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WARNING: ADULT CONTENT HERE* Read at your own risk! “No matter the time or place,you will spread your legs for me when I say so,that's my condition,can you do that?” Angela met his eyes and swallowed convulsively. “Yes”. Her voice trembled. Angela, a 24 yrs old and breadwinner of her poor class family was left with no other choice other than to say yes to Mr Antonio inorder to save her nieces. Antonio Montero of the famous Montero family! The incredibly handsome, famous idol and young billionaire also known as the sexiest man of his generation. A toxic playboy with many sex scandals. Nevertheless, Angela wasn't a fan of his looks or movie roles as most girls including her very own sister, not even in the least in love with him nor he with her. He got a death wish to grant and she, emotionally blackmailed. Most girls would die to find themselves in this situation but not Angela… One year Angela will have her simple life back. But what will she do if it becomes a life time imprisonment? There are far many secrets about the Monteros that got her entrapped.

Chapter 1 ANGELA

Angela sighed hotly, the hot afternoon heat was oppressive but not as oppressive as the loud voices of her sister and her friends going crazy over some idol.

“Antonio Montero! The youngest son of the famous Montero family! The unreal and awfully handsome hotshot of Hollywood whom many women idolised as their ideal husband”.

The voice of a news broadcaster from the TV echoed in her ears, doubling the throbbing aching pain in her head.

“Even the rich and famous are awed by the wealth that surrounds them.

A family of idols and beauties. Of Course the saying the beautiful ones are not yet born doesn't apply to the Isandros because these besties are from the future and talking about wealth, you got that right, your own and favourite is once again at the top of the youngest billionaires chart, handsome Antonio Montero.a spectacular.. young..”

She sighed as the voice of the newscaster continued to mess with her head.

“Oh my gosh he is such an Angel, how can someone be so pretty and handsome at the same time”.

Angela’s immediate younger sister Kerry sobbed.

“He is so beautiful to be real”.

Her friend Beth added.

“I wish I could have just a one night stand”.

Christy, Kerry's other friend said in agreement.

Angela shook her head and folded the clothes she had been picking up for minutes now.

The twins were a lot to handle, littering their clothes everywhere.

I guess it’s my punishment for spoiling them rotten, she thought.

“Hey Angela! Did you hear the news? Antonio Montero is coming to our town for a fan meeting, you can take a day off from your boring waitress work and have some fun”.

Kerry called out to her big sister.

“Going to see some idol that doesn’t even know you exist? How thrilling!”

Angela replied tightly with an eye roll, not hiding the sarcasm in her voice.

“Yeah you should give it a try, it’s definitely less boring than your pitiful single lifestyle”.

Kerry clapped back.

Angela's hands felt weak at that statement,resisting the impulse to cry her heart out.

Kerry’s friends made a low gasp noise and whispered to each other, as the two sisters fought with their dead stares.

Few minutes lapsed

The two were still in the same position, Kerry’s friends quietly took their leave and made the ‘call you later’ sign for Kerry.

As soon as the door shut, Angela let her tongue out.

“You know what! I am sick and tired of you being a child and drooling over some idol while I take care of the house,I pay the bills, I shelter and feed you, I pay the school fees for the twin and Jace, I literally adopted your twin babies, you don’t take care about them,yet you don’t see the need to help me in the house works or even contribute to the house keeping, all you do is gush over some stupid idol and open your legs for any good looking man that comes your way”.

Kerry rolled her eyes aggressively, her legs closed and hands folded giving her 2 years older sister the ‘do your worst’ stare.

“All I see is a jealous big sister who is so bitter because no man wants her”.

Kerry replied with a smile.

“Excuse you!”

Angela snapped, losing it.

“Men find me attractive, not my fault you have no man. Now you're taking out your anger on me?”

“I am not taking out my anger on you”.

Angela yelled.

“Whatever, Jellyfish”.

Kerry mumbled with mocking facial expressions and dropped down on the couch.

“Kerry I am not jealous of the type of life you live, all I am asking is stop! Enough Kerry, at least clean your mess afterwards. I won’t be able to house another child that comes out of your carelessness again and it’s time to get a job”.

Angela replied in frustration.

“You are so annoying, I wish my mother was still alive,”Kerry muttered.

Angela’s heart rate dropped at that statement, her eyes clouded, she hated a time like this when her feelings had to betray her boldness.

“I am trying Kerry, for the past 7 years of the accident that took our mother , I am trying to make a life for all of us,I am trying to fill that void, all I am doing is for us to be together like we used to,but it’s never enough for you, why not help me huh?”.

She dried her face and angrily took the laundry basket out of the room.

Kerry’s eyes followed her till the door slammed shut.

Angela returned to her room, she slammed the door shut and sighed heavily leaning against the door, unsure to cry or yell out her anger, she slid down to the floor and buried her face in her arms.

“Why can’t she be a little bit helpful”.

She sobbed, then got up and headed into the bathroom.

She put on a shower, and closed her eyes letting the warm drops soak her body.


VENUE: Heavenly Ecstasy Bar

Shelley,a beautiful American model, whose beauty seems to be a light drawing all the men in the bar attention towards her, stared across the bar table at Antonio Montero.

Antonio was a mixture feminine and Masculine,he was considerably much taller than her seven feet height,Jade green eyes, neatly sculpted lips and high- ridged nose and perfectly outlined jaw,his features would be compared to that of a fallen angel.

Though casual his clothes were excellent and sense of fashion top-notch,the white slik hugged on his hard chest and the unbuttoned front revealing a thirsty grip of his hard abs with a locker necklace hanging in between.

He is the sexiest man for most women. They rest consider him too beautiful to be straight.

"Okay let's get this straight pretty boy,You want me to pretend that I am your fiancee for how long?"

"You sound either too cool,I expect you to say yes without further explanation"Antonio replied roughly but yet his voice was as deep as the ocean and had this sensual triggering to it that sent something shivering over Shelley's nerves.

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