heavily, and I'm grateful that I own a car and don't have to walk to the train station.

Once I unlock the door and take a seat, the weight of the situation hits me, and tears begin to stream down my face. I then reach into my pocket to retrieve my phone.

Dialling Jessica’s number.

Jessica Allens is the friend everyone wants and needs in their life. Ange and Michael, who are her parents, were lifelong friends with my parents, Nicole and Martin. Jess and I were born, and we've been inseparable ever since.

Jessica provided unwavering support when my parents passed away 6 years ago, staying by my side and ensuring I had everything I required.

I am deeply indebted to her, not only for supporting me through my grief, but also for rescuing me two years ago. If she hadn't found me, I wouldn't be here.

It takes 2 rings for her to answer the phone before she can speak. I beat her to it.

I speak with defeat in my voice "I just got fired."

She screams "what, why, how" through the phone, forcing me to briefly move it away from my ear.

"I don't know. He showed me messages he had received from me to you , I tried to explain to him, they are fake, but he was having none of it. Telling me I have a minute to tell the trust, or I will be fired. I told him to go ahead. I will not lie to keep my job,"

my voice breaks a little now. I don't have any income. I'm fucked. I need to pay rent and if I don't, then I'm homeless too.

Letting out a sigh, she says "so what are you going to do, sweets?"

"That's the thing I don't know. I need to find a job asap though, because he has threatened to have me blocked here. I won't get a job at all if he does that."

"OK, how about I come to yours? Let's say in an hour and I will help you look for a job. We will spend some time on it."

"I won't make you do that. You have work to do if I take you away from. That you could lose business."

"Don't be stupid, Ella. I own the company. I have the best of the best here they can manage."

Biting my lip, I take a couple of seconds to answer having a war with myself, not wanting to mess things up for my best friend

"OK, I will see you at my place then. " I know she's right for her employers. She wouldn't hire them otherwise.

"Go home. I will meet you there soon. Drive slowly. Don't lose your cool and wait for me. I won't be long. I have to go, so I can finish this off and leave. I love you. El stay safe,"

"Love you Jess. Bye,"

I must get home. It is important for me to be vigilant before he executes his scheme to render me jobless. Having a head start could be beneficial for me.

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