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Trapped In The CEO's Game

Trapped In The CEO's Game

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While she was dreaming of marrying him, he forced her away to another country for the sake of another woman, even promising to marry the other woman. When their paths crossed once more, she aimed to maintain her distance from him, yet he ensnared her within his web of affection. Later on, in an interview involving both, she was prompted to commend her husband. "Besides being pushy and shameless, it appears he lacks any redeeming qualities," she remarked, turning towards the man next to her to query, "What do you think?" The audience was aghast, wishing they could vanish instantly. Unexpectedly, the CEO, known for his stern and icy demeanor, remained serene and offered a gentle smile, responding, "Everything my wife said is right."


Daniela Pearson, Kevin Bradley, Daniela Pearson and Kevin Bradley novel, Daniela and Kevin novel

Chapter 1 Pain


Every inch of Daniela Pearson's body felt like it had been crushed under a car.

She suddenly opened her eyes, only to be met with a handsome face inches from hers.

This man, Kevin Bradley, had turned into her worst nightmare three years ago.

Memories of the previous night flooded her mind, leaving her stunned. Her eyes, sharp and clear, brimmed with disbelief.

His hand was still on her waist, holding her close in his embrace.


That was the only thought racing through her mind.

She swiftly tried to remove his arm from her waist.

Maybe it was the sudden movement, but he quickly opened his eyes, grabbed her neck, flipped her over, and pinned her beneath him. His expression was hostile, filled with evident scorn and disgust.

"Daniela, so eager to jump into my bed right after your return?" he sneered.

Jump into his bed?

She hadn't even intended to meet him, much less under these circumstances.

Daniela forced a smile and said, "Mr. Bradley, I came to this hotel with my fiance last night. But here I am with you. I got the short end of the stick. I haven't even confronted you about it. Why are you upset?"

Her smile annoyed him.

"Don't play games. Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself." He leaned in, his breath warm on her face, but his words were chilling. "Katherine and I are getting married soon. If you dare to breathe a word of our affair in front of her, I'll kill you."

It was ridiculous.

What could she possibly be plotting now? Would she try to force him into a relationship again, give her all, just hoping for a fraction of his affection, like before?

Indeed, her past thoughts were quite dirty.

Despite the bitterness in her heart, she managed a smile and prodded at his ego, pretending to be confused. "Our affair? Are you referring to that time three years ago when Katherine was sick in bed and you and I were being intimate? Or last night, when I just got back to the country and you couldn't resist sleeping with me?"

"Daniela Pearson!"

His grip on her neck tightened, freezing her smile instantly. As her face turned red from the lack of oxygen, she instinctively reached for his hand around her neck.

He enjoyed the fear in her eyes, taunting her with a sneer. "Do you really think it'd be hard for me to kill you? Or maybe you believe if I strangled you and left you in the street, someone would avenge you?"

Who would care whether she lived or died?

The Bradley family was a globally recognized financial dynasty, owning banks in major cities around the world. They wielded immense power and wealth.

Kevin, the current head of the Bradley family, was known for his ruthlessness.

Who would dare confront Kevin if he decided to end her life?

Her dear brother was missing, her mother practically lifeless in bed.

Yes, her mother!

She hadn't returned for these trivial issues with him.

Daniela kept batting at his hand, convinced this man might strangle her for his beloved Katherine. He remained unemotional, but eventually, she gazed at him, a mix of helplessness and fear in her eyes.

"If you value your life, behave yourself."

He smirked with satisfaction and finally released his grip.

"Ahem, ahem..."

Grasping her throat, she coughed violently, gasping desperately for air.

Kevin got up from her side, his lips slightly parted, and said in an icy tone, "Get lost."

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