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img img Romance img We were meant to be
We were meant to be

We were meant to be

img Romance
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Author: shabz
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Anya, the girl who fell for her best friend. But he already loves someone else and he is getting married in a month. She loves him to an extent that she can do anything to make him happy, even if his happiness lies in someone else...even if she has to let her heart break into tiny little pieces...even if she has to make her childhood enemy to be her fake boyfriend for a month. But in-between those fake dates, pretence love...does she actually fall for the enemy? But are they meant to be? Because her enemy is a Muslim while she is a Hindu... ***** I stood up and went towards him,"i dont know how you will be able to help me but i need a fake boy-friend before midnight." "'Morrow is sunday already?" He asked. Damn! Him and his short words. I nodded at his question and then he spoke,"then i will be your fake boy-friend." "What?" I choked on the air and started coughing. The boy who is my enemy,we were sworn to be nemesis wants to be my boy friend? Yeah yeah..fake boy-friend but still, thats something i didnt even see it coming in my nightmare. □□□□□□□□□□

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