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The Yate Heiress

The Yate Heiress

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"This is your International passport, pack your things and leave right now" Charlotte yelled. "And if I don't? What will you do?" Annabel asked from the ground where Clive held her tightly. "Then watch me throw your baby from the window," Charlotte said. She pulled the baby from the legs and brought out her hand to the window. The frightening sight made Annabel let out a scream, she struggled to get up from the ground, but Clive kicked her mercilessly, blood spilling from her mouth. "Please don't kill my baby, I will do anything you want me to do" she pleaded. "Good girl, now pack your things we are leaving this place right now"

Chapter 1 Please I am weak

Annabel Charter moaned as Cole thrust deeply into her core. The feeling was like nothing in this world. She closed her eyes and let out a great moan of ecstasy. As his strokes intensified, she clung to him, creating an exhilarating experience for both.

When Cole groaned and started thrusting her harder and deeper, Annabel knew what was about to happen. She wrapped both arms around him in a firm grip. It’s now or never. Cole noticed what she was about to do and pushed her away in a hurry, despite how engrossed he had been in their lovemaking.

Annabel watched as Cole spilled his seed on the floor. Tears welled in her eyes. This had been the way it always ended for the past five years. They had been married, yet his family blamed her for not producing his heir.

“What?” Cole implored. His hateful gaze glared at her.

“You thought I would release my seed in there? ‘’ he said, pointing at her lower body part.

“If you ever think I would allow you to carry my child, then you must be dreaming. You know why I married you and that was because of Nana,” he spat.

Annabel felt her heart tightening, and she clasped her chest and watched him spilling more hurtful words to her.

“There is only one woman who is worthy to give birth to my kids, and that is Charlotte, not you.” His harsh words pierced her ears and sent her limbs trembling. Without feeling any remorse, he sauntered into the bathroom leaving her dejected and miserable.

Annabel felt a pang of pain in her delicate heart. She has done nothing but love him with all her heart. She has to abandon college just because of this marriage. If not, she was determined to make her life meaningful and enroll in online classes. She wouldn’t have been a university graduate, but what did she get?

Humiliation and rejection.

She had allowed Cole to use her as a sex object because she had always prayed that one day he would drop his seed inside her and she would watch it grow into a beautiful bundle of joy, but that day never seemed to come even in their five years of marriage, he makes sure that he spilled his seeds on the floor, leaving her dejected and miserable

She had endured all the pain melted on her by the Yates family because she had no family to run to. However, that does not give Cole the right to throw these hurtful words at her face!

“Why do you always make love to me since you hate me this much?” she challenged him when he returned to the room.

“Did I hear you say lovemaking?” Cole mocked.

“Ha ha Ha ha Ha ha ha Annabel, you must have exalted yourself. I come close to your filthy body just to have pleasure.”


“Yes, Annabel. To quench my sexual thirst when Charlotte was not around. You are nothing but a miserable toy in my hands. Which I always picked up whenever I needed it.” Cole’s thick voice struck Annable’s ear like thunder. It blasted into her poor heart and wracked it into pieces.

“You will get nothing from the Yates family, not even a child”. He said and went to bed.

He turned his back on her and fell asleep, facing the wall. A solitary tear trickled down her cheeks as she watched him sleep peacefully without caring about her disturbed heart.


Two months later, Annabel felt so weak, and couldn’t get up early from bed. She covered her shivering body properly and tucked into the duvet. Scarlett walked into her room unannounced and flung out the quilt she was using to swaddle her body.

“What are you trying to pretend this time around?” she yelled.

Annabel was forced to wake up while scratching her eyelids.


“Don’t you ever call me that again! Can’t you see that it’s morning already and you are still sleeping?” she shouted, hushing her up.

“Yesterday was your stomach, and today is going to be what? Since you can’t give the Yates family an heir, you better come out and do the only thing you know how to do best, which is cooking and cleaning the house." She said and clasped Annabel and hauled her out of the bed.

“Mother, please, I am not strong enough to do anything. Please spare me this once. I am feeling so weak,” Annabel pleaded.

“Weak? Did you say weak? Annabel, what drained your energy that you couldn’t make food for the family? You haven’t been able to get pregnant, and you refuse to give this family an heir, so what exactly could have taken all your strength away?” Scarlett roared.

“You better get your lazy body out of this room right now and enter the kitchen.” She yelled.

“I told you that Charlotte and Yate’s family members would be here today, yet you stayed long on the bed. Do I need to remind you that you have a lot of work to do? Move to the kitchen right now before I descend on you,” she said and she shoved Annabel out of the room.

Finally, Annabel entered the kitchen to prepare an enormous meal that would entertain all the Yates family members and their guests. It was the end of the month, and all the Yates family members were required to be there. As usual, she was expected to prepare the meal alone.

Two years after her marriage, Scarlett had driven all the domestic workers away. Since she couldn’t give birth to any child, there was no need to keep the domestic workers. She has to be useful in the Yates family and hence, do all the chores.

Despite her illness, Annabel took the apron from the hook, put it on, and moved to the chopping board to get all her ingredients ready for the meal. Immediately she sliced off the back of a garlic bulb, her stomach rumbled, and she quickly gripped it with her left hand.

After a while, she felt better and continued with her chores. The moment she picked up the garlic bulb the second time, her stomach was so queasy that she rushed out of the kitchen into the only toilet that was close by to throw up.

Meanwhile, Scarlett was at the entrance of the kitchen at that time, Annabel accidentally shoved her aside and scampered to the toilet.

Scarlett gets furious and goes after her. She met Annabel in the toilet where she was vomiting and pulled her up. Coincidentally, she hunched over Scarlett and spewed up on her face.

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