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In pursuit of love, miss Kyrah Bailey falls for the drop-dead handsome son of a tycoon, Blake Dawson. She later realizes that he has strings attached with his neighbor and her archenemy, Sabrina Johnson. In the midst of trying to dig out his past, she ends up getting too close to her best friend, Scott Stone, when her entire life comes to a standstill after trying to fight for her love. All this leads to her forget who she was and who her friends are. Will she realize her mistakes? Will she find out about Blake and Sabrina? Who will be the true love that she so desperately seeks?

Chapter 1 One

I stand there staring at his blue eyes thinking to myself, damn he's hot! For a minute I thought he wouldn't notice my cunning stare, only to see him walking majestically towards me. I push my long hair to the side and straighten my short, red dress a little then adjust my boobs to make them look bigger. The moment he stops right infront of me, my heart stops. Everything else disappears into the background and well, it's just the two of us. My heart begins pounding hard against my chest and my throat runs dry the moment our eyes lock.

Holy shit!

He stares at me for a moment and opens his mouth to speak.

"Hello Kyrah, will you dance with me please?" he asks as he reaches his hand out for mine and I swallow hard. Is this really happening?

I am seriously trying so hard not to grin. His piercing blue eyes are making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Slowly he lifts his hand to cup my face.


I am woken up by my roommate.

Darn it!

"Maeve!? What the hell was that for?" I ask trying to recover from the sharp pain on my cheek as I rub my hand on it.

"Girl, you were talking in your dream, I heard you mention Blake a few times," she says with an ear to ear grin while folding her clothes and putting them in her drawers. I try to flashback on my dream and definitely, that was Blake in my dream.

Oh, Blake. Blake Dawson. The man of my dreams.

I sigh heavily and stare at the wall clock.

Crap! It's exactly fourty five minutes past 0800hrs and I was supposed to pick Roxy at the airport at eight. I am so late and knowing Roxy, she does not like to be kept waiting. At all! Time is definitely not on my side.

I rush out of bed, grab my toiletries and head to the bathroom to take a shower. I turn on the water and heater quickly and move to the sink brushing my teeth hastily. When I am done, my towel is carelessly thrown to the floor as I enter the shower. The water is still cold. I start cursing at the community showers and let out an enraged scream. Minutes later, I'm still cursing at those damn showers, not believing that on the only day that I woke up late, the shower heater decided not to work. Urgh!

I grab my toiletries and wrap the towel around my body in a second. At this moment I am rushing back to my room and I bump into Maeve on the hallway knocking her to the floor.

"What was that for?" she asks trying to get up from the floor.

"Payback maybe? Sorry, I'm late, gotta rush," I continue running and shout back at Maeve "I'm supposed to pick Roxy at the airport! See you later!"

"Roxy?" she gasps, "The same old Roxy Trent, you've got to be kidding me!" she shouts back and I ignore her as I reach the door, yank it open and rush inside to get myself dressed.

"What do I wear? What do I wear for crying out loud?" I scan my entire closet impatiently.

Why am I panicking this much, you ask? Well Roxy is one of my best friends and she, is one hell of a judgy person. Any tiny mistake and she'll be all up in your business, pronto! So I want to impress her today and not wear my usual outfits, because she's not that much of a skirts and dresses, oh-let's-wear-some-makeup, kind of girl. Her style is raw, very careless I always say but she just happens to look so flawless without even breaking a sweat.

Finally I decide to wear a black tank top, black jeans, a denim jacket and some deluxe brown boots Roxy got me for my birthday last year. I still have doubts where she got them from. Not that I don't trust her or anything but just so you know, when we were kids, she once stole a bicycle from a store and gave it to me. My parents took it back.

Once I am done I call an uber which takes me to the airport. I can't believe she's here, it's been what? A month, since I last saw her. She had left the country to go visit her brother for Christmas and now that she's back, I can't wait to start my sophomore year together.

When we arrive at the airport thirty minutes later. I hurriedly open the door and yell at the driver to stay put. As I am trying to maneuver in between the large crowd of people walking in and out of the airport, different scents of people smack my nostrils, from masculine colognes, designer perfumes to mild sweat, I look to my left and there she is. Right next to a coffee stand, slow clapping with a raised eyebrow. Her slightly pink dyed hair falling on her shoulders, and she's definitely in jeans and a hoodie. She looks neat, nothing has changed about her and I like that.

