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Hot Lustful Tales

Hot Lustful Tales

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A complication of short s*x and f*ck tales designed to get you in the mood; the book contains explicit contents that are not suitable for readers younger than 18🔞 Dive into the world of sin with me and let’s explore together… Excerpt🔞 “Ugh, oh Zorro, this feels so f*cking good! Your cock is huge inside me! Ugh, oh my god, yes!” She pushed me back on the couch and fell on top of me kissing me, while still grinding her pussy on my cock. She was moaning in my ear and kissing on my neck, she knew exactly what turned me on. “Oh baby, I love your cock in me, it's so big, it fills me up so much, oh f*ck!” Even though I'm still a little buzzed I can feel everything that's going on around me, including her pussy as it smashes into my groin as she rides me. She sits back up and pushes her hands into my chest and bounces up and down on me. “F*ck me Zorro f*ck me! Oh god! F*ck! That big cock feels so f*cking good!”

Chapter 1 No.1

A nice Halloween

My whole life has been somewhat of a planned activity. Everyday I had the same routine; go to school, stay after for soccer, go home, clean up and do homework, hang out with friends, and sleep. I didn't have time much for anything else, let alone a girlfriend, hell I was too shy to even approach a girl I wasn't already friends with. Don't get me wrong I watch porn and masturbate a lot, so I have some visual experience, unfortunately I have noone to use it on. This little tidbit of information is why I am most likely the only virgin who attends John Marshall High School, but thanks to my friend Matt's Halloween party, my sex life took a drastic turn.

Let me fill you in on me and my friends a second. My names Chris, I'm 6'0'', about 180lbs., blue eyes, brown hair, and a fairly decent smile. My only guy friend is Matt, he is the exact look and build as me, except with hazel eyes. My only two girl friends are Terra and Stacey. They look exactly alike with the same long light brown hair, green eyes, both about 5'6”, about B cup tits, and nice firm asses they don't hesitate to show off, they are very often mistaken for being sisters.

Since this is our senior year in high school, and we passed all our necessary classes, we decided to get a bunch of electives so we could all be in the same class, but it didn't work. Since Matt was captain of the soccer team he had a little pull around school, so everyone(or almost everyone) knew who he was, so if he did anything, it was guaranteed to have a big turnout. It was while we were sitting in homeroom 3 days before Halloween when he came up with the idea that would change our life.

“Hey guys what are you doing for Halloween this year?” Matt asked.

“Me and Stacey were just gonna chill at my house and watch some scary movies, big fun,” said Terra.

“You know me, no girlfriend, too old to trick or treat, guess I'll be passing out candy again,” I said.

When I said this Matt kinda got this look like “dude, you gotta be kidding me” and Terra and Stacey both looked me up and down, unusual but with what I just said acceptable.

“My parents are going out of town today, I'm thinking about having a Halloween party at my house, but not just any party,” he grinned.

Matt's parents were loaded, but you would never know from him, he wasn't a spoiled kid at all. This meant that their huge house would be empty except for all the kids who would be running rampant through it. Although having a party seemed like a good idea, I just wasn't into it, I didn't feel like getting shot down again, especially in a room in front of our peers. Naturally, everyone was upset.

“Oh come on Chris, it'll be fun! You might even get lucky with someone!” Stacey said.

Terra was pulling my arm and tugging on my shirt. “Chris you gotta go! It wont be as much fun if were all not there! Don't be a spoil sport!”

I wanted to go, but the idea of rejection kept popping into my head distorting all my thoughts, then I figured, I could dress up and no one would even know it was me anyway, so what the hell. “Ok fine, I'll go, but it better be freakin worth it!”

When I said that the girls clapped their hands and gave me little half hugs and Matt punched me in the arm and slapped the back of my head, a little too hard I might add. “That's what I'm talking about! I knew you'd change your mind. I gotta start setting this thing up.”

He pulled the girls to the side and was talking to them about something, I knew it was big when they gasped and started grinning and nodding their head. Why didn't he tell me? I wanna know whats going on! He probably didn't on purpose because he'd think I'd back out or something, maybe its for the best. When homeroom was over he pulled me to the side to tell me who he planned to invite, which happened to be a little bit more girls than boys, hmmm.

“Chris make sure you don't wear a cheesy ass costume, no teletubbies or bullshit like that.”

“What the hell? You must be crazy thinking I'm going as something as gay as that!”

“Ok just checking. Make sure it hides your face pretty good, it's gonna be an “identity kept secret” kinda party, noone will know who anyone is, for good reason,” he grinned as he walked away.

I tried to keep my mind occupied from the party, but every time I almost forgot about it someone would say something about it to throw it back in my head. When lunch finally came around (one of the few periods we all had together), Matt had showed us the fliers he printed up in study hall. They were colorful with pumpkins and “Matt's Unforgettable Halloween Bash” in big red letters. He handed us one with a number on them, and said we needed them to get in, as he only invited so many people.

“So what are you guys gonna go as? I'm gonna be Batman,” Matt said.

“Figures. Were going as Tinkerbell and a Playboy Bunny, but we might change if someone has the same costume,” Terra said.

“I think I'm gonna go as Zorro, I still have the costume, and it still fits, so why not,” I said.

“Ooh Zorro? Who you trying to fuck at the party?” Stacey jumped in.

“Me? Sex? We all know that's not gonna happen, not to me.”

“Don't be too sure man, you never know what could happen if someone gets drunk enough. There's gonna be mad vodka at this party. This is gonna be the best night of our lives, you see, and Chris if you carve a “Z” anywhere in my house I'll kick the crap outta you,” Matt laughed. It was just like him to turn a tense situation into a funny one.

With that the bell rung and we were off to finish out the rest of the day. When school ended we all drove home instead of hanging out like usual, contemplating what to wear and how the party would turn out. I was still a little nervous about the whole thing, but it was way too late to back out now, “hey, it's just a party” I said to myself, little did I know I couldn't have been more wrong.

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