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Romance in Rockport

Romance in Rockport

img Romance
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Author: Arthur Nick
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When Emily's heart is broken by her longtime boyfriend, she decides to start anew and move to a new city. Little did she know that this decision would lead her on a journey of self-discovery, love, and adventure. In Boston, Emily meets Sam, a charming and talented artist who helps her rediscover her passion for life. Together, they navigate the ups and downs of falling in love, building a life together, and facing the challenges that come with it. As Emily reflects on her journey, she realizes that every twist and turn was necessary to bring her to where she is now, in the arms of the man she loves. Through heartbreak, joy, and everything in between, Emily and Sam's love story proves that sometimes, the most unexpected paths lead to the greatest happiness. Tragedy befell Kadie's real parent, Emily and Sam so Kadie's life was continued. Saintcrow had been Kadie's lover for as long as she could remember. He was her rock, her safe haven, and her home. He was always there for her, no matter what, and he loved her with a fierce passion that never wavered. But it hadn't always been this way. In fact, Kadie had been searching for her true love for years, without any luck. She had been on countless dates and had even been engaged once, but nothing had ever felt right. That was until she met Saintcrow. He had swept her off her feet from the moment they met, and she had known in her heart that he was the one she had been searching for. But their love story wasn't without its challenges. Saintcrow was a vampire, and Kadie was a mere mortal. They had to keep their relationship a secret from the world, for fear of persecution and danger. But now, as Kadie lay in Saintcrow's arms, she knew that it had all been worth it. She had found her true love, and nothing else mattered. As the sun began to rise outside their window, Kadie knew that she had to leave soon. But for now, she would savor every moment she had with Saintcrow, knowing that they would be together forever. And as she closed her eyes, she whispered, "I love you, Saintcrow. Forever and always."

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