"Well, well, well... If it isn't miss goody two shoes, and for once, you're late!" she says not daring to even bat an eyelid.

"Hey Roxy, sorry I'm late..."

She cuts me off.

"Hold up!" she has her index finger in the air and is carefully examining my outfit of the day and continues speaking.

"What happened to you? What are you wearing? This is so not like the girly Kyrah I know..." gasping, she stares at my boots and a "No freaking way!!" leaves her mouth. "Are those the shoes I got you last year? I have to say I am really surprised you still wear them," a proud grin forms on her bright face.

Never have I ever wore them, I hate these shoes, they're not that comfy and not my style but hey, she's my bestfriend so, I'd do anything for her.

"Yeah, so... How's Vic?" I ask, trying to change the conversation as fast as possible.

"Well... He's good, same old lazy ass, always crying over burnt toast," she snorts.

We both laugh.

"I miss him..." I say.

"I don't, trust me, the past month has been a living hell! The guy can't even do his own laundry while I'm around. He's twenty years now for crying out loud. He should accept the fact that being an adult is hard and taking advantage of my availability will do him no good."

"Good speech," I mock.

"I know, thanks babe, so where's your car?" she asks while craning her neck at the parking lot.

"You obviously know I don't have a car, it's not like I would have gotten one in a month" I sigh and point at the uber's direction "I came with that uber, I still need to pay the guy..."

Roxy pulls me by my arm and we walk straight to the driver who starts talking while we approach his car.

"I thought you were never coming back, where's my money?" he asks in an awkwardly pitchy voice that makes Roxy cringe.

When I open my mouth to speak, Roxy spills her words

"She's not paying you bro,"

This triggers the driver and he's out of the vehicle in seconds, demanding for his money. As much as I don't want to get into trouble, I really want to see how this goes.

"You better pay me or I'm calling the police. Give me my money!" he starts walking towards me even though the distance between us is not that long.

"Didn't you hear what I said? No one is paying you, and oh, calling the police on us? Not a good idea," Roxy says, standing upright, arms akimbo.

Both the driver and I are very confused and we stare at her. She clears her throat and continues.

"My friend here has a husband in the army and the last thing you would do is ask money from her. Give my bestie some respect," she says.

What!? I manage to keep a steady facial expression while bitting my inner cheek, holding back laughter and trying not to mess this up for Roxy.

"I mean, come on! Her precious sweet husband is out there trying to keep all of us safe and you dare ask for that little amount?" she snorts.

By this time the driver is conviced and takes off his hat, pulling it next to his chest.

"I'm sorry ma'am, your husband is a true hero and I would like to..."

"Blah! Blah! Blah! Let's go, we don't have time to listen to your sorry speech. If it weren't for her husband and the rest of soldiers, we'd all be living in a chaotic country," Roxy grabs me by my arm and we walk away.

Giggling, I hug Roxy tightly as the uber guy drives off.

"So now I'm married, with a husband in the army? Wow! I gotta say, I didn't see that coming," I manage to chortle.

"You're welcome sis. Now buy me some coffee," She winks at me and we walk back to the coffee stand.

"White or black?" the guy at the counter asks both us.

"White" I reply with a genuine smile as I seat on a stool.

"I love my coffee black," says Roxy

"What about your men?" I ask then Roxy swats my arm and frowns.

"Shut up, woman," she hisses.

"What? I still remember you and dirty little Stan from eighth grade. Dark skin, cute eyes, remember? I think that was the only time that you fell in love," I tease.

Roxy rolls her eyes and takes a sip of her coffee.

"I've been here for barely twenty minutes and you're already teasing me, I want my old Kyrah back," she pouts.

I smile at her, pushing her playfully.

"You know I missed you dummy, I'm just messing with you."

"I know that..."

"Did you not miss me?" I ask, looking at her unreadable face.

"Urgh, do I have to get all soft and girly for you to know I missed you? Of course I missed you silly," she smiles broadly.

I move on my chair in excitement

"Tell you what, let's get done with coffee and we'll go meet someone."

