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She has always felt she didn't belong. This feeling forced her to quickly move out of Arthandica right after her, coming of age. With a father who turns a blind eye to what his wife and children do..... She vowed never to come back. But it seems fate has a different plan altogether. He has always known his freedom would be short-lived. Being the prince and the heir to the Arthandica throne, he won't even have the freedom to choose whom he wants to be with. Not that he has anyone in mind, though. But anyone who will be submissive to him would do. But fate has a different plan altogether. An illegitimate daughter?? It's not happening. --- **EXTRACT** "We?.... She says, using her hand to gesture in between them.' We are only going to be a nine day Wonder because there's no way in hell I'd allow fate to decide the course of my life." Ambrosia said with so much anger, wishing she could just spit in the face of the man who always managed to get a reaction out of her. "You think I also want this?? 'he roared with annoyance' I hate you, Keket Ambrosia Bathory, you will...." "Ohh do not flatter yourself, Your Highness, because the feeling is absolutely mutual." Keket said, not able to wait until he finishes whatever nonsense he had wanted to say. Laying more emphasis on 'your highness,' sarcasm dripped off her voice like honey from a bee hive.

Chapter 1 Announcement

Night time in Arthandica was a sight to behold. The people sleep not, for spicy gossips about the royals, and the high society comes alive during the night time. Arthandica is an empire where most people feard but also dreamed of going, an empire that has existed for millenniums, reigned in style and glory, and still hold their chin up high with pride.

Arthandica is not an easy place to go to as strict protocols and rules have been set in place by the reigning monarchs to protect their people and also keep their identity as supernaturals under a tight grasp People outside the empire have the perception that the empire holds not even a single poor citizen, the name itself screams luxury and power, it feels like they control earth planet.

But, what the poor people didn't know was that, Arthandica is an empire full of merciless blood suckers and other supernatural creatures who consider their race as food, sacrificial lambs and weaklings These ignorant people refer to the country as: 'the city of Kings and Queens.' the only country practising monarchy. Big screens could be seen in every corner of the Dominion to deliver desired messages by the royals at any given time. It was practically a heaven on earth, a city to die for. But not all that glitters are gold, behind every good and beautiful thing? One has to be prepared for something minacious. At least, that was how life in Arthandica looked like.

Tonight has not been a disappointment, as on the big screens, an announcement made by the emperor himself was being played. Accouncing the engagement between his only son and heir, the crown prince Alaric Emrick Dunkan and the beautiful yet unattainable illegitimate first princess of the Amber kingdom, Keket Ambrosia Bathory People shopping, those on their way home from work and those going about their normal lives gave their absolute attention, leaving behind whatever they had been busily doing to listen to the message being delivered by the emperor, as none of them wanted second hand delivery from friends and family members who would hyperbolically embellish the message for stupid suspense and their own sick entertainment. "For the greater good of this Dominion? I hear by accounce the union between the Dunkan's and the Bathory's."

Suddenly, there was an uproar on the streets and every corner of the empire. Aghast was an understatement to describe what the Noble citizens of Arthandica were feeling. There was no way they would swallow the bitter pill of watching an illegitimate child be empress over them. Their big egos couldn't take it. Especially the vampires and witches who are known to be prideful creatures by nature. "Why the Bathorys?" A passerby, imprisoned in the human cage created on the streets by the shaken citizens asked no one in particular.

Under the imperial family, there are many strong and powerful kingdoms of different races, all who bow and pay tribute to the emperor. The witches of the Salem kingdom, elves of the Elfinwood kingdom, shifters (including all shifters) of the Celestial kingdom, faes and harpies of the fairyland kingdom and other creatures that has gone extinct. In Arthandrakukan, the capital of the empire, many vampiric kingdoms rose but became vassal States to the Amber kingdom, the only vampiric kingdom which has managed to stay in power for many centuries and serve right down the vampire monarch. Amongst these kingdoms under the imperial family, the Amber kingdom is ranked first in power and wealth. But that does not justify why a bride for the Dauphin has been chosen from their house and why Keket. Some centuries ago, all these kingdoms, together with the imperial house, agreed on how to select a bride for their prince, and that has been effective till date. According to their agreement, a bride would be taken from each of the kingdoms in secret and after a few necessary procedures and acceptance by the high priestess and royal court, it'll be accounced to the public who their future empress would be. This way, unnecessary conflicts can be avoided as it won't look like autocracy instead of monarchy. But they didn't need to be told to know things didn't go through the agreed procedures because their daughters and nieces had not been picked in secret since the season was not even due. And this had caused chaos in the throne room the day the emperor and empress announced at a court session attended by all the Kings with their Queens, their desire to make Keket Ambrosia Bathory the wife of the crown prince.


"With all due respect, your majesty, if she comes out as destined, then there'll be nothing we can do. But if she's been chosen because of personal interest, then I suggest you rethink." Charles Blackwell, king of the Elfinwood kingdom, said, earning a growl from the emperor. He quickly bowed his head in submission, but his aura remained as red as the hot embers of Lucifer's liar. Not backing down in spirit one bit..... What they all feared the most was dictatorship. Having an illegitimate child sit on the throne of empress was not only going against tradition but also what if she forgets her place and decides to take revenge? Illegitimate children, though not a crime to have as many as one can cater for, were greatly looked down upon by the high society. "Your majesty, may we know your intentions behind this decision of yours?" Arnold Bathory asked to divert the emperor's attention from the king of elves and also satisfy his curiosity. He was curious as to why it has to be his illegitimate daughter. Don't get him wrong, but why would the almighty imperial family of Arthandica go against tradition to choose an illegitimate daughter as the wife of their precious son and the future emperor of the empire. Vampires are known to be prideful creatures. Him being a vampire can testify to that. So surprised will be inadequate to describe what he felt upon hearing the emperor make such bold statements. "This court session has been adjourned...if you have any more concerns you wish to voice out, then do so on our next scheduled session. No one will question why it's Ambrosia again.... You may leave." The emperor said as he left the throne room together with his empress.

The emperor is very famous for his temper, so it didn't come as a surprise to the present kings when he refused to further their discussion. But they won't let him have his way with this one. It's either he explains why or no crowning that illegitimate witch.


Ambrosia is the least favourite person amongst young ladies and also every single soul in Arthandica. Being too arrogant and headstrong for an illegitimate child has earned her fewer points throughout the empire. She rarely stays in the empire after coming of age. Whilst it's required of the young Nobles to get along at relevant soirees and political events, Ambrosia is hardly seen attending any of these. Ok, scratch that: hell, she didn't even appear at her own coming of age ceremony as she was anywhere near the empire.

Sitting quietly in the dark office, she turned around in her expensive plush and comfortable swivel chair with a glass of rich O negative blood in her hand. She enjoys her meals in a glass cup rather than being a Savage and feeding directly from her unfortunate victims. Nothing to do with sympathy, but maybe because she's a half-bred? Well, she doesn't care enough to find out. All she cares about is being able to enjoy her meal in a glass cup with darkness as her companion. Most vampires claim there's extra satisfaction in feeding directly from their unlucky meals, even the shallows have similar claims. Anyways, she is not that curious to find out for herself. Keket loves the dark. There's something about darkness that comforts her and makes her feel at home. Darkness has been her solitude and companion since the day she first opened her beautiful turquoise eyes to see this cruel place.

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