"Who?" she asks gulping down her coffee

"Scott." she stares at me like my whole face just turned white.

"I don't know who Scott is but that name sounds so hot. Do you have a picture of him?"

"No I don't but he's our new neighbour, also he's starting school with us, meaning he's probably going to be living around school like us. He told me he likes Linkin Park," I release a squeak unintentionally.

"No way! He sounds like a really cool guy... Wait, is he your boyfriend? Because if he is, he's buying us pizza tonight."

"Chill out, we've only known each other for a month," I shrug.

"Has he kissed you yet?" she asks with her eyes wide open, full of anticipation.

"Would you let me finish talking please? Well, first of all he is not my boyfriend, second, he's a nice guy, cute I might say and mom invited him for dinner, not once but thrice last month."

"Whoa! Seems like we have a lot of catching up to do. Come on let's go meet this Scott guy" Roxy says and I pay for the coffee.

I finish mine and we take the bus back home. On our way Roxy tells me funny stories about her brother Vic who accidentally killed his neighbours' pet parrot while babysitting. He needed the cash so he lied that he hadn't seen the parrot all day.


Once we arrive home, we find my mom in the kitchen busy making sandwitches and the look on her face is... Well... Not too surprised to see Roxy. She always complained about Roxy's attitude, bad influence and poor table manners but she knew that our bond was too strong to break so she always respected our friendship.

"Hey mom," I grin and she stares at me and then moves her eyes to look at Roxy, from head to toe.

"Hi darling... Hello Roxanne..." she replies while shaking Roxy's hand. She knows that's not Roxy's name but for years she's been teasing her with the Roxanne name, just to annoy Roxy.

Roxy rolls her eyes.

"For how many years am I going to keep up with this Roxanne thingy Mrs. Bailey?"

My mom smirks and pulls both of us in for a short group hug.

"It's been a while Roxy, are you still going to be living in the school hostels?" she asks randomly. Roxy and I look at her in surprise.

"Mom, you know she always stays there, her brother is far away," I answer on Roxy's behalf.

"Yeah, plus your daughter and I will be having a huge party tonight, with boys, booze, bikinis, loud music and..." she stops. The look on my mom's face is priceless. Roxy starts to laugh non-stop, hitting the kitchen island hard. My mom's mouth is wide open and her eyes are almost bulging out of their sockets.

"Mrs. Bailey," she pauses to laugh again and I can't help but join in too. "I'm just kidding, no party is happening tonight. I just got here, relax," she continues laughing holding on to her stomach, still smacking the kitchen island, she laughs for a couple of minutes too long and my mom and I just stand there like mannequins, staring at her, waiting for her laughter to cease.


Later on after we've had lunch, I text Scott.

*Hey, meet me outside in five, Roxy is here*

He replies back seconds later.

*Cool, see yah*

Before we leave I try to warn Roxy about calling him names but when we're outside and Scott appears, Roxy fails terribly at following my instructions. His hair is a dark brown shade, his eyes a gunmetal blue that's so commanding, he is a well built guy and I swear I spot Roxy staring at his abs which are popping on his tight white tshirt.

"Hey Scott, this is Roxy, my best friend, the one I was telling you about" I gesture towards Roxy who is already licking her lips and smiling.

"Hi Roxy, I've heard alot about you" he coos.

"Hey sexy human... I mean Scott, nice to meet you and I hadn't heard about you till... About three hours ago, I guess,"

They both shake hands and Roxy looks at me and mouths *damn!*

"So he'll be hanging with us, plus Maeve of course" I inform her.

"Oh, Maeve, sweet nerdy Maeve, I bet she has read the entire semesters notes already," Roxy jokes.

We all laugh. Maeve is a really cool girl, dark hair, glasses, likes to read alot but she always has time to hang out with Roxy and I. Well not all the time though.

"She actually went to class today," I say.

"Who goes to school on the first day of the semester?" Scott asks and instantly Roxy turns to me.

"I like him, we can keep him?"

I smile and let out a sigh of relief, Roxy hardly likes people. We head back to the hostels and Scott informs us that he'll be moving off campus. Roxy, Maeve and I spend the night catching up and watching a movie.